Finished my first ever DS1 playthrough after 55 hours. Time for DS3 let's go!

  1. Beating Dark Souls 1 kinda ruined gaming for me for a few months. Dark Souls II wasn't out yet and I didn't have a PS3 for Demon's Souls, so I kept either replaying DS1 or going into other games thinking "how can I make this more like Dark Souls?"

  2. That’s the first Dark Souls game I beat. I never knew about certain things with boss fights, so Nashandra was tough for me, as well as Lost Sinner(fought her in the dark) and Mytha(didn’t know about the windmill thing). I liked that creative aspect with DS2 and was shocked in the saltiest way upon finding out

  3. 2 is amazing. I am playing it for the first time this year and it’s fantastic. I would say better even than 3 (which I played before).

  4. Loving DS2 so far actually! I've already beaten the base game once but I missed the DLC so I'm currently on it in a different playthrough.

  5. I finished it once and never again. It's actually a really good game but It's just not for me. Too slow and clunky imo

  6. 2 has some of my favorite characters from the series, but I really don't like how every encounter is just you getting swarmed. There's plenty of that is the first game too, just not to the same extent.

  7. Coming fresh off DS1 I think it's best to go straight to DS3. Since it's more of a direct sequel storyline wise and I think they'll get more out of the lore that way.

  8. I tried 2, but the amateurish animations are so off-putting. I couldn't stick through a whole game like that.

  9. Because that is kinda reasonable? DS2, being the easiest one and simultaneously the most annoying one to play, if played first, will only push the player away from the franchise. And with it having no online on pc, I see no reason for both new or old player to play it. And before you ask, yes, I've played all the games.

  10. I played through DS2 recently as I've been going through the series in order until I beat every game. I'd fiddled with every other FROM game but tbh 2 is probably one of my personal favorites. It's no DS1 or Bloodborne but I had a lot more fun with it than I expected

  11. Yeah honestly. Don't even think about what you hear about it. I got sucked into the 'DS2 bad' my first with it and was set on never touching it again. Played it again this year with a more level head and it was really a lot of fun, definitely worth the time.

  12. Does it get better after a certain point? I beat elden ring and then decided to do all the soulsbourne games.

  13. Some people don't skip DS2 because it's bad but because lore wise it makes more sense to play DS3 right after DS1. They have such strong connections to each other and 3 really feels like the sequel to 1.

  14. DS2 is pretty good. I was skeptical too, but the slow methodical combat and challenge of some of the bosses really pulled me in. Yes, the game has a problem with boss bloat, but still features one of the most challenging Souls bosses

  15. Don't skip ds2 at least give it a chance as its actually a pretty solid souls game once you get into it and it has the best lore in the series imo

  16. Played DS 2, had to get used to the artstyle and some places / bosses are a bit shite. But it is a DS experience, has very good, and more upfront lore then the others and has some really good machenics , mirror knight anyone?

  17. Honestly DS2 bosses can be a bit bad but same is said for DS1. Overall I still really enjoy it and appreciate it for trying new stuff. I like how much personality it has and how it’s its own game. Also DS2 has so many varied builds and the ability to power stance. Like it has its issues but it was some of my favourite dark souls moments. I also really liked how weapon durability was handled. For some reason DS3 has weapon durability but you wouldn’t notice lol.

  18. DS2 advocate here to say that it’s really not that bad, though a good guide can help deal with the jank. Here’s the one everyone seems to link, in case you give it a shot:

  19. I played DS1 on mouse and keyboard, and so did my friends and we got used to this playstyle (especially me, since I have never had a console/never played games with a controller). Problem is that my friends have told me that DS2 literally feels unplayable with mouse and keyboard and that I should pick up a controller for it, and I don't really want to.

  20. You should skip straight to DS4, BotW. It fleshes out some of the mysteries in the lore that will make 2 and 3 really make sense…in other words, play whatever makes you happy. Congrats on the win!

  21. I’m not far ahead! I’m a good ways into DS2 now. Can’t wait to get to 3. Hate on me if y’all want, but I’m enjoying 2. Yeah it’s got a few things I don’t care for. But it’s not as terrible as people say imo. I’d recommend at least trying it. The worst game in the best series is still a good game!

  22. DS2 is not played because is very hard. Ds 3 is easy compared to ds2 imho. And some of the dlc bosses close to impossible. For me DS 2 was way more fun then DS 3. I did not played ds1 yet. Is on the list .

  23. i just beat it tonight too, took me 84hrs. it’s the 4th souls game i have beat this year, i am going to take a breather before i go into the next.🤣

  24. Why would you ever want to skip DS2 if its your first playthrough of the series? If you do the keybinds right the controls will be the same as the first one. It takes 3 minutes, dont know why you are being so impatient.

  25. No Dark Souls 2? Please don’t bypass the game because some love to trash it, it’s actually a phenomenal game, just the “worst” one in the series. Saying Dark Souls 2 is the worst game is like saying there is a worst sex position, you’re STILL having sex which everyone loves

  26. PLAY DS2. Lots of people say to skip but you won't get a lot of references in ds3 without it. Also probably one of the best souls games I love it

  27. Everyone here telling them to play ds2 needs to chill tf out. It doesn't fucking matter what order you play the games in.

  28. You mean time for ds2.. Sidenote. Have you beat demon souls? Becuase if not! Do it. Demon souls, darks souls 1, dark souls 2, dark souls 3, elden ring (i consider it souls universe becuase patches is freaking in it so why not)

  29. As a self-proclaimed Dark Souls 2 disliker: play Dark Souls 2. It has some elements that are legitimately good (area aesthetic, build variety, certain bosses).

  30. You’re doing yourself a disservice if you are skipping DS2. DS2 is overall better than DS3 IMO, which is saying a lot because DS3 is no slouch. DS1 will always be king though.

  31. It has a very punishing early game that can be very frustrating until you learn some stuff that they don't really tell you. It's easy to try it and instantly hate it, then give up. I almost did. But I stuck with it and it became my favorite in the series

  32. If you view DS2 as a game trying to emulate DS1, you were not playing the right game. That's what DS3 did, and why I found it to be so boring. DS2 was an actual sequel with meaningful changes and improvements. Some things that didn't work as well but that's in every sequel. It was a fantastic game and is still one of the best entries in the series on several fronts.

  33. Ds2 isn’t handholding at all, in fact it is quite frustrating and I had a better time looking up walkthroughs to find stuff like turning off the poison In harvest valley, and then going into the bosses blind, but it’s a fantastic game that I recommend should be played. It’s more fun on your second playthrough is what I’ve learned, when you have first hand experience on everything.

  34. Honestly can't recommend DS2 enough. You'll hear it everywhere...but level ADP to at least 25 for it to feel more like DS1. But the enemy designs, the environments, the bosses....everything is just so good. And even coming back to it after playing all the still holds up.

  35. DS2 put quantity over quality. The sheer number of enemies put between you and the bosses is ridiculous. Then, after slogging through all of them, you get to very lackluster bosses. That being said, the UI is great, builds are varied, music is nostalgic, and is generally easier to get levels than it’s counterparts. I’ve beat both DSR and DS3 10+ times. I’ve beat DS2 once and will probably never go back. However, I encourage anyone who is a fan of the series to try it, if not to just appreciate the other games that much more.

  36. No Dark Souls II?! Sure, it's the worst one. But that's like saying it's some peoples' least favorite flavor in neopoliton ice cream!

  37. Why is everyone so butthurt about him skipping DS2? It’s funny that most DS2 fans think they’re some sort of minority in the fanbase when DS2 really isn’t hated on as much anymore.

  38. DS2 stans saying to play a game with the single worst design I've ever seen is a good meme. Your weapons break so fast they're useless, mobs quit respawning so farming just doesn't work after a while unless you're in an endgame covenant... there's a mob in Majula that takes 16 hits to kill, but kills you in 4... And there's three of those mobs in a pile, so get fucked. I played for three hours and never even found a boss to fight. DS 1 is challenging due to the intricacies of level design, and player ability. As is DS3, and ER. DS2 is challenge because you can't even fucking dodge roll unless you level two different stats, which combine into a stat that isn't even explained anywhere in the game.

  39. Idk why but my weapon durability never went down when I plated ds2 I don't really get it but hey its pretty useful.

  40. Great choice by skipping the second, it made me get turned off by the franchise and i almost missed a masterpiece like DS3 bc of it. Most people who praise it are either nostalgic or trying to be "different"

  41. Same here, finished DS remastered 1 week ago and now i have started DS3. Are you planning on doing a challenge run or start new game with a new character ??

  42. Congrats man! I finished DS1 a couple of weeks ago and loved it so much it was hard to move on to another game. I’m almost done with NG+1 now. Highly recommended!

  43. Simplesmente uma sensação maravilhosa... lembro da minha primeira vez, estava com a arma da queelag... era uma delicia matar todos com ela

  44. idk why you’re getting so much hate for wanting to skip a game bro. (although tbh you should play it at least once for the full souls experience)

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