Aw man

  1. :( at this point i have to wonder if someone is targeting him/his band, i think royal coda's van got broken into not too long ago

  2. You gotta be kidding me. Why has this happened to so many artists, whether it be their gear or tour vans being broken into or what. Absolutely insane and ridiculous

  3. Wouldn’t doubt people close to them knowing they’re out of town on tour and helping themselves to an empty house

  4. I'm curious, I'm not blaming him at all i really feel bad for the guy, but at the same time- this has happened to him before is there any better way for him to lock his stuff up? :(

  5. Pray/send good vibes to Kurt and hope hope hope whoever stole his stuff gets caught and gets the maximum penalty/gets help with their mental health because they're obviously a messed up person. Poor Kurt. He's the friendliest guy and doesn't deserve this at all. Pray/send good vibes for Kurt's mental health too because I can only imagine how hard this is for him.

  6. Poor Kurt :/ not the ps5! I remember when all my shit was stolen (besides my Gibson guitar shockingly) & it hurts to lose all your shit & save data. & then his car on top of it? Damn. Maybe they can start a go fund me for him or something

  7. This is why I never keep my trumpets in my car, unless I just finished a gig. I’ve seen too many of them get stolen. But in your own house? That’s fucked.

  8. Wait did they steal his car and break into his house or is he saying they stole his car. Where he was keeping his shit and sleeping while on tour?

  9. I know a lot of us would help toward a gofundme or something. Its an awful feeling to have a break-in and 10x worse when actual irreplaceable stuff is stolen.

  10. Sorry to hear this. its also happened to me. Unfortunately it wont be worth it to have anything of value in the near future. If you own something of value, it will be ripped away from you by some scavenger.

  11. Kurt shouldn't post what town he lives in online. Someone is targeting him. I think he should carry to defend what's his.

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