Why is this guy always depresed and pessimist? What makes him go hollow later on?

  1. I always thought he leaves Firelink because of Frampt. Considering he's gone hollow in New Londo, I imagine he's trying to find Kaathe in order to get rid of Frampt.

  2. I like to think his purpose was to be negative and pessimistic. The player’s success robs him of his certainty that nothing can be accomplished or matters. That sureness is ironically what was holding him from hollowing and without it he goes soon after.

  3. I thought all the undead were from different timelines where they were the chosen one, and only got to join dimensions through signs or bonfires, therefore the progress made to get to four kings wouldn’t have been made in crestfallen so world, or am I wrong?

  4. Or, a new hollow (you) comes along and makes him wonder if he should do something about it.

  5. Crestfallen basically means depressed and his name is the crestfallen warrior and he goes hollow because he has no purpose and doesn’t have the will to stay sane

  6. Who knows how many times he has died already. He is going insane from the immortality. Even Hollows can't die. Every time he dies, he feels the pain of it all, all the suffering. Then just to reappear at the Bonfire, time convoluted and everything.

  7. and i think he tells something about he is done from “my lady” for a life time, probably he was a low-rank soldier before the undead curse.

  8. So this character archetype is a recurring one through many of From Software's games. The first game of theirs to have a "Crestfallen" NPC was King's Field 4 in 2001, then Demons' Souls had a very similiar character also voiced by Matt Morgan hanging out in the game's hub area (the Nexus) telling the player character their quest is pointless. There's almost the same character in DS2 and 3 aswell.

  9. Believe it or not, he goes hollow due to snoring and lack of dental hygiene from another character.

  10. He’s sitting there complaining about frampt and resolves to “do something about it.” So now, filled with purpose and determination sets out to kill frampt and immediately dies. He awakens at firelink in dismay and despair. After so long being empty when he finally has a path to follow he’s put in his place. But who, where, why is his place. What’s the point of having purpose if you’re powerless? As he spirals downward he musters enough awareness to realize he’s in New Londo before he finally Hollows

  11. The alternative: he's the scrub player who got stuck in the berg and eventually stopped playing the game. He bought the best weapons he could find (chain link, heater shield) from the berg merchant, but couldn't get any farther and gave up rather than got gud.

  12. Honestly i kill that mofo every chance I get- always a negative nancy. Cant have negative nancies when im tryna light this fire.

  13. Before you, he's the one who had made it the farthest into the quest, hence why he knew that the Bell of Awakening was actually two bells. Once you ring the bells, you get farther than he previously had, which makes him feel useless and maybe tries to get to the four kings to feel valuable again, which is why he's at the entrance to New Londo. When he fails in his quest, he hollows.

  14. Ever just give up? Ever felt like no matter what I do it won't make things better? That's him. Crestfallen. Sometimes for people like him there isn't a clear cut reason. There may or may not have been a single traumatic experience. He probably tried something again and again and again and never found what he was after. You just stop. He just stopped. Then even when you are depressed and broken there will come a time where you just take a walk. Try again for the heck of it, then should you fail... then it would be a miracle to want to continue living. At the very least he can rest forever now. Rest that tired mind and spirit.

  15. Misery loves company and he’s a hater so he goes hollow in the wake of seeing you so successful and persevering when he is unsuccessful and crestfallen.

  16. Vaatividya likes to imply he tried to fuck with frampt and got tossed down to New Londo. That or he just left because he hates frampt. It's at 2:11 here

  17. The leading theory is that he was so annoyed by the stench produced by Frampt that he got up and started looking for it. He had spent a long time sitting without a purpose, that him gaining a purpose stressed him so much that he went hollow

  18. Normal people: “Maybe the fact he cannot die without being hollow, so he is forced to live this ongoing nightmare that is dark souls?”

  19. In the game, "going hollow" is a metaphor for deciding that Dark Souls is just too tough for you, and giving up. Every time characters tell you not to go hollow, etc., that's basically Miyazaki speaking directly to you.

  20. I like the theory that his purpose was to be pessimistic and not believe the chosen one prophecy. Then you, the chosen one, come along and prove that you are the chosen one. So he goes hollow

  21. Presumably, he came here for the prophecy thing (ring the bells of awakening, fate of undead, blah blah blah), but sucked.

  22. I might be a bastard but every time I replay this game, I murk this guy as soon as I'm in firelink. It's good parry practice and his death dialogue is too notch.

  23. He spent years guiding new undead and found just enough satisfaction in that, combined with the spite of surviving by doing nothing when all the active heroes died, that he stayed sane. But, when the Chosen undead proves that it is possible to do things and that he's only a coward and not a genius, and when Frampt comes along to take over as a guide, he loses his purpose and goes hollow.

  24. He lives watching the undead try to fulfill the profecy and failing, he has no purpose other than watching the failure of others, so when he sees you are close to achieving it he goes hollow, maybe he realizes that he should have tried to fullfil it himself instead of watching others fail to feel better about being a failure himself.

  25. I think He goes hollow after you ring the bells because he said you couldn’t and being pessimistic about people not being able to ring the bells was his purpose and now you rang them so he can’t mock you for it anymore so he went hollow.

  26. well, for once it is probable that he is the one who took half the life out of the second gargoyle that attacks you on the church but than chickened out so it is already a bad track, and than he just resumes himself as a simple guide for undeads on the whole shenanigans they are about to face, and after he gets comfortable an undead actually proves to be the chosen one and not only it disrupts the whole reality he made for himself, but frampt shows up and ruins the one place he likes it in. at that point he either decides to move to new londo but lacks any more purpose so he goes hollow or decides to act and chalenge the 4 kings and still goes hollow begoes he isn’t able to push through

  27. He's been crestfallen since you've known him. He just wants to stay in the safety of firelink. But frampt ruined his peace there. So he went below firelink and probably got killed by the ghosts of new londo or something

  28. I never even knew what his deal was. I make a weird habit of kicking him off the cliff on every run. He's too depressing for my taste.

  29. His only purpose is to give advice and guidance to new undead coming to Firelink Shrine. When Frampt shows up, he loses his last purpose in life. He goes to New Londo and hollows fully.

  30. I just assumed, because of dialoge, it was because he tried adventuring and failed miserably so he just chills at the fire. Then gets sick of Frampts smells so he leaves and fails again

  31. He is just like you, the chosen undead which is trying to link the flame. But he is too frightened to fight and ring the bells. What makes he live is the fact that he thinks no one is capable of ringing the two bells, he thinks it is impossible. Then you appeared and ruined everything, so he turns hollow because he lost his purpose.

  32. I figure simply that hes depressed and just goes hollow as thats why hes even sitting there sulking is he gave up.

  33. My theory is that you the main character makes him go hollow. He represents the players who never get much further than quelaag or the Taurus demon. He has given up and he takes pleasure is knowing you will give up too. So when you don't he loses his mind and self worth.

  34. his depression and pessimism is the thing that keeps him human ironically, hes given up on linking the flame and he chose to settle in firelink and essentially mock and judge those that believe theyre the “chosen undead”. he never expected anyone to actually ring the bells but then once the player comes along and actually get far he doesnt have any use anymore, the player rung the bells and he is stuck having no purpose, nothing to keep him human. they pessimistic belief that nobody could rings the bells has just been proven false and he gives up

  35. I believe he “did something” about Frampt. Only it didn’t work and the latter killed him, stripping him of the last humanity he had in him.

  36. Those who come to Lordran seeking salvation soon lose hope, and turn Hollow. It happens to them all, sooner or later. That crestfallen knight at the base of the tower… His spirit is already broken. Although he does offer sound advice. Perhaps he is a foreshadowing of your own future?

  37. i always thought from his dialogue that he ended up trying to attack Frampt, got worm-smashed into becoming hollow, then drifted down toward new londo after the fact (seem odd that hollows/skellies avoid firelink to anyone else?). i’m liking some of these other theories, too

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