Serious question: what’s the big deal with Chiaogoo?

  1. Thank you for the comments, everyone! I’m locking this post since it’s more in line with the main knitting sub rather than snark.

  2. I actually prefer the hiya hiya needles just a smidge more, but still choose chiaogoo over the hiya hiyas just because of how much better the cords are. I've recently found another brand that has the same type of cord, but needles I like more, and as soon as I found them the crafter went on hiatus due to hand surgery. Going to be a couple years before I can buy a set of the DyakCraft.

  3. I've never used them because I made an investment into some other interchangeables before I knew better, but they are pretty much the only ones of that category that people don't constantly complain about.

  4. I broke out my Susan Bates circulars after reading this and swapped out my Chiaogoos to see what the big deal was. Both were Us size 15s and I was making a quick cowl with 1 -ply chunky wool. Knitting on larger needles is easy and quick, but when I switched there was a difference in the coating of the SB needle. It was slower to knit with. In addition theres the kink in the cords, even when I straightened them out after warming the plastic cords. The needle tip of the Susan Bates was less sharp—not that Chiaogoos are super sharp, but I haven’t used my SB needles in a long time and they were clumsier to use.I switched back to Chiaogoos.

  5. Super cool to have a direct comparison, thank you! I agree the coating of SB is subpar (although better than others). And the loop, while it does link a bit, has so much less memory than other circular needles I have which is why they’re my go-to. But after hearing how green the grass is on the Chiaogoo side I’m reconsidering that a little 😂

  6. It’s entirely the cables! They’re flexible and firm with no memory and the mini cables seem like they’ll be fantastic for magic loop. The needle tips are also the perfect level of sharpness, much sharper than my KP needles. I thought I hated lace knitting but it turns out I just hated my KP needles for lace knitting! That said, I never got the hype until I got the shortie interchangeable set. Before I got that, I owned some chiaogoo red lace fixed circulars and hated them- I hated the sound the needles make and I found the cable way too firm for my taste. I think the circular cables are a lot firmer than the interchangeable cables. I also don’t like the 9” fixed circular needle I have from chiaogoo but I’m loving the shorties.

  7. They are very bendy and don’t kink or try to curl which makes them fantastic for magic loop. They are also pointer (less blunt) then the generic circulars I have which I find makes knitting faster and makes it easier to pick up fine yarns and not split worsted+ yarns.

  8. I have two pairs, fixed, a 2 mm and a 3 mm, both bamboo. I will never want to use any other needles on these sizes and I'd love to get more sizes too.

  9. Love my Chiaogoo interchangeable needles - I tried a number of other brands before settling on them. I use them for all my knitting now.

  10. Good to know. I like using pointy sharp needles, but as a pusher, have actually broken through callouses on my fingers using Hiya Hiyas, so I like the slightly less lethal point on Chiaogoo.

  11. I’m a pusher! I had no idea this was a thing and I thought I was just weird, but I have found my people! yeah, having a hole in your finger is a major drag and interferes with knitting pleasure. I got the new Lantern Moon interchangeables and they are just right. I have wanted to try chia goos for awhile. Thank you for the specific recommendatio.

  12. I had this experience with Chiagoo so I went right back to my Addis. It's a personal preference like someone else on here said.

  13. I’ve never had a smoother join than chiaogoo needles. I have a set of their interchangeables and I literally never use my Addis anymore. So smooth. So pointy. 😍

  14. I break the joins on Addis because apparently I crush the needles when I knit. Also my skin tarnishes the plating on them. Hiya hiya for some reason is hard to come by in the stores I frequent. Haven’t broken a Chiagoo yet, and I do enjoy the pointy tip

  15. It depends on the type. I LOVE Chiagoo Lace needles (super pointy, good size variety) but their reds have a wonky ergonomic thing that I don’t care for.

  16. I used one, and I must be an oddball because i didn't like their cable. I like Addi Rockets for fixed circulars, very zippy. I have their interchangeables (lace tips). They're fine but I would like something sharper. I've been eyeing the hiya hiyas because they have another interchangeable set for sizes 2-8.

  17. For sharper needles: Signatures! They’re hecka pricey, but I LOVE them more than Chiaogoos. For each needle size you have to buy it’s own cable, which has a swivel join, so I just get 40” for everything and magic loop. They have more weight to them than Chiaogoos which is actually much nicer on my hands. For some reason the featherweight of Chiaogoos causes me more pain and exhaustion.

  18. I prefer the feel and weight. The tips are pointy enough for me. I tried addi’s and when I would need 16” it was the only brand my last LYS carried but im slowly giving those away bc I strongly dislike the way they feel.

  19. I like the actual needles of hiyahiyas best. The chiagoo cables are a little nicer, but the hiyahiyas are cheaper, so….

  20. It was the only brand I knew of that had coated metal wires for the cable instead of just plastic. It’s also incredibly smooth. So that’s why I have a collection

  21. What I really like and haven't seen mentioned is that Chiaogoo tips and cables are interchangeable between their bamboo and their metal. Which means you can put a bamboo tip on one side and a metal one on the other.

  22. The cables are great and high quality, they dont come off the thread bit easily (in fact I have never had that vs the knitpros). The needles are very well machined, sharp points, smooth joints so yarn slides super easily, making knitting faster. I bought a set and its been the best purchase I have made. I honestly believe it will last me a life time

  23. Just another voice saying it's the cable that does it for me. It drives me insane to have a cable that holds memory and is constantly twisting up (and yes, I know the hot water trick and it really doesn't work that well). I use Magic Loop a lot and the Chiaogoo are the only ones I can stand to use for it. The needles themselves are fine and I've only ever come across one join that wasn't smooth enough (Knitter's Pride Karbonz.... ugh) so those factors aren't quite as important for me.

  24. Addi Turbos are my fave, or Inox Express (by Prym), which are exactly the same and half the price, but they don’t make the Inox anymore. I collected them in the 90s before interchangeables and Chiaogoos came along. I don’t like pointy needles.

  25. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only non-pointy! It seems like no one can get enough pointiness, but I have an essential tremor and a pointy needle just splits the yarn as I'm trying to knit. Blunt needles 4eva.

  26. I'm sure others have said this already, but I like Chiaogoo because I love pointy needles and they have excellently sharp points that are sharp enough to work really really well, without the potential for actual damage (I like HiyaHiya Sharps but find them almost too sharp to work with); the red cable is pretty; and the connection between the needle and cable is incredibly smooth and never hangs up on me. They're also a decent price point - not cheap, maybe, but less expensive than Addis.

  27. They definitely will break. I’ve had to replace at least a dozen pairs. At least they do replace them but I find it worse when they snap cause the wire in the cord has snagged my project a few times.

  28. I was a diehard bamboo knitter. Hated metal needles. I’m now in love with the Chiagoo. They’re fast and don’t do that weird scraping thing that some metal needles do. Plus the cords don’t behave like you’re wrangling a python. And the joins stay joined.

  29. They are definitely not cheap and I had to talk myself into the purchase, but once I started to love quilting and bought a Bernina it put the Chiaogoo price in a different perspective!

  30. The investment is worth it if you can afford it and you're a long time knitter. I hate seeing people tell newbies to get interchangeables because then they have all sizes and cords at hands. That's stupid. But if you're a serious knitter, having that kind of access and flexibility is so worth it.

  31. I was the same, I told myself I didn't need expensive needles to knit, and then I splurged and got my first set of Chiaogoos and it completely changed my knitting experience. I mean interchangeables are already just a whole new level, I can't imagine using straight needles for almost anything anymore, but my Chiaogoos are just a pleasure to use on top of that.

  32. I mean, I use them because they are the fastest and easiest to use out of all the needles I’ve tried. My stitches never get caught on the join and my cables don’t roll up or kink up. I like the way the finish feels, too, and the click and swish is pleasing to my sensory system.

  33. Fellow wood fan here. I like Chiagoo well enough, I have a few of them, but after 10 years knitting, I really love wooden needles for everything but socks…at that small, wooden needles will break, need to be metal

  34. The joins are perfect, the cables don't get stuck, the tips are pointy, the lifeline holes are a huge boon for lace knitting and the range of sizes can't be beat.

  35. I got the really really tiny interchangeables and the cords are AMAZING. Enough so that I’ve gradually gotten tips up to size six. They are also super pointy, which is good for lace and twisted stitches.

  36. I love mine. I like the needle shape and the cords and (the reason I actually got them) I really like that they have alllll the sizes. From teeny to pretty big. I REALLY wish they had a better storage option though. I don't like the ones that come with the sets at all and I want to keep all my different sizes together in one pouch

  37. I really hate the case too!! I find it so ugly and the needles fall out way too easily. I really like the case they have for the Forte needles, but enough to drop almost $500AUD on it 😬

  38. I find that horrible whispery swishy sound so aggravating and I’m just glad I don’t knit with larger needles much because I can’t hear it or feel the needles brushing so much in the sock sized needles. I wish I could have the chiaogoo cords and use other tips with them.

  39. Finally, other people who don't like the sound or feel of chiagoos! It's like there's a tiny corrugation or something? My sister thought I was imagining it.

  40. Personally I love the cables and also that they’re stainless steel. I loved my Addis for many years but after my second kiddo was born started getting hives on my hands after knitting. I freaked out that it was the wool but then remembered I’ve always had trouble with nickel jewelry and sure enough, my Addis were nickel plated. Haven’t had any trouble again since I stopped using them.

  41. I like that they etch the size into the metal of the needles, as opposed to other needles I've had where they put the size in a very tiny and easily rubbed off font on the cable.

  42. The cord is amazing for magic loop, the join is very smooth but I vastly prefer my knitpicks zing tips. I’ve tried the swivel cords too and like those. I have the blue shorties but despise them, they are so sharp they shred my fingers. I just really wish I could put my zings on chiaogoo cords!

  43. Have you ever tried magic loop and thought it just wasn’t for you? That’s what I thought using Boye interchangeable needles. Then I tried Chiaogoo and never looked back. Seriously, the cable is amazing.

  44. Feel like I'm the only person mentioning knit picks. I have their interchangeables and I really like them! But I also don't do magic loop and I prefer wood. I have the caspian set and they are just so pretty.

  45. I’m a die hard Knitters Pride (Knit Pro to me) fan. They can come unscrewed and the cables can kink but those zings are so light, smooth and pretty, my favourite tips by far. I have some Lykke cords that fit and kink less. I love Knit Pros square tips too, and the Symfonie!

  46. I used to like them well enough, until I had a big project on 2mm needles and they just bent on me. That was the moment I ordered a ChiaoGoo set, and KnitPro just hasn't felt the same since

  47. I have both chiaogoo and 2 sets of knit picks interchangeables (Caspians and the purple ones... majestics, maybe?) I like the Chiaogoos better but KP are my favorite when I want a grippier needle. And they're so pretty.

  48. I think the issue with Knit Picks is quality. I have some old circs from back when they first started making them, and they were really good. Got a few more pairs a few years later and the quality was crap. One needle splintered and came apart in my hands while knitting a sweater, another snapped at the join. So that turned me off from them.

  49. When KnitPicks first introduced the Options interchangeable sets, I bought a set. My first impression back then was mixed. On several of the parts, the threading wasn’t milled properly and I couldn’t get some of the tips seated on the cords. Over time, I experienced the very common problem of the metal mounting section detaching from the plastic cable many times. I had continued to buy individual replacement parts for the system because they were readily available at a store near me and they were cheap, but it became kind of a sunk cost fallacy. I would have my husband or son attempt the superglue fix on the ones that came apart, but it wasn’t always a good repair job and would sometimes be snaggy after.

  50. I like the KnitPicks wood interchangeables, but they don’t seem to like me. I’ve had 2 sets where the cable came off the needle. KnitPicks is good about sending a new one, but after the 2nd time, just, no more. I still have the nickel set and I like it, but I do like the Chiagoo cables a bit more.

  51. They are good? I don't know what you expect people to say. I bought an interchangeable set and love them. I've even bought tips in sizes that don't come in the set. They are sharp, smooth joints, flexible cord. I don't have to wrestle with them and even though im a flicker I can knit very fast with them. You get what you pay for and I'm happy with that.

  52. Their red cords in the regular and large size are wonderful, flexible and kink free. I like their tips, just the right amount of sharp and grip, the joins are really smooth too. They also have great customer service and really care if you have a problem with something so that is always a huge factor in my love for a company. Also as someone who knits socks on short circulars they have little 9 inchers that are perfect for socks. The numbers have never rubbed off the needles for me as well, which can be an issue with other brands.

  53. The thing I love about them is the flexible cable. If I weren’t using circulars I’m not sure it would matter. Also like that they have the size of each needle and cable engraved on them so it’s easy to check that you have the right tool.

  54. I have some chiaogoos and some knitpicks interchangeables and the chia good have a better (less coily) cable and a an imperceptible join. The join on my knitpicks is just barely tolerable- it’s a bummer when my stitches catch on it.

  55. Yep. I bought my hiya hiya interchangeable set years ago and have no need for anything else. They just work.

  56. Same. Hiyahiya have a better tactile feel on their needles if you like smooth/slick. When I bought my set 10 years ago they were more or less on equal ground, not sure how chiaogoo got so much more popular since then

  57. 100% agree. Hiya hiya has various needle lengths, various tip styles and I prefer their cords, smaller and flexible just works for me

  58. I got a pair and loved them so much that I now have a full set plus some extras and doubles. They’re light and don’t bend in awkward ways. I haven’t experienced and issues but I’ve heard from others that their customer service is top notch. Just wins all around for me.

  59. That’s what I was introduced to my knitting group when I was 13 and have been in the chiaogoo cult ever since. So pointy for better or for worse

  60. I've found that doing a project breaks the needles in so to speak. They smoothe out a bit with use. When I look at my 3.5mm (used frequently) vs my 6mm the 3.5mm are shinier and smoother.

  61. I tried not to like them because of that cult like vibes from so many people, but they’re now my go to needles and I ended up owning several sets. The red cables are amazing, magic loop is much easier using them. I love the pointy tips, how the material is smooth but not too slippery. They feel sturdy. The joins never come apart, they’re durable and well made. I don’t like their other cables though. Only red lace cables.

  62. I have one pair of Chiaugoo's and I prefer my Addi's. I agree that the Chiaugoo cable is nice, but I don't like the grabbiness of the needle tips. I prefer the nearly frictionless Addi's, and I prefer Addi's blunter needle tips. I mostly work with animal fibers or acrylic meant to mimic wool (if you squint). I can see someone working with cotton or slippery acrylics wanting a grabbier needle and someone who primarily does lace wanting pointier needle tips, though.

  63. Total agreement, especially the Addis. I have a sizeable collection in most sizes of both Turbos and lace fixed circs, that I have built up over the decades. They are also, almost unbreakable, spent 5 years commuting by train, and knitting on it, and as you can imagine, they got some rough treatment, and not one broke.

  64. I have tried so many freaking needles. KnitPro Symfonie, Zing, Karbonz. Addi Basics (name?) and Colibri. Drops. You name it, I'm pretty sure (if it's not made of plastic) I've tried it.

  65. Cables are amazing, and I just love how they feel in my hands. I have Knit Picks, Addi, and Lykke as well but I always reach for my Chiagoos. Really hoping to get an interchangeable set for Christmas.

  66. They’re better made, the cables are smooth and don’t kink up. Comparing to addi, they are less expensive. But more expensive than Bates. Addi brand sizes are off in their smaller needles, so you need to go by the metric size for them.

  67. I tried cheap ones, then KnitPro Zing, then Chiaogoo. Chiaogoo are the best needles of the ones that I have tried. They are pointy, with a long point, something that somehow makes me knit a lot faster than I used to. That's why I am a fan.

  68. For me it’s the cable. It has braided metal inside and doesn’t warp like all the other circular needles. I use them exclusively bc I don’t have to put the cables in boiling water to make them not all warped and kinked.

  69. I started using circs before Addi and all these folx started offering interchangeables. There was just one old clunky one that had to be tightened with a key (!). So I started with used Susan Bates circs and bought Addi as I could afford it. I now have all of Addi Turbo, in every size, and usually in sock, hat, and sweater lengths. So I never got involved with modern interchangeable needles. I have been knitting for 45 years.

  70. Yeah I acquired mine through 20 years so I have a ton of them, of various brands/sizes/lengths. I felt I just had too many to really get a set of interchangeables when those started coming out.

  71. As a counterpoint, I might be the only person in the world who doesn't really like them! I bought one set of tips and a cord to give it a try and it just wasn't for me. I hate magic loop so the cable isn't super important, and I found that it kept unscrewing no matter how securely I tightened it. I don't have any unscrewing issues with my Lykke or Knitpicks sets so I'm not sure what the problem is.

  72. I bought a Knitpicks set probably a decade ago now (so they might be much better than they were!) and I couldn't go more than 30 stitches without having to tighten them back down, regardless of how much I tightened them with the key. For a while I thought that was just The Way of the World, and then I tried Chiaogoos and they don't disconnect on me.

  73. I have the same issue w Lykke and hiyahiya—I’m a right handed thrower and I guess that action must contribute to them loosening (it’s always the right tip that works loose). I prefer the Addi Clicks as they don’t come loose

  74. I'll throw in my two cents here. I both had and didn't have issues with tips unscrewing on both chiagoo and lykke (never used knit picks). I'm going to hypothesize that there might be a knitting technique component here as well as how much the screwin is tightened.

  75. Regarding the cable for anybody who would like to know: the new KnitPro mindful collection swivel cables are also memory free stainless steel cables with a nylon coating! They are really good imo and much better than the regular ones.

  76. For needle tips I prefer Hiya Hiya, but the mini ChiaoGoo red cords are really, really good for magic loop. I use the mini cable with the cable adapter for nearly everything.

  77. When it came time to buy my set, i generally preferred bamboo over metal (well aluminum, didn't have any stainless needles, would probably like those better) and chiaogoo we're reviewed a lot better than knitpicks kits. Also the size is etched in vs. printed. I some knitters pride wood/composite ones and the printing wipes right off after a couple uses. Now ive also bought some circular shorties for mittens, so far so good. Had trouble even finding other options for 9inch cirs with 4mm needles.

  78. I think it's also a familiarity and what upgrade you get first kind of thing. When I told my SO I wanted an interchangeable knitting set for my birthday present, I was expecting like a nice set of Addis or something like that, but that man, bless his heart, went out and got me a full Hiyahiya sharps set with the nylon cord, with all the bells and whistles. It's now my pride and joy, and has spoiled me for a lot of other needle sets, including the chiagoos.

  79. Same as many others: the easiest cords to work with, sharp tips, yarn easily slides along. I use the Red line, with a bend in the needle. They fit really well in my hands. With straight circs, I often bend the cord where it joins the needle, often putting a lot of stress on and eventually ruining the join.

  80. The only thing I'll add is their customer service. I have the mini interchangeable set (000-2 US). The screw head snapped on one tip after many years of use. They sent replacement needle tips and cable without fuss.

  81. same, i also got a pair of replacement tips when one of mine kept unscrewing itself while knitting. i wasn’t sure if i’d have a problem because i’d bought it via amazon but they didn’t even ask for proof of purchase, just a photo of the tip so they could be sure to send me the correct one!

  82. They also make the smallest needles I've ever seen. I knit socks on 000s and they are the only brand that I have found that makes them. Their needles are slippy and smooth, which keeps things from sticking, sharp without breaking skin (looking at you, Hiya Hiya), and the cords don't kink or come lose. They are well worth the money, to me. However, Amazon has had issues with counterfeits, so buyer beware.

  83. I am doing a big poncho on my old Susan Bates right now (normally an Addi user) and it is like I went back to driving my stick shift subaru from the 80's but somehow I am enjoying it in a sort of nostalgic way.

  84. The cords don’t kink and need no special treatment like steam/heat like plastic cables do. Tips are perfectly sharp and the joins are superb. Everything from silk/bamboo to wool slides along great.

  85. For me it's the cables in the mini-set. I use magic loop almost exclusively when knitting small circumferences in the round, and the cables in the mini set are ideal for that. By using the mini-to-small adapters I can also use them with the larger needle tips I own. I understand that nowadays other brands sell similar cables but they are either not available where I live (at least not without paying a premium in shipping cost) or don't go down to the sizes I need for knitting socks.

  86. The sharp needles, the cords that don’t kink, seamless joins and the quality. I love chiaogoos and I’ll never use anything else lol

  87. I haven't tried many other brands of interchangeables, but mainly because I haven't needed to. Chiaogoo has held strong for me for all 10 years I've been knitting. I have both sets of Shorties/Minis, Lace and a full sized set and can interchange all I want. I've also bought a couple extra cords (because I keep ALL THE WIPS) and some more elusive needle sizes like a 3.0mm and just tuck them in with my set.

  88. Everyone else has really covered it. It's really the cable for me. I'm a magic loop girl and that Chiaogoo cable cannot be beat. I have owned or tried most of the big needle names out there, (KnitPro/Knitter's Pride, Knit Picks, Lykke, Clover, Susan Boyle) but I always reach for my Chiaogoos first. Sometimes I'll start a project on another set, but get irritated by the cable kinking or the join catching and I have to switch to to my Chiaogoos mid-project. Chiaogoos have ruined other needles for me.

  89. I knit for a long time on cheap aluminum needles plated with nickel, and when I hit “adult with at least a bit of disposable income” I wanted to buy an interchangeable kit. Chiaogoo seemed to be the most popular, so I went with that.

  90. The cords don't hold a shape which makes them nice to work with (not fighting with the cable). They are smooth (needles and cables). Can get Shorties which are great and they have 3 sizes of cords that got between the different needle sizes. Plus they can tighten the cords with a pin so they don't come loose.

  91. They’re the only circulars I’ve tried but they get no complaints from me. The only other thing I’ve tried are wooden/plastic needles for flat knitting and I didn’t like them. I bought the Chiaogoo 4”, 5”, shorties, and DPN…

  92. It is all about the cords. I started my knitting journey with straight needles purchased at big box stores and bought fixed circulars from said stores as needed. Eventually, I felt the need to purchase an interchangeable set and I went with Addi. I was not happy with the Addis as it was hard to join the needle to the cord, the cord would kink up, and the needle tips were dull. I then purchased a Hiya Hiya set. I loved the super sharp needles and it was easy to attach the cords. The cords do kink up a little bit but they are better than the addi set. Last year, after picking up knitting again after a long break, I heard everyone talking about Chiagoo so I purchased a fixed circular and I was amazed at how fantastic the cord is and the needles are sharp. The cords feel nice and never kink up on me. I know have an interchangeable set of Chiagoo and I basically only use those needles now. I will dip into the Hiya needles if needed on occasion.

  93. This. The chords are superior to all of my other fixed circular needles. They don’t have “memory” so they straighten out perfectly and you never have to wrestle with uncoiling them.

  94. I have one chiagoo it’s a size 4 nice but just tried fixed Hiya size 7. I love the hiya. I’m trying out different needles trying to decide on which fancy interchangeable set to gift myself. So many choices. Maybe I’ll be a needle slut and buy all different fixed circulars rather than interchangeable set.

  95. I prefer hiya hiya TBH, I didn't like the steel cables one bit when I tried Chiaogoos . Hiya hiyas are smooth, the cables are thin and flexible, and they swivel, never had one come undone when tightened with a key . Having said that I'm thinking of getting a couple of the knitpro stainless steel swivel cables to give my knitpros swiveliness until I can afford a full set of hiya hiyas (been collecting them as I need a size)

  96. The cords are perfection for Magic Loop, they're sharp, and I'm allergic to nickel so the stainless steel is ideal. I've tried every major brand and Chiaogoo are the only ones that I ever use now.

  97. I also have a nickel allergy, but still like metal needles best, and that definitely helped drive my purchase! I agree with you on them being my preferred cord for Magic Loop as well.

  98. I have the interchangeable mini ChiaoGoos, and I truly adore being able to have 9” circs with different tip sizes. I always make the left needle smaller when knitting in the round, so with my ChiaoGoos I can have my left needle be a 0 and the right be whatever my gauge size is. I can switch the needle size without having to change the circular, which is very convenient to me. And I like the metal tips for fine gauge work.

  99. Weird question, but why do you use a smaller needle on the left? What effect does that have on your finished knit? Is it just to address a tension issue or something else? Tell me your secrets!

  100. I’ve been using them exclusively since I bought one fixed circular years ago, and then got the interchangeable set as a gift. I like the pointy-ness of the tips best, and also the feel & smoothness of the needles and I really like how the red cord behaves.

  101. I only heard about them yesterday because their twist interchangeable needles have a braided steel wire cable. I'm based in the EU and can't find a complete set that won't cost €200+ with customs etc.

  102. I've got tons of cheaper fixed circs so I've been buying them as and when I need them as single interchangeables. A few shops have sign up discounts that can be applied.

  103. knitpro have nylon coated steel cables with swivels now , either separate or as part of the mindful collection

  104. The cord doesn’t bung around, it’s super flexible, and stays locked when I screw it on. The tips are pointy pointy and when I use anything else it’s like trying to write with an unsharpened pencil. But those are just my preferences. I don’t mind Addis, especially their dpns, because slick needles make me happy.

  105. I have some chiaogoo fixed circular needles. I like the tips just fine but not really a huge fan of the cable. They are a little stiffer than I like.

  106. Cats can't bite through them but the bite marks left in the plastic mean the cable isn't smooth anymore and yarn snags on it. I think every single one of my cables has been bitten now and they are so expensive to replace!

  107. I also have a cat that thinks knitting is for biting. The good news is that the chiaogoos definitely DO hold up to kitty munchy mouths. The bad news is that my cat finds those cables EXTRA appealing because they're kind of springy and fun, so they get subjected to extra cat bites if I don't hide them.

  108. Yeah, for the cables. I thought I hated magic loop, then I bought Chiaogoos, & I’ve barely touched my DPNs since.

  109. I gladly paid for their 23cm circular needles in a few different needle sizes to use for things like leg warmers and hand warmers and I don't regret it. One of the best knitting investment I made that liberated me from the magic loop hell. Idk perhaps there are other brands that offer 20cm-ish circular needles, but Addi and Chiaogoo were the only options I came across in where I live. Addi did not work for me.

  110. I’m a new knitter, ordered some pony classic circular needles and then unexpectedly went away for a month. Really wanted to start so went to pick up some needles and accidentally spent a small fortune on chiaogoo interchangeable needles. Having since opened the pony ones, there isn’t a chance in hell I’ll be using them. The needles have a horrid feel when they rub together, the cable twists around, so on and so forth.

  111. Their cords don’t warp. My biggest issue with KnitPro is how their needle cables get messed up. Also, the needle cord joins are really sturdy (unlike KnitPro), and I don’t get eczema on my hands! Now where I am it’s hard to get anything other than KnitPro or Chiaogoo so I can’t compare it to anything else but I love their cable needles, durable, hypoallergenic, and they have the really small circs for socks and sleeves (as does HiyaHiya but those are harder to find for me).

  112. No idea. I have a couple circs and they’re fine, but I don’t feel like I need to replace what I have. I’ll stick with my Clover or Susan Bates.

  113. They're fine. If you like magic loop the cord can't be beat, but that's the only advantage I see. I'd take a hiya hiya SS needle tip over chiaogoo, but I don't care for pointy tips with long tapers for most projects anyway. The joins on hiya hiyas or addis are just as smooth.

  114. Not OP, but hazarding a guess that this community is more likely to give real answers and critiques, rather than the cheerleading, brand followers that they'd get in

  115. Probably because I was browsing on here, honestly. It seemed a tiny bit snarky because the price point gives me pause

  116. I did manage to snap the cable off one from an interchangeable set when I was first learning and knitting so tight it gave me hand cramps, but after using that friends, I splurged on them as a new knitter (having previously discovered the difference quality makes when I upgraded crochet hooks). the needles are lightweight, sharp, and smooth as hell. the cable doesn’t kink. other than the one freak accident (and the cable might have been super old since it was borrowed), I have had zero issues. the smooth is the biggest deal for me. when I try to use other needles, especially cheap metal ones, I feel like they’re fighting the yarn.

  117. I like metal needles and I have left thumbprints in nickel plated needles. When I bought my set Chiaogoo was the only manufacturer that had metal, non-nickel, interchangeable sets that were good quality. This has since changed with the rise of aluminum non-Boyle sets.

  118. They're extremely pointy, great for lacework. Lightweight. The red cables have zero memory so they don't twist up, and they're quite durable. And the needle sizes are etched onto the needle.

  119. The cable lengths and thread sizes are also etched onto the cable joins, which is fucking amazing. You never have to measure or worry about keeping the cable with the bag it came in.

  120. Very smooth, seamless joins, and the red cables are very durable. I think the metal needles are most pleasant from like 2.25 mm to 4 mm, after that I don’t like using them as much.

  121. The cable has no (really, none) memory. I haven’t found another brand with cables that really hold no shape. Yarn never sticks on the joins, stitches move very easily, and they are pointy tips without being so pointy as to cause splitting in loosely plied yarn. If you are curious your LYS may have a pair you could knit a few rows on, or buying a fixed needle in your most used size might be fun.

  122. Y’know, I had kind of just assumed that the joins on interchangeables sucked a little bit across the board! It’s never been such an issue that I considered switching but I think if I tried a pair at my LYS as you suggested my Christmas list may expand 👀

  123. I can only speak for the red lace fixed circs, but they're just perfect for me - joins are smooth, the cable has no memory but it's strong, the points are sharp with a good taper, the needles aren't so slick like Hiya Hiya but not grippy like wood or plastic. I have multiples of different sizes in different lengths and will always reach for these before anything else.

  124. That’s the main plus for me. And the super smooth transition from cable to needle. I don’t think I could go back to other brands now.

  125. Perfect points, smooth joins, great cable, smooth surface. So amazing. At least in the smaller sizes. Any larger than 4mm, they make a swooshing sound as I knit, so I have other needles for larger sizes.

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