its known from soft are huge beserk fans could this where they choose the name?

  1. The first working title was Dark Ring, until someone pointed out that might mean butthole to some people. So it went to Souls even though it was close in name to Demons Souls.

  2. Keep in mind Demons Souls came first, and Dark Souls was envisioned as DeS2. I think that it's likely they took inspiration from this page but the name change was more to differentiate the games while still leaving a connection.

  3. I think it's unlikely, given that the creative staff at From Soft would almost certainly not read the English translation of Berzerk and the Japanese text is significantly different.

  4. I don't doubt that Berzerk had an oversized influence on the entire Souls series, but I don't think we can point to a line from an English translation of the comics as a direct a like that. The expression in Japanese is 魂の暗黒面の海、which I think is rather poorly translated. I would have written it as "a dark surfaced ocean of souls," given that both souls (魂) and dark surface (暗黒面) modify ocean (海) rather than dark modifying souls.

  5. I am only halfway through Berserk, but I don’t remember when he refers to Griffith as a bonfire. I would have thought that the bonfire concept spawned from the scene where Guts is looking out over the camp of the hawks amd sees all the bonfires and casca is there.

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