The Earth Wind and Fire Cover Band at Central Park Tonight - great dancing with you, neighbors!

  1. I've never seen that many people at a Central Park show before. Not sayin' it didn't happen, I just haven't seen it. So many folks, every kind of folks, and everyone getting along in peace and harmony.

  2. Sadly couldn't make it yesterday, but very glad to see it went well. The community spirit and atmosphere were great last year, although the sound quality and volume was pretty awful, so I hope this year was better! Looks like everyone is having a ball.

  3. Sound was about the same as last year. If I had the funds, I would donate a more powerful audio system. But still, the event was great and can't wait for next year!

  4. I had a group of friends that went! They had a blast!! I'm only half sad I missed it ... but my couch missed me and alas, I missed it, too. But definitely glad those events are on my radar now :)

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