1. Life can come at you in odd and unexpected ways. Just because you had it good dont mean you gotta be happy man. I finally got a bed and a job , but here i am not happy with my life still. Sad confused & it just hurts. Just remember pain is temporary(: coming from a severely depressed and suicidal person

  2. Everyday. It really gets me sometimes because then I start comparing and guilting myself for feeling bad for feeling bad and its like rinse and repeat over and over. I try to tell myself it's just my brain trying to make me feel bad, sometimes it helps me sometimes not.

  3. Same here! Even with all the stuff I own I still feel so lost and in pain right now : (. It’s like if this doesn’t make me happy then what will? Hopefully I’ll find love in my life because there doesn’t seem to be anything else that brings me happiness.

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