When you let sore losers compete in BJJ...

  1. That guy should not be allowed to register/compete at any IBJJF thing for X amount of time. I'm fine with it being 6 months, or a year, or the rest of forever. Get your emotions under control, home boy.

  2. I'm a big dude and I lose a lot in competitions. Should I be throwing fits? Am I doing it wrong? I don't want to be slapping my opponents, because one dude gave me delicious home made chocolate chip cookies after beating me and I'm holding out hope that it will happen again. I feel like hitting my opponent after the match might hurt my chances at cookies.

  3. Taza is known all around as a good dude. The fact that this guy lost to a smaller dude, cheap shots him and walks off like he did some shit is clownish.

  4. Ban him from competition and charge him with battery. He will just keep doing what he is doing until he is held accountable for his actions.

  5. And karma showed it’s self when Patsarigov was slammed on his face by Taza’s New Wave teammate Dan Manasoiu.

  6. Check Big Dan’s instagram for some context how big of a shit this guy really is. And 100% police should be involved: guy sends death-threats in dms’, stalks people etc. Unacceptable and should be banned from the entire sport community for good. Good if Mo will expose him.

  7. Dude is an experienced black belt competitor, how can you be that much of an idiot at such high level? Meaning, you should at least be able to control your emotions a bit better ; cause to get there, you have been tapped along the way. WTF?!

  8. Dan Manasoiu has been beefing this dude hard on instagram. Dan also slammed this dude on his face then choked him. It's been enjoyable to watch.

  9. My favorite part about this is after he threatens to kill him he tells him that he wants him to be part of his family and offers him a job on his farm

  10. The only redeeming thing is that this dude has gotten absolutely flamed on social media and I doubt he’ll be allowed to compete in any major promotions anymore after repeated incidents and bans for this kind of behavior in the past

  11. Shouldn’t train folks like that. That’s a fucking bully. Not smart to arm a bully. Exact opposite of the people I know from Jits and Wrestling.

  12. I wouldnt even have let him change into street clothes . Shouldve had security escort him out immediately . Grab your shit and get the fuck out

  13. A large part of the community being opposed to any sort of sportsmanship or general sport ethics enforcement is a big part of the problem. Y'all want to be taken as a serious sport but insist on being pretend warriors.

  14. Actually, it's battery. Assault is the threat of physical harm. Battery is the act. They often go together, so the definitions get neglected.

  15. Oliver the guy that got smacked is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, did not deserve this one bit! He did however go on and win the tournament! Huge respect for him keeping his cool!

  16. Can someone PLEASE confirm that he was banned from competition? The confirmation of an insecure micropenis is fairly apparent from the clip.

  17. Him to his friend at the end "He like put his arm around my neck and choked me dude, like wtf that should be illegal.. the ref did nothing about it.. I'm so heated he's lucky this is my weekend with the kids"

  18. Serious question, could his opponent sue him for assault ? Isn’t this an open shut case of assault and battery after all?

  19. For a sport thats predominantly made up of hobbyists and there’s no real monetary reward y’all fucking weird

  20. whenever i see videos of people acting like this, and unnecessary use of force by police, i always think these people definitely beat their wives and kids.

  21. How is he still allowed to compete? Something like this should be a ban for a couple years. I’m not for permabans but he’s been doing this forever.

  22. Well I mean he was squatting when he didn't need to so maybe he was waiting for the D in the mouth and got upset when it wasn't given up, the guy loves to suck /s

  23. IMO sore losers in grappling stem from having a lack of high level training partners. Competitors get such a huge head because they can dominate their local gym, but never branch out to find other individuals to train with that can challenge and test them to another level. Homeboys just delicate.

  24. I would call the police and report assault and battery, because that’s what it is. I bet he’s a blast to train with.

  25. Honestly our sport/culture should put a stop to these types of behaviors and place bans on those who are not respectful. It's a shame that these individuals are more about winning than learning.

  26. Always funny when people do this... it’s like you really wanna go there? I literally just kicked your ass

  27. This guy is a bully... Ban him from JiuJistu tournaments and get him in combat JiuJitsu or even in MMA, let's see how will he like it getting slapped back.

  28. I mean I hope he gets disqualified/barred from future events, that's definitely one way to not lose again in a tournament if being better is off the table

  29. If I win, I have no problem at all watching my opponent make himself look like an even bigger idiot.

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