What is something that makes you make this face?

  1. Waking up with acid reflux Also the feeling of satisfaction after killing Ludwig finally. (have yet to kill Laurence or the orphan)

  2. Opening bartending shift and someone asks for a Negroni spagliado with Prosecco/espresso martini/any other annoying drink at 8 in the morning before I have anything set up.

  3. When I hear a crash and know my kids have gotten into something even tho their hardly ever alone long enough to get into stuff... or the opposite direction and I know the mil has taken the kids and hubby is working and so there is no one home to cause such a loud crash.

  4. When I'm sick, but not sick enough to call off work or go home early, so im just doing this trying to angrily motivate myself into productivity.

  5. When Im taking a call at work and they talk too slow, don't know what they want, or have to ask the person next to them a question when I have another call coming through and Im by myself at work.

  6. If you think I wouldn't have done a hammer/sickle build already if given the chance you're sorely mistaken comrade.

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