Game freezes every few second. And yes, my laptop is just doing fine. I checked the task manager, CPU and everything. Idk if my laptop has some virus, or something but PLS HELP | video for an example:

  1. Does this happen on Windows aswell with your cursor? If so you might have the same probleem what I have. As your wifi from your laptop keeps trying to search for connection. See in your task manager of your network graph is showing extreem spiking. If so, disable your laptop wifi. Don't know if it works, looked like the same probleem as mine. Anyhow. Good luck

  2. This is not about optimization or performance. My laptop runs the game just fine in the video. Its just that my game freeze for every 1 - 3 second despite having a good 60 fps.

  3. check cpu temps, check cpu speed (does it suddenly drop due to thermal throttling?), open up your laptop and make sure it is free of dust. Consider replacing the thermal paste if temps are an issue. Update drivers, bios, reinstall windows.

  4. Doom can run on 1mb of ram. There is something seriously wrong with your computer, I am not sure what it is. If you know what linux is I would try booting that from a usb stick and run a game from it, like this one. Otherwise try reinstalling your graphics drivers, I use an app called snappy driver installer origin to keep them up to date. You can go into device manager, then right click the video card and select uninstall driver. Then reboot computer, see if that fixes it. Last but not least reinstall windows. Might also try a more recent game, check if disableing or enabling vsync helps.

  5. Did you fix this? If not what brand laptop is it? Does the vendor have a driver utility? And a power management tool? My Dell has Dell Command and Power Manager. Updating all drivers and BIOS plus setting a decent power setting helped increase performance on the laptop.

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