Oh Wow

  1. There's only one way to get a drink named after you in the Afterlife. I wouldn't say that's a spoiler, just don't get too attached.

  2. It’s funny, I remember seeing people asking, “Who tf is David Martinez?!” a while ago, so seeing it come full circle is pretty satisfying.

  3. Didn't he go missing back in 2045? Could very well be dead. Would be great to see some content of him though.

  4. True, it's tropey, but Cyberpunk wouldn't exist without tropes, right? The genre is basically 100% tropes. :D And ... said while ducking behind armoured Arasaka APC ... so is most anime nowadays. ;)

  5. It can be, since it says he underwent personal tragedy, that the drink could be named after his father, whose name would be the same.

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