Does anyone know where to get cheap cuts of meat like Beef Shank?

  1. Also you could check a carniceria. They are just straight up butcher shops, and I've found all types of non-traditional cuts at places like the one at La Superior.

  2. Has anyone ever seen beef suet at a carniceria or butcher? Up north you could always find small packages this time of year in the supermarket for people making their own mincemeat. I have not been able to find it since moving down here so I substitute butter which is fine but I'd really like to get a small amount for this year's batch!

  3. Tienda Carniceria Y Taqueria on Roxboro and Compare Foods right across the street usually have quite a spread of "not so common" cuts. Plus Compare's produce is amazing.

  4. Even so, beef prices are really through the roof! I saw beef tongue at Li Ming's recently. It was $9.99 per pound so the whole tongue was nearly $50 since its was 4.5 lbs

  5. I bought beef shank at Li Mings a few weeks ago for Taiwanese beef noodle soup. It was there, but not particularly cheap. I think I paid ~$8/lb.

  6. Also, it’s worth asking the farmers market vendors. They have access to it, I can’t imagine not being able to order it. It won’t be the cheapest option, but it’ll be fresh and probably the best taste possible.

  7. Durham co-op: whole animal butcher. They’ll cut you whatever you want, just call ahead. But it’s not going to be super cheap, so keep that in mind. They also sell bags of beef bones for stock.

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