Marvel to launch ‘Hallows’ Eve’ March 2023 spinning out of ‘Spider-Man’

  1. I gotta say as someone who wasn't super familiar to comics till recently the Ben stuff confused me. Not only the direction they are going but also the amount of fan support for this character that I never heard of and had died before I was born. It makes me interested to actually get to the clone saga

  2. Between this and queen goblin from the beyond arc, there’s gotta be some editor who’s been like “I have this great idea. We make another goblin villain but with tits so I can jerk off to it” And then another “what if goblin but good?” “Holy shit that’s genius”

  3. Lemme just recap right now. So it’s brainy goblin, spider goblin, bat goblin, lady goblin, googly-eye goblin, electricity goblin, the hulkster’s gonna be in this bitch and I’mma throw in a goblin myself…VEGETABLE goblin, just write it up, I’m having so much fun!

  4. I love all the Goblins so I can’t be too mad, I wish they’d just learn to juggle plots in the main title and up page count/reduce issues per year

  5. This is nuts....I know more about what Hallows Eve can do than I do about Chasm and she hasn't even done anything yet!!!

  6. I'm not going to pretend that I'm Janine's biggest fan because I only read her during the Beyond arc. But God do I hate that they made her a villain. I hate you Zeb Wells.

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