1. I just realized his legs are a different shade of green than the rest of him 🤔 are his feet a different (3rd) green too? Or is it just lighting?

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  3. Thanks for the pic! I haven't been interested in the frogs (they are cute, though!) but I think this one is pretty cuuuute

  4. Definitely getting this one to add to my collection! I got every frog even the jumbo except for one not counting this new release

  5. Do you have the mini surprise frogs from those easter eggs and the one from the cubscription box? I also have every frog, except those. It’s nice to see someone else who’s gotten every single one as well!!

  6. The one in the picture looks unstuffed and the buddies only come prestuffed so I would assume full-sized.

  7. Am I the only one that thinks it's ugly? I wish they would've gone the poison dart frog route if polka dots were on their mind :(

  8. While I would like an earth shatteringly bright frog, I think hes still pretty cute. And idk if polka dots would be the best for a poison dart frog, should be more splotches and wonky lines! Maybe they can make it one of the cool different pattern ones

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