Creepy Canadian gameshow host from 1980's

  1. The name of the show was "just like mom". The hosts name is Fergie Oliver. He was like this with every contestant. If I remember correctly it was kinda his shtick. People expected this from him and that he was just being charming. Watching it now sure is shocking but it didn't feel that way at the time.

  2. Unfortunately, people really did think was acceptable because everyone on the planet buried their head in the sand that there was such a thing as paedophilia.

  3. This was awful and I only made it to the second forced kiss and fucking died of cringitis. Castrating is too kind, dude needs to fall feet first into a woodchipper.

  4. The network executives obviously thought this was some funny shit, otherwise it never would have gotten aired. It tells you something about those times.

  5. Ever seen the netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight? Way worse scenario but i had a similar reaction watching that i.e. "how the fuck is he getting away with that?"

  6. I think most people at the time genuinely were naive enough to think this guy was just innocently fond of the kids and it was all paternal and affectionate, or part of an act. People were naive to how common pedophilia is or the extent to which it would be played off - even to us incredibly clumsily - by a cover like this.

  7. Nowadays, the pedophile panic is getting ridiculous. It has gone so far that if a gay teacher even mentions their husband or wife, people freak and start to scream about "grooming". So in some sense, things were better in the past.

  8. The thing people don’t realize is that almost everything has gotten better with time. The world is improving in almost every single way, but it’s more profitable to sell the “we’re doomed” narrative.

  9. It's so silly to talk about billions of people around the globe as being a monolith named "the boomers". Some things were better. Some things are better now. Plenty of dumb parents today send their kids to learn from the wise priests who behave in similar ways. Your generation are a god-send that will surely be different to all the rest, full of trailblazing, hyper-intelligent, virtuous heroes.

  10. easily the hardest thing I’ve watched on this sub. I couldn’t get through the second example. Fucking terrifying.

  11. A quick search produces some background. The show "Just Like Mom" was created by and co-starred Catherine Swing. After a different host the first year, Fergie Olver, a former baseball player and later Toronto Blue Jays broadcaster, who was married to Swing, joined her as host. Their two daughters also appeared on the show. The idea of the game was to find out which mother-daughter pair knew each other best.

  12. This is the first Video I've seen here that made me thus uncomfortable. That entire clip was wrong and weird. Wtf.

  13. Me too, this might be one of the worst videos I've ever seen. It was a different kind of cringe than the traditional embarrassing cringe. I usually like cringe but for this I could barely watch it

  14. Just saying that I can't watch this again. Not because it doesn't belong here, but because it does. Bill Burr sums this clip up beautifully. Where were the fathers? Cheering crowds, nothing, a man stands up for what's right even when he's the only one that sees it.

  15. I grew up kissing my parents and close relatives. I think he's trying to play up being a close family friend? Aged like milk though.

  16. Even with the variance of greetings/affection from different decades and countries, this is just too blatantly creepy to be an ongoing thing on TV in Canada..

  17. Ew what the actual fuck. If I was a parent of one of those kids I'd be fucking him up so bad he couldn't show his face on TV anymore.

  18. At first I was like meh maybe it’s another woke bs video but holy shiiiieeetttt the first 10 seconds I was cringing then when he kissed her I couldn’t continue.

  19. I couldn't watch past the second girl and the fucking weird Seinfeld porno sounding music. I put myself in their shoes and I feel so bad for those girls. What in the actual fuck. Host of the Groomer show.

  20. Was he ever convicted? Seriously, at some point you have to wonder when the rubber meets the road with "creepy guys"

  21. Imagine being a parent and dumbly cheering when a pedophile kisses your preteen child on her mouth before millions of viewers. Escapes me.

  22. If I was a parent waiting in the wing and saw him do that to my kid you know I would have walked on and smacked the shit out of him. Was it really that different a world back then that stuff like this was okay to do to little girls?

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