Is it still a thing to pay for first date ?

  1. If you want to maximize your dating prospects then you should always offer to pay. On the flip side the most high value women will keep it financially balanced on future dates.

  2. Paying for the first date is my first shit-test. I'll always pay first, but I'll make a mental note if she even offered to split. If things go well and we go on a second date and she doesn't offer to help again, then that's not a good look for her. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but definitely something to keep in the back of my mind.

  3. Yep if you ask to go out, you should pay for it. Especially first date! but if she ask you to go out, i'll see if she offer to pay, if she did ill offer to pay anyway, atleast my share, if she not then i wont go anymore if she ask me out in the future

  4. I think if a girl offers to split its because they don’t see potential for a 2nd date and I ALWAYS accept the offer. If I don’t see 2nd date potential I will suggest a split tab. If I liked her I’ll pay.

  5. Not true bro, some of girls just wanna take their share, I date some girl that want to pay, and even insist to pay or take turn paying.

  6. If you like her and want to go out again, then YES. I expect to pay for the first few dates. If you continue to date and she NEVER offers to pay, then that is a problem.

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