Do Croatians ignore the speed limit?

  1. There are speed traps, both mobile (when they catch you in the road in non marked cars) and static (waiting on the side, usually with police cars).

  2. It is a custom to drive at least 10-15 km/h above the speed limit. You won't get a fine for that. And if you know where the cameras are, where the police is usually having their "ambush" and how our police force regulates the speed limits in general - you are safe.

  3. Due to my Dry Eyes with Presbyopia, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal Disorders, Conjunctivitis, Night Blindness and the fact that I always forget putting my glasses on, I have no idea what is the speed limit so I always drive as fast as my car and my bold tires allow me.

  4. just make sure to not take policing on yourself, move to the right lane and drive at the exact speed limit if you wish to.

  5. The speed limit on the highway is 130kph but its actually 160 due to speed camera tollerances (10%), spedometers lying (al least 5kmh in all cars) and the fact there is no fine on going 10kmh or less over the speed limit on open roads

  6. As most replies have pointed out, yeah, it's pretty much customary to drive at least 10km faster than the speed limit. And that's okay.

  7. Literally everyone in the Balkans ignores the speed limit. If people know that there aren't any police radars or policemen near the road they will just ignore the speed limit and drive as fast as they want.

  8. We do, because our speed limits are way too low and it's more dangerous to constantly check the speedometer than it is to drive 10-20 km/h above the speed limit and actually pay attention to the road. Same goes for highways, because most of the time speed limits are so low it makes no sense and it's frustrating, and frustrated drivers are dangerous drivers. Our laws are made to make you pay, not to keep you safe.

  9. Yeah... I can say from your comment that you don't understand basic laws of physics... Lowering your speed by just 5 kph dramatically reduces risk of injury and increases time for reaction...

  10. We are not as good as Germany, but having driven through ~10 countries, Croatian driving culture is pretty decent.

  11. They're playing with fire and gambling. Once they get caught and pay, they will do it again because they don't get caught often:D

  12. Why? Have you ever driven outside of Croatia and what does driving legally fast have to do with being an asshole?

  13. Speed limit: A general guideline followed mostly by pussies. Kidding asside, there is a 10%/10 kmh tolerance, on motorways allegedly rounded up to 150.

  14. Speed limit on highway is 130km/h ,you can go over 10km/h so legaly 140km/h ,but you can also go 155km/h becouse police need to take away 10% off becouse of camera error.

  15. Due to our 10+ or 10%+, 143 km/h is perfectly legal on highways, but you can go 150 km/h without any worries. Cobras or even mobile radar units won’t mess with you for 150 km/h.

  16. Yes. Way too many idiots on the road who act like the left lane is the Autobahn and the right one is for the rest of the plebian scum.

  17. I've seen more police officers driving above the speed limit than those who drive by the speed limit. I was doing 70 80 on a 50 with a cop behind me and he didn't do anything.

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