February 2023 DC Comics solicitations: Superman returns, and ‘Lazarus Planet’ ends

  1. Sadly I don’t think it’s going to be made. For whatever reason DC had no faith in that series. Even the tpb had some weird printing issues like the bottom of pages being fuzzy. I hope I’m wrong cause that series deserves the best formats.

  2. I really hope that isn't the final new Titans lineup. The franchise needs to innovate not just jump between fab 5 and NTT nostalgia endlessly. I expected at least a twist on the lineup.

  3. I mean that's not too surprising. It hasn't made much waves and 5g was canceled unless Jace gets a big adaptation with hin as the star, I kinds bet on upon him fading away into limbo

  4. Anybody know why the keep giving Joshua Williamson high profile books? I find his writing really flat and uninspired.

  5. On the contrary, he’s one of my favourite DC writers at the moment (his lengthy The Flash run was great fun, and I really liked the recent Robin run) so I’m happy to see him taking on some new books.

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