Warner Bros Didn’t Cancel ‘Wonder Woman 3,’ Patty Jenkins Walked Off the Project - In an exchange with studio chief Mike DeLuca, the ”Wonder Woman 1984“ filmmaker sent him a dictionary definition of ”character arc“

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  2. Seems like she had the studio reining her in on WW, and the lack of oversight on WW84 allowed it to turn into… whatever that mess turned out as.

  3. Lol Patty Jenkins's Wonder Woman 1984 had the depth of a bad 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon. She outta read that Character Arc wiki page herself.

  4. Goodness if this is true then WW1984 is actually the best that Patty can do. She probably still believes that it was a masterpiece. Yikes.

  5. What character arc has "hero becomes a rapist" in the middle and then it goes well after that? I still can't get over it, like it bothers me so much. It would have been so simple to just magic up a body, nothing that mattered would have needed to change.

  6. Interesting. Wonder Woman 1984 felt like it suffered from “design by committee” and this incident supports that theory.

  7. Honestly though, Wonder Woman was absolutely horrible, which to me - upon face value - means that Patty Jenkins given full reign of creativity isn't that great.

  8. Gunn and Safran agreed that they wanted a different direction from Jenkins but they had nothing to do eith the decision. That tells me the person writing the article is being biased and trying to portray Jenkins as being unreasonable.

  9. I almost feel bad for her because I don't think one bad movie should ruin a director's career but at the same time it doesn't look like she's doing much to help herself. I mean it's hard to say exactly what the crux of the disagreement is without more details but if I was her I wouldn't be saying "take it or leave it" and refusing any suggestions

  10. If I was in charge millions of dollars and my job depended on me not investing that money badly, I would 100% not work with the director of WW84

  11. Similar to David and Dan from GoT. Season 8 destroyed their careers. Funny how making an absolute shit product has consequences. The writing of WW84 is about on par with Season 8.

  12. More like her fiasco of 84 caused her lots of work. That movie was all on her so she can’t cry about it she has to own it. And yes dumb and dumber also deserve getting canceled

  13. They should create a Cinematic Universe of Reality Shows based on these corporate dramas, that would bring the money, the foundations are already there.

  14. Well, that explains WW84. She was so dedicated to the character arc that she overlooked the fact that the movie was garbage.

  15. I hate saying it because I think she's a good filmmaker, but I think Patty Jenkins stubbornness and unwillingness to compromise is costing her projects.

  16. She's pretty arrogant for someone who has next to no accomplishments. She made one great movie 20 years ago and thinks she's hot shit.

  17. Someone should send her the definition of “universe arc”, making WW fly like that in 1984, even though she never flew in her big action scenes in the 2010s.

  18. Sounds like she just burned a few bridges and made sure she won't do any blockbusters any time soon.

  19. So that’s Marvel, Lucas Film, and now WB. But hey, Universal is still open to do their Monster Universe.

  20. The number of times this article emphasizes that Gunn and Safran had nothing to do with the decision is pretty funny and almost makes it sound like the lady doth protest too much.

  21. It's probably worth emphasizing considering how the Twitter narrative is that Gadot wrote a tweet about how she's looking forward to playing WW again and then Gunn just pulled the rug out from under her.

  22. Look. I understand fighting to keep your vision. I even understand coming off overly emotional when it's been your baby for that long. But what I DON'T understand is big-timing and then acting petty.

  23. It’s hard to say who I think is right given we don’t know what the plot she wanted actually was. But given WW84 was supposedly her with few restraints, there’s definitely a chance it was legitimately bad.

  24. Huh. So Gunn and Safran really weren’t involved in this mess in the first place. Someone should tell the fanboys to chill the F out.

  25. Probably to protect Gunn and Safran. Warner doesn't need their shiny new studio head still beloved by Marvel getting tarnished by the ugliness of this transition period.

  26. The sheer arrogance of including the link to the Wikipedia article about character arcs told me all I needed to know about Jenkins. Someone should tell her how badly WW84 sucked. I don’t think she’s aware of it.

  27. Rarely has a filmmaker lost so much goodwill from a well received first film after being given carte blanche on the sequel. It calls into question if her hubris got the better of her artistic judgment or if the producers on the first WW managed to hold Jenkins' worst instincts in check.

  28. I know right. I was kind of giving her the benefit of the doubt with WW84 by thinking it was a vanity project, but acting this arrogant after you made such a garbage movie that is currently torpedoing your career to the ground is amazing. She lost Star Wars, cleopatra, and willing left Wonder Woman 3.

  29. If even half the stuff in this article is true, Patty comes across as an arrogant pretentious ass. Obviously studio interference is bad but studio notes are par for the course, especially after the underwhelming at best WW84. Also, saying she doesn’t want any input from Gunn and Safran before they even give any input is ridiculously arrogant.

  30. Jenkins sounds very difficult. She shouldn’t be arrogant to turn down studio notes and new people pitching in when she made that atrocity WW84

  31. I may be asking this question out of ignorance, but isn't it possible that WW84 sucked so much because of studio interference? And Jenkins got blamed for how bad it was even if it wasn't her vision, so now she's saying, "Hey, if I'm going to get all the credit or all the blame for this one, then I'm only doing my vision and not taking the fall for your interference."

  32. This is actually the part of the article that I think is least likely to be true. I simply can't believe them telling the new DC heads that they don't get to be the ones who decide what happens with Superman. That goes against everything WBD has said publicly about what they're doing.

  33. I like Coates and that’s about it. Like his Black Panther comic run is phenomenal and his essays are super thought provoking. But Abrams? Yikes

  34. I don’t see why. Coates has literally never written for the screen before. Hiring him to do a “black Superman” movie was clearly just trying to ride the coat tails of black panther’s success.

  35. Abrams is a good director, able to bring out great stuff with his cast and quite spectacular set pieces / action scenes (that Millenium Falcon dogfight on Jakku is the coolest thing they've done since Disney bought SW, and Star Trek 09's intro is still fantastic and holds up extremely well).

  36. I think Superman is a cultural institution in a way that very few intellectual properties are, so seeing that remixed and re-explored is more interesting than seeing it regurgitated.

  37. I love the idea too! It could be such a thorough and unique examination of Superman and America from a great writer. I honestly thought it was dead but I’m extremely interested in its potential.

  38. What idea...? It's just a casting decision and a writer... there's no indication of plot or anything. I'm sorry but I hate this idea that race-swapping a character constitutes an "idea" for a movie. I'm not saying they shouldn't do that, but there needs to be an actual compelling story to be told around it... and if that story is just "Superman vs Racism", then good god that feels like the most tedious thing ever... I'm all for more black people in movies, I just want to see them doing things other than dealing with racism over and over again.

  39. The arrogance and entitlement is something to behold. She bragged about complete creative control over WW84 and produced a dumpster fire. A little humility goes a long way, Patty.

  40. As time goes on, it seems Jenkins exit from The Dark World is entirely her fault. She sounds like a nightmare to work with. Any creative unwilling to listen to feedback is not a creative. What a shame to filmmakers.

  41. I don't think Jenkins is in any position to tell people what a character arc is or isn't after WW84. Frankly, I am beyond astonished that its script was given the green light at all. Even for the DCU which hasn't exactly set a high bar.

  42. Wasn’t there a rumor/leak a while back that the plot was supposedly going to deal with Hades and the Underworld, and that it was going to bring back Steve Trevor again, except with Hades possessing him?

  43. Sounds to me like it didn't work out because of creative differences. Although Wonder Woman 1 was good number 2 was dreadful.

  44. Sent him the dictionary definition of character arc I hope he replied we can’t retroactively apply this to her in 1984

  45. Interesting that WB insiders are leaking Jenkins’ actions. I mean, “left due to creative differences” would have done the trick usually PR wise, not these specific action revelations.

  46. It’s because they have new people in big positions and they’re being dragged for apparently canceling the movie. Wonder Woman is a female empowerment icon, regardless of what people think of her actions in the second movie. That could lead to accusations of misogyny from some people, which is a word you don’t want mentioned in the same sentence as the names of your new execs, especially Gunn. By putting this info out there, they make it clear that not only did the new execs have nothing to do with this, it’s also a result of Patty’s stubbornness and not an unwillingness on their part to do the movie.

  47. If Jenkins is attached to WW3 I won’t be seeing it. I’ll see WW3 if it’s written and directed by someone else.

  48. Note to Hollywood Studios (Hi Disney), wait for a director to have more than one successful project to hire them for your biggest movies.

  49. Surely this is not the lesson. I doubt WB is regretting their decision to hire Jenkins given the amount of money the first WW made at the box office.

  50. New Star Wars movie is going to be directed by woman who is known for some documentaries and shorts, not even joking here.

  51. I guess DC has to do something because their movies suck. They should stick to animation as that’s where they are killing it

  52. I personally didn’t think either of the WW movies were very good; so I don’t really see this as a loss.

  53. While I totally agree with directors having a majority stake in how their movies turn out, Patty really needs to understand that WW1984 bombed not just because covid 2020 and release on HBO Max, but also it was a genuine plummet in quality from the first. She needs to reevaluate herself and the WW she has created.

  54. WW84 had such a good trailer but holy shit it ends up being such a bad movie. I mean you have Pedro Pascal at MAXIMUM HAM and you still messed it up?

  55. Good. Of course the character still has a lot of potential, but Patty Jenkins really messed up with WW84.

  56. I respect her stance just how I respect the studio not wanting to go through with it if it wasn’t going to fit their agenda.

  57. Lol he should have sent her back the scripts for ww and wonder women 84 with a copy of screenwriting for dummies. Her one well recieved movie was mostly due to making an breathtaking women ugly and the performances of theron and ricci

  58. Tbh only 7 people were gonna watch that movie anyway. All 7 of them are gonna downvote me, and their friends (all of which weren’t gonna watch the movie) will also downvote me, just because they want to support the 7 who actually WERE going to watch it

  59. Her rollerblading on tarmac to announce Rogue Squadron was cringe and left me less than optimistic she still possessed any semblance of artistic taste I could connect with.

  60. I have serious doubts about this. Umberto Gonzales’ track record is spotty at best and some of the details just don’t make sense. Don’t let Gunn & Safran touch Joker 2 or Matt reeves Batman? Ok so far

  61. I think it's hilarious how incredibly offended the internet gets by WW84. It's not even that terrible of a movie. It's a perfectly fine cheesy old school movie that for some reason got overblown as some horrific atrocity

  62. It is legit one of the worst superhero movies ever made. I’d even go as far as to say the worst because it’s a legitimate movie trying to be good and by an established director not just regular bad superhero movies like catwoman and daredevil and whatever else. It’s insanely bad like everyone involved was oblivious to the fact that the main character raped someone and that’s not the biggest problem, it’s the script, but you could say it was the catalyst of the problem because the terrible macguffin.

  63. Another female DC superhero movie rejected by Zaslav's boys? What are the odds? The same as the odds of him bringing all white male executives? Bad for box office.

  64. This will obviously be ridiculous to read in the year 2022 but this is just one version of the story and we shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

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