My Copper IUD was displaced, my gynecologist refused to remove it until my period. I went to the emergency room last night to have it removed.

  1. I'm so sorry the first gynecologist treated you that way :\ Situations like these make me not want to go to doctors at all. Glad you got help!

  2. thank you. and yes, it was very invalidating… I feel like this is very common for women everywhere though. Too frequently our pain and concerns are not taken seriously. but I’ll be looking for a new gyn now and hopefully things will be better in the future.

  3. I'm so glad that you had a good ER doctor. So sorry your regular GYN didn't listen to you - understand the language barrier can make things hard, but that's not an excuse not to treat you with the standard of care. There's no reason to leave a displaced IUD in ever (coming from someone w no IUD experience, but considered one and was counseled heavily about it). I hope you have a good recovery, and get a different GYN if you can.

  4. thank you. yes, hearing from the nurse that the IUD should have been removed weeks ago was so frustrating, I could have avoided a lot of suffering. I completely understand the language barrier can cause some miscommunication, but I honestly felt like my concerns were ignored. I am in the process of learning French and hopefully I will become more comfortable with speaking soon so that I can advocate for myself successfully. In the meantime, I will search for a better doctor.

  5. The discrepancy of women in Healthcare is unbelievable. It's 2022 and people who identify as women, still get horrible health services. All these horror stories of being dismissed as if we don't know our own bodies! Hope you heal well.

  6. The nurses are completely right, that was absolute malpractice as the IUD caused you infections already. I assume your previous doctor didn't even correctly insert the IUD because it sounds like it wasn't even sterile and put your health in danger.

  7. oh im sorry for your bad experience over here in switzerland! if you are in bern I might know some good gyns. It definitely differs… Good for you that you had it removed at the emergency room. I too have a copper IUD and I suspect that it might be displaced too :S

  8. thank you! Although, I live in lausanne and bern would be a bit far to travel. But I’m hopeful that I can find a competent doctor in Vaud. If you are worried about your IUD being displaced then don’t hesitate to get it checked, it may turn into a bacterial infection as mine did :/

  9. This isn‘t the US, please no advice that will costs OP thousands without results. She will only be told she could have gone to another gyno instead of waiting because of vacations. The insurance should give her an alternative in such situations.

  10. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Doctors here will diagnose anyone with a yeast infection if it involves an itch WITHOUT running tests sometimes. So so frustrating. Were you not scared of the chance of pregnancy since your iud was misplaced?

  11. I was a bit worried, but since I was suffering from yeast infections I hadn’t had sex with my husband in weeks so I was pretty certain I wasn’t pregnant. Also on the ultrasound that confirmed my IUD was displaced she said that I wasn’t pregnant. I took a test soon after anyways, just to make sure.

  12. There is a civil suit again paraguard right now for this which you should definitely look into. I'm so glad the er nurses and doctors treated you well!

  13. Yes I have started reading about that online! I did not know about this at all, everything makes a lot more sense.

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