Who else lucked out with their rescue dog!?

  1. That's wonderful, glad for you both ❣️ but feel very sad for their new puppy 😥. Why even have a dog you're not going to engage with as a family member?

  2. At first I was looking for a German Shepherd and searched and searched. Randomly saw a Chihuahua mix on Petfinder, loved the way he looked and decided to take a chance. I found out I was going to be his 4th owner(!) from his foster mom because he was too much to handle. He bit me when I first met him! Foster mom talked me into taking him for a trial period. Ended up asleep in my arms first night and inseparable ever since. He goes everywhere I go and is the most well-behaved Chihuahua you will ever meet! I firmly believe they know when they've been rescued.

  3. I love this so much! German Shepherd to Chihuahua 😂. I agree, they know when they have found their forever home!!

  4. We adopted a gorgeous mutt named Bud from the SPCA in 2010. He was a beautiful gold color, like a chow, but built more like a shepherd or husky. Sweet natured, easygoing, loved everyone and everyone loved him. He died of cancer last year at the age of 13. We were devastated.

  5. I love all my dogs, but my soul dog, the love of my life, was a little Jack Russel x Chihuahua I adopted from a shelter. He was just the most precious bundle of love, my little shadow. He was obsessed with food, cuddles, and little else. I had an incredibly difficult and painful pregnancy and he spent almost nine months just lying by my side and I don’t know how I would have got through it without him. He died a few years ago and not a day has gone by I haven’t missed him. And now I’m crying haha. 😅

  6. We’ve only done breed specific rescues (Weimaraner) and have lucked out both times. Note that we did have a non-rescue Weim first which got us into the breed, for challenging breeds like Weims having one previously does help your adoption application.

  7. Wow! I love Weimaraner’s, we actually considered the breed before opting with Rottweiler. So sad for first rescue, I’m so glad he was able to find love and happiness with your family!

  8. We adopted a Weim mix, although we didn't know it at the time! The rescue thought he was a lab/AmStaff mix. He's the best! I started following the Weim rescue in my area should we decide to get a second dog. Our boy loves other dogs and could really use a high energy friend 😂

  9. I went to the shelter and fell in love with my pup. Being in college, my mom told me not to get him as he’s “too big”. So I lied, told her I went to other rescues, didn’t meet any other dogs I was interested in, and went back to get my boy.

  10. Yeah my husband and I have adopted twice and gotten legendary dogs both times. I found that we had to be very patient and not just expect to go to a rescue and find a dog immediately. It took us several months to find our current dog, but it’s like someone took my perfect dog and made him a reality. We had our first dog for 12 years and now have had our second one for 2.5 years and it’s been fantastic.

  11. I have three rescue dogs and they’re all wonderful. I’ve had two other rescues over my lifetime, as well. My first two rescues (terrier (?) supermutt and a GSD mix) I adopted as seniors and they were the sweetest, most easy going dogs. They both were a little dog selective but loved every human they met. I adopted each at 8 and my little terrier lived to fifteen. We lost my GSD boy at 12 to cancer, but were lucky enough to have been able to pursue treatment that gave us another year with him after diagnosis.

  12. Our rescue is amazing - he’s a 15 lb miniature poodle/Pomeranian mix (confirmed by DNA test). We got him when he was about 2, and he is now 7. Easiest dog, super sweet temperament, & very snuggly. Will do anything for a piece of cheese 😂.

  13. I did! We wanted a pup for our children. Went to the local dog pound (definitely a kill shelter). Found a plain brown puppy about 8 weeks old. Took her to the play area and she was great with the kids. The shelter had no info on her. She was dropped off after hours by herself. They called her a terrier mix. This pup was so grateful. For months she would sit in my lap and stare into my eyes. 17 years later and she is still giving us her gentle love. She is slowing down and getting grey, but still as sweet as ever.

  14. When my childhood dog started getting older i started getting really anxious thinking about life without her, so we decided to look for another dog to be her friend for her last few years (a bunch of her friends who would stay over either moved or passed) and then be there for after. I wanted some sort of Shiba- a small independent friend that's a cat brain in a dog body.

  15. I don't know many people who didn't luck out. I have two amazing rescue dogs. One from a shelter and one who was surrendered to a charity from a horrible situation. The second had some issues and is still frightened of plastic bottles and clapping but other than that they are the most affectionate and fun creatures.

  16. I have had 5 rescues to date. All English bulldogs. 3 I have currently, my first two babies are in bulldog heaven 👼🏻 my first was an ad on Craigslist .. she was extremely well taken care of, but she was the sons dog, he was leaving for college and mom worked 17 hours a day , and that’s not okay for any dog let alone a bulldog. I had never owned a bulldog before, boy was I in for a ton of surprises (I see now exactly why EB specific rescues /any rescues require prior bulldog experience) I had Sophia for 8 years. She was awesome. My partner in crime. My ride or die. She was a special dog that deserved the world and more. I fell in love with the breed. It was the most devastating thing to date when I lost her on 7/31/19.. i reached out to a few rescues right away because I wanted to rescue immediately because she was all I had and I feared being alone since I hadn’t in 8 years. Low and behold 5 days later I get a call from a very well known rescue with a bulldog they thought I might be interested in. 2 days later I drove the 4 hour drive to pick her up. I filled out all the paperwork, paid, and they brought her out to me.. and first thing I thought was that it wasn’t Sophia. I wanted Sophia. And this wasn’t her. Now what am I going to do? I already went through all this trouble I don’t want to look like a complete dick and tell these people I’m not going to take her. So I decided to give it a trial run and if things didn’t work out I could always bring her back if nothing else. I cannot tell you how much putting her in my car and taking her home that day changed my life.

  17. My first rescue dog was amazing — perfect first doggo. Had some excited/frustrated greeter issues, but we went to classes and got that sorted out. Otherwise, no behavioral issues. Great with people, good with other dogs, fine left alone, etc.

  18. How old was the feral dog when you got her? What resources did you use to help her, Ie. a book, youtube, in person classes?

  19. I lucked out with mine!! I didn't get him from a shelter, but he is a rescue of sorts. Basically, his original owners were extremely abusive, so their neighbors stole the dog from them one night. Obviously they didn't want to take him to a shelter and risk the original owners finding him and getting him back, so they started asking around for anyone who wanted a puppy. Through a friend of a friend, the news got back to me and I said I'd take him before I even knew anything about him lol. I met up with them the next day, and as soon as they let him off the leash he just ran straight to my side, and he's never left.

  20. Me! My dog is the sweetest, friendliest boy. He has developed a little bit of reactivity towards unfixed males, but that’s really his only issue and it’s pretty mild. My dogs growing up were rescues too. One was equally amazing as my boy now, the other was very sweet but highly neurotic. It’s hit or miss but there are some incredible mutts out there.

  21. AMEN!!!!! I get frustrated on here sometimes. It does seem like there are some people who look down on people who adopt a mixed breed dog on here. I really don't like that attitude since I have 2 rescue mutts, both have chow in them and one has pit in her. I admittedly was anxious about adopting a dog with pit and both with chow, but they are very mixed and wonderful , sweet temperaments.

  22. It doesn't take several years of "stalking dog shows" to get a rare breed like Swedish Lapphund; but you have to recognize that they are in fairly short supply. If you don't have the determination to make the connection with breeders and keep up with that connection until puppies are available, then you won't get the rare-breed pup. It shouldn't take "years" of ingratiating yourself into a breeder's life; not more than one year or maximum 18 months; it depends on the number of litters born and how many people want them, how many people you contact in person and on the phone. Going to the dog shows and making contact with breeders can impress people, but what you can offer their future pup matters the most. I got started with a rare breed by getting a name and going to a dog show to make contact. And some 15 years ago, when I wanted to try a different breed, I called around and checked online via the national AKC-affiliated breed club for breeders in my state and was able to talk to them and meet them and found a wonderful dog very quickly. But the new breed I chose, while not extremely common (English Cockers), was not rare either.

  23. That post made me so sad to read because I literally found the dog who was the love of my life at the shelter. Her name was Molly and she just passed away a month ago. I loved her more than anything. She was kind and gentle. Sweetest most loyal dog I ever had. She loved me so much. She walked past everyone at the door to greet me first. I miss her everyday. I am getting a tattoo of her. I never cried so hard in my life. She was a godsend. I am only sad that I hadn’t met her sooner. I adopted her when she was 8 from the shelter. I don’t know how long she had been there but I am glad it was me who got to take her home. The best seven years of my life that I wouldn’t trade for the world. My sweet baby Molly. I really hope the people who had “bad” experiences will try again because really there are truly amazing dogs in there. I have adopted all my pets, all after Molly. 2 cats and a dog. They all loved to cuddle with Molly. Snuggle against her stomach, rest on her back. Molly never minded one but. A large presence is missing in our home. Felt by humans and her animal siblings alike.

  24. Two dogs and two cats, all rescues. They have all been wonderful. Our first was a "rottweiler" mix and she was the best. Our second is a hound mix and she is a sweetheart as well. And our cats are both rescues and super loving. We have never had a breeder animal so have no way to compare but I would pick rescue any day.

  25. I've had 2 amazing adoptions, 1 amazing foster and 1 nightmare of a foster. The 2nd adoption is the perfect dog for me, she has been with me for over 12 years and is snoozing next to me. As soon as I petted her, the big eyes with sooky ears came out and I caved. She was an abused stray that just needed someone to be patient, gentle and use positive reinforcement only. I like to say she rescued me as much as I did her, I had some health issues later on.

  26. I went to drop donated blankets to the SPCA and we had a look around and met everyone as we had just brought our first home and knew we wanted to start looking at adopting but weren't planning to come home with a pup. We met Pepper and her brother who were 6 month old Husky/Rottweiler cross that had been surrendered by a breeder because they were too old and he hadn't sold them. Took the brother home for the day because he was a little more chilled out than Pepper and fell in love. We had nothing for him and had to finish fencing in our section so had to give him back that afternoon but picked him up the following weekend and finally settled on a new name. Sharky Dude was awesome from the moment he came home. He never worried the chickens or cats, never barks unless he has to and is completely non reactive to other dogs. He listens (most of the time), learns new things fast and loves cuddles. He is so smart and pushes his luck sometimes but knows how far he can before he gets in trouble and has to go to his bed. He loves to run beside the bike and sit at the gate getting pets from the school kids walking past. He is the best choice I have ever made and I can't believe how lucky we are to have such a good boy ❤

  27. We did. We weren’t necessarily actively looking for a dog, knew we wanted one at some point but would wait for the right one. Then a Facebook post from a rescue I used to volunteer at came up and I just knew he was the right dog, super cute, well socialised, confident, liked going to cafes etc, he was just a bit older which is why he hadn’t already been snapped up. He came home with us the next weekend and he’s been an absolute gem.

  28. My Cali was around 5 or 6 years old when I got her from the rescue (no one knew her true age). I was naive about breeds and did not realize until I had her for a few days that she was a pitbull mix, though the rescue told me she was a plott hound. I think she's a pittie-Dutch shepherd mix; she has the most beautiful brindle coat, huge ears, and such a cute expressive face.

  29. We look at the local shelter twice. Once as a let’s just go and see if we want a dog. Staff was very upfront with issues the dogs had. They took time and talked us through different quirks and personality traits of every dog. The second time we went we had a long list of dogs we wanted to see. The first one on the list was the one we took. She was a little 30lbs thing. Now 8months later she is 55lbs long lean and beautiful. I take her on all sorts of adventures. She listens sooo well and just loves being with us. Plus she is cute as a button. I fell so hard I made a little adventure edit of us biking. Rescue/shelter/mutts are the way to go!

  30. I’ve “lucked out” with every dog I’ve ever had - all rescues. Probably about 8 throughout my lifetime including my family dogs. Don’t be fooled.

  31. I adopted a shelter dog about 6 months ago and I adore him. I have never had a dog as polite, quiet and trustworthy. I am 57 and have had numerous dogs plus my children all have dogs the bring when they come to visit. This pup is just the best with other dogs and grandbabies. We had about 3 months adjustment from the shelter. Now I just love him and yes I feel that I also lucked out.

  32. I adopted my dog from a foster group. He had been a stray for years, had terrible teeth, likely from chewing on rocks when desperately hungry, and has a scar by his eye that's probably from a fight. He is incredibly sweet and loving. He's currently sleeping in my bed next to me while I type. He was sort of hard to fully potty train (first time for me training it and first for him learning it!), but other than that, no major problems.

  33. We thought we had made a big mistake after adopting our current dog. He was 8-1/2 months old, friendly, but absolutely uncontrollable at times. He played extremely rough, nipping at us and jumping. Both my wife and I ended up with some scars on our arms from it. At night, though, after a day of running around, he would snuggle next to my wife. He was also the best boy at dog parks, friendly with all types and sizes. We knew there was a good dog in there. We stayed consistent with training, and now at 17 months, we could never think of being without him. He’s so smart and is becoming more obedient each day. Right now, he’s being boarded for our vacation for a week, and it’s too empty around here.

  34. I adopted Drake in 2007 and he was, for lack of a better term, perfect. Sure, a little anxious and lacking in confidence, but over time that improved. But right away I learned he was smart as a whip, learned fast and was so incredibly well behaved. Not to mention a top notch personality and made me laugh nearly every day. I barely ever had to raise my voice to correct him. He only ever had accidents in the house when he was sick and literally couldn't help it.

  35. I lucked out with my dog. I was in the process of looking at shelters and rescue centres when I got a phone call from a family friend. They had taken in a 3 year old cocker spaniel because his owner had unexpectedly died and the owner's sister couldn't take care of him. He wasn't doing well in foster due to issues with their other male dog and she knew I wanted a dog so I agreed to take him. He was overweight from being a couch potato with his previous owner and acted like he had never been on a proper walk before, he just waddled around sniffing. After a few meet ups and a few walks together to get to know each other, I took him home.

  36. I so lucked out with my little Pippin. I'd been looking for a while when I found him on Petfinder; he was at a rescue about an hour away. He'd been a street dog for a while and was a day away from being euthanized for food aggression when a rescue org saw him and decided to give him a chance.

  37. Proud furry mom here! All my babies are from shelters, rescues, or strays. I tell all my pet sitting clients if they want a specific breed to look up rescues for that specific breed vs. a store or a breeder. Then I may expand on the horror’s of buying from a store or even some breeders. And that I’ve had all kinds of dogs and breeds all my life you just want to find one that you click with more than say their breed. The have different personalities just like people! Then maybe meet some different dogs at shelters or rescues before deciding on a specific breed.

  38. I have a cattle dog/terrier mix who was found abandoned in a field at 5 months old. I knew I had missed the “critical socialization window” so I was prepared to have a dog with some neuroses. But he is the chillest, happiest, and most confident guy! Training classes were a great investment during the first year.

  39. I got my puppy from a rescue as part of an oops litter and he is quite literally the best dog ever. He is my first dog and I feel absolutely spoiled by how good he is. He is an 80lb hound that is all muscle and I get compliments on his looks and demeanor literally every time I leave the house with him. He is super smart and knows a bunch of tricks and is a gem off leash (which is not normal in hounds lol). He’s quiet and gentle and snores quite loud but I wouldn’t trade this dog for all of the money in the world. He is so in tune with me and every one that meets him wants to steal him (lovingly lol). He has his own fan club of my friends and family and I am in no way surprised.

  40. Have a rescue cat and dog, both have had their challenges… but nothing beats that amazing moment of connection at the shelter. It’s lightning in a bottle.

  41. Aww this is such a good way of putting it. When we met our dog, I was still unsure because we had been looking for a puppy or at least a smaller adult dog then I knelt down to pet him and he put his head down on my chest. I think of it as his way of giving hugs ☺️ There was no possible way I could resist him after that, lol, and he happily left with us.

  42. I had a shepherd and a terrier and the terrier died, so I thought I was so close to finally being out of the dog game and maybe getting a couple year break from not having constant financial and time commitments related to dog ownership. They were paired late in life and they were friendly but I wouldn't say they were strongly bonded.

  43. Your story mad me soooo happy....great story arcband you're a good writer!!!! I might have shed one or two happy tears for Meatball.

  44. We definitely did. We actually went to the rescue to get a particular puppy that I knew the foster family for. We thought he would be available March 14 but the foster mixed up his date and he was actually available May 14. We decided that gave us time to make a wise and reasonable decision instead of last minute rushing into it and spent the next two months dreaming about this little all black puppy into our lives.

  45. My dog was going to be put down because people couldn't handle her reactivity to dogs. But she is such a sweetheart towards people. She's there for me during now, the roughest time of my live My mom has stage 4 cancer. Hope of survival is slim. She's my service dog.

  46. We found our dog, Roo, on fb through a private rescue. She’s our perfect dog. They originally said she was a chihuahua corgi mix but we don’t believe that. We lucked out because she’s so well behaved and good natured. She knows all her basic commands, is potty trained, crate trained (even though she only sleeps in it), she’s puppy pad trained for when we leave the house and so far hasn’t destroyed anything. She also doesn’t really bark unless she’s startled or unless she’s playing with my dad. She loves to sunbathe and her only issue is that she nips when excited or when she wants to play but we’re working on it. She loves walks and because of her I lost twelve pounds and have really felt way better. I also buy more fresh fruits and veggies because she loves carrots and blueberries. She loves to sit while I read to her and play tug-a-war. She’s my little best friend and I couldn’t imagine a better dog.

  47. I found an adolescent “Tibetan Mastiff” in a rescue not far from me. I jokingly did a search on a rescue database for “Tibetan Mastiff puppy” because of how popular and crazy-expensive they were at the time and I assumed there wouldn’t be any up for adoption. Well, I found my VERY big girl who happened to have a great temperament (good with kids, cats, other dogs, and even strangers) and I ended up adopting her. A DNA test later revealed that she is actually a Caucasian Shepherd which I thought was cool and interesting, and I didn’t actually give a shit about her breed…I just adore big sweet fluffy pillowdogs.

  48. We did! We adopted our pup when he was ~1.5 years old. He came from a rescue that brings dogs up from southern shelters. He was listed as "retriever/shepherd mix" and that's about all we knew. He knew his name and sit (iffy), but had clearly never been formally socialized, taught how to walk on a leash, etc.

  49. Though my shelter pup does have some significant health issues that are going to affect her later in life (bad hip dysplasia) I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is so sweet and goofy. She loves dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, cranky dogs, it doesn’t matter she wants to be friends and play. She’s gotten two other rescue dogs who lived their entire lives in crates to learn how to play which just warms your heart.

  50. You are brave to take on a dog with bad hip dysplasia. If she is a small to medium sized dog, it might not affect her too much if you keep her in good weight and exercise her properly (neither too much nor too little). Swimming would be wonderful for her if she likes it, or if you can find some canine swimming therapy places.

  51. We rescued a Staffordshire terrier mix who was 9 weeks old when we met her. I’d imagine that her young age helped since she didn’t have years of backstory before we got her.

  52. We got really lucky! Started looking for a dog, no breed in mind just needed to be <60 lbs and good with other dogs. Our other two dogs were supposedly friendly per the shelter but we quickly found out that was not the case. He was the first we visited, saw another dog the same day that just couldn't live up to him. So cute and wiggly and friendly. We were a little worried about his age since we've only adopted dogs age 4+ and he was 6 months old but it's gone so well. He's been a dream to house and Leah's train and is very sweet with other humans and dogs.

  53. I wanted a pug. My husband and MIL surprised me with a chihuahua/pug mix. I was livid because I felt like I should’ve been involved in the process. Plus I really wanted another female dog. But my god, I don’t think I could ever love anything the way I love my little boy. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my older dog but there’s just something about this sweet boy. And we were his third home by the time he was 10 months.

  54. I was lucky with my first rescue, Penny. She was found in the woods by my friend who had two other dogs at the time. She had a piece of rope tied to her neck and they found the rest of the rope tied around a tree in the middle of the woods. She was about 6 months old (puppy fur, adult teeth). My friend and his children tried to find a home for her, but she kept going returning to them after a day or two as "hysterical, untrainable, wild" - ten times in a row. The last family she went to put her into a shelter. My friend's SO found her there by accident - she was walking their dogs just in the vicinity of the shelter and Penny started to bark for help. So the girl picked Penny up from the shelter and my friend brought the dog to me.

  55. We adopted a 4 (maybe 5) year old lab mix from Hungary and she was the most perfect dog ever since she arrived. Sadly, we had to let her go due a brain tumor a couple of weeks ago. She was probably 10 by then :( She was such a splendid companion. Loved water more than anything, never made any trouble on the leash, had no anxiety whatsoever (she didn’t even give a damn about fireworks) and didn’t pee in our home once, not even when the cancer and medicine changed her towards the end. A lot of people who are usually scared of dogs or annoyed by them liked her and even managed to pet her. She was so calm and chill with people that they eventually learned to trust her. She was so full of joy and love - our little princess. I doubt I’ll ever love another dog as much as her. I’m just glad we managed to show her the ocean and enjoy her reaction- utter, utter joy - before she straight up launched into the waves. Thanks to Covid we managed to spent way more time with her which was great for her cause she needed someone to let her into the garden for her regular sunbaths I’d never get a dog from a breeder. There are so many wonderful dogs that can be saved from life (or death) in shelters, anything else just isn’t an option to me. I guess people really have to actively talk to the shelter to find out about a dogs characteristics, history and traits. Videos are also very important to see a dog’s demeanor. Even the most anxious dog can look cute on photos.

  56. My dog is the best, most well behaved. We got him at 3 yo from a foster home through a rescue. He slept in a room with 4 cats at the foster home. He doesn't bark, doesn't go on furniture, loves walks and car rides, gets along with all dogs/cats/humans, is the sweetest dog you can imagine. He is 60lbs German shepherd chow Australian shepherd lab rottweiler pitbull American Staffordshire Terrier mix! Everyone comments what a great dog he is!

  57. I had a great rescue experience. I took in a 6 month old dog from out of country, so basically a little fluffy pandoras box and she is the cutest thing ever. I especially lucked out on potty training. She had 3 accidents and we were over it as soon as I had a 3 walks schedule established.Yes, she has some quirks and issues we have to work on, but I could not ask for a better dog. Seeing the photos of her left me with a strong: Yes, thats my dog feeling and I ended up being totally right. She is the dog ment to be for me. She is teaching me so much on our way together, helped me out of the depressive phase I fell into because of Covid restrictions and we have a ton of fun. She is pretty smart and a blast at scent work.The only thing I really undererstimated is how sleeky these former strays can be. I get outsmarted a lot! She is quite the charmer. :)She is my first dog beside our family dog while I was younger and had I known what I will get myself into I may have hesitated. She is not a very first time owner friendly dog due to her very indipendend nature but I took it and run with it and I could not be more happy. She is a dog with character. XD

  58. Our dog blew up on social media because he came in to the rescue with absolutely epic matting and the keeshond people recognized the breed and posted about it in their breed specific pages all over the country. My MIL from another state was like “hey you gotta get that dog!”

  59. Always considered myself a big dog person. I went to the animal shelter and they let a few out to roam around. This tiny pitiful yorkie jumped on my lap shaking, stared up at me, wouldn’t leave, and that was that. I fell in love and he’s been my little guy for eight years. He is perfect and I always wonder how I got so lucky!

  60. I moved out and immediately started looking for a husky since thats my dream dog. I found a couple at shelters nearby but I needed a puppy cause I have a cat and everyone has told me husky ≠ cat. But anyways I came across my dogs posting online, he was 6 hours away at a foster home. He had this big dumb grin with his floppy ears and I was in love. Turns out he’s a husky, german shepherd, and lab. I feel like I couldn’t have gotten a better dog, he’s got the perfect tempermant, he goes everywhere with me and is down for anything!

  61. I contacted so many rescues online looking for a small terrier (I grew up with a Yorkie and love them), but all the rescues turned me down. I started going to rescues in my area, which I didn't really want to do because I felt it would be a lot of pit bulls.

  62. I went to the humane society to look for a cat. My life’s so busy that I couldn’t put in the time for a dog, but my son wanted a pet.

  63. Our dog, Miles, is pure love walking around on 4 legs. Got him from a rescue and he fits in our lives so perfectly it's ridiculous. Gentle, smart, loyal, loves everyone, CRAZY affectionate, huge snuggler, takes super long walks with me every day (except when it's too hot), loves to hike and even backpack, is trustworthy when left alone without being crated, and is just overall the best friend anyone could hope for. Had him for about two years now, and I can't imagine if we hadn't found him. Having an incredibly close bond with a dog is one of life's greatest gifts, and boy did we find it with our beloved Miles.

  64. So far twice. First one is the most affectionate and funny little dog I've ever met. Just got another, and he's the most gentle and patient dog I've ever met. They work well together. Could have been a little hairy.

  65. We got our dog in 2012. A shaggy little white dog from a rescue. They called our vet and dropped him off for a two week foster period. We loved him instantly and kept him. He was a fantastic dog and I know we will never get this lucky again.

  66. I did post in that thread as someone who adopted BUT understands why folks don't, because the process can be fraught and the dogs can be unpredictable sometimes. And some of my rescues have been challenging!

  67. I just adopted a 5 yr old mixed papillon ( I think, I need to get a dna test on him ) in April from PAWS. I was really nervous . This is the most well behaved dog I’ve ever seen. He literally does nothing wrong . He doesn’t bother my cat , which was something I was really apprehensive about. All he wants is to be by my side . He rarely barks & doesn’t shed. I would get another shelter dog in a heart beat.

  68. We lucked out. We found our almost 7 year old baby at a shelter the day she was brought in with her 3-4 siblings who were all being fostered by a family. They knew her mom was a cocker spaniel but that’s it.

  69. I've had 2 from rescues. One is a Siberian and she's been an incredibly difficult dog but seeing her progress over the past 11 years (she's 12.5 now) is amazing and I am extremely close to her. We have bikejored thousands of miles and spent so much time together.

  70. We've had our rescue pup for one year. He's not just a dog, he's a friend and housemate who pays his rent with just being a great dude. It's like having Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber as a roommate and we love it.

  71. We contacted an adoption outfit for an adult dog appropriate to our situation. They set us up with a pure bred dog, who embodied the stereotype of the breed, and perfect for our situation. Dog had originally come from a local shelter.

  72. My wife and I are the third parents of our dog. I can’t believe he was brought back twice. Billy is the best thing that ever happened to us.

  73. Twice I have adopted through agencies where the dog had traveled from several states away, and we're meeting them for the first time when we pick them up. The first dog is, hands down, one of the best dogs I have ever owned. So sweet and loving and chill. The second dog was challenging at first but has come a long way and we've her to pieces. No regrets at all! I have also adopted two dogs from shelters where I was able to meet them and spend a lot of time with them before adoption. One of these was also so wonderful, but the second ended up being tough in ways that were not apparent until over a year later. But even so, I'd do it again.

  74. Me. He was the absolute best. according to his paperwork he was originally surrendered as part of an unwanted litter. Looks like he was transferred with his brother from another shelter to the one I got him from. He was about 6 months when we took him home.

  75. My male dog passed away in November of 2017 and every night I would cry to my husband that we needed another boy dog ,black , small , neutered . Every night for months I would look at the rescues and humane society and every time my partner says “NO mORE DOGS !!” Until Valentine’s Day of 2018 . I get a text from my husband saying happy Valentine’s Day I’m adopting you a dog . I immediately went up there to the shelter to meet this boy . He came home a few days later and met our female dog who immediately started trying to beat him up . He was so gentle with her even though he was much larger . We noticed he understood our words and looked to us for guidance . He knows lots of tricks and commands . He allows us to do all of his grooming , nail clips and teeth brushing no problems , ear cleaning . You name it and he accepts that’s what he suppose to do. He’s gentle with all animals and children . He is now 5 years old and he’s still the best dog we have ever parented

  76. My dog is a rescued Mexican Street Dog. He’s the bestest dog ever. He has a couple of small behavior issues, but nothing like some of the rescue stories I’ve read here. Like a lot of former street dogs, he has a highly developed reflex to flee when something scares him. I literally cannot raise my voice for any reason without him running to hide. But that’s it. He gets along with my cats, he’s gentle with my toddler grandson, he loves other dogs he meets, he’s friendly to every person he meets, though he does like to bark at the Amazon guy.

  77. We love our pup so much! The rescue had a mom who had had a litter. So we got to foster our boy at 7 weeks. The humane society we went to didn’t give us a hard time about the paperwork or our jobs.

  78. Our girl was a rescue, and she really was the perfect dog. 25 lbs, cattle dog/probably schipperke or corgi mix. Super snuggly, walked well, and so curious and people-oriented. Loved to play puzzle games. Once even protected me from a snake! Everyone who met her loved her. She was so friendly and happy.

  79. I saw this post and the other one about getting dogs from a breeder and feel like I'm so stuck in between! We didn't rescue our dogs or get them straight from a breeder. We happened upon them on Facebook one day from a family member that was caring for them. Their owner suddenly passed and the child of the owner couldn't care for the dogs themselves. It was super random and we weren't even looking to get a dog at the time but something about them just seemed right and we ended up with two!

  80. All my dogs are mutts that came from shelters or were dumped (rural area). Sure they come here a little behind the curve on training coming out of less than ideal situations vs being raised up in an attentive home but they've all been fantastic dogs.

  81. My best little friend passed away in November. We got him when he was 1ish. We literally said every day, “How did we get so lucky?” I’m still not sure, but we had 10 1/2 amazing years with the most amazing dog who will ever walk this earth. ❤️

  82. I adopted my Malinois when she was a year old. She had been dumped on the street by her first owner and taken in by animal control. My previous two dogs had just died in a horrific trail accident a day prior. I wasn’t even looking for a dog. I just wanted to get out of my suddenly too silent apartment. Rounded a corner at animal control, and this huge Malinois slams into the side of her kennel trying to eat me. She didn’t back down either. Somehow, she let me pet her through the bars (stupid idea, I know, but I wasn’t thinking straight). I ended up saying “fuck it” and signed the paperwork. She came home 2 weeks later. I named her Phoenix.

  83. On my 5th rescue and every single one of them has been incredible. Squire is our current.we got him 2 weeks after our Sadie died. The house was so quiet we couldn’t stand it. We saw Squire on petfinders, he had a bent ear and gold eyes and we fell in love! The thought he was a corgi mix, we think he’s a rat terrier German Shepard mix so we’re calling him a sherrier.

  84. I got myself an old lady Jack Russel mix of some kind (probably mixed with Chi, judging by her huge ears lol) and BOY did I luck out.

  85. My Shiba Inu, my first ever dog, was a rescue from the humane society. She was an amazing little dog. I never put a leash on her, she was always right by my side. We would always go to family parties and everyone loved her. We would hike together a lot, go fishing together, and we eventually tried agility and were very successful at it in competition. She made it to the AKC Masters level before I retired her.

  86. Got a 2-year-old 45lb "shepherd mix" from the local rescue. Dragged me through hell for 3 ish months until she fully transitioned to her new life. Her old owners gave her up for being "untrainable" while it did take 3 months for her (very trainable but timid) personality to show through it was worth the wait.

  87. My dachshund is a shelter dog. If you saw the news a couple years back in Palm Beach a pet store owner ABANDONED his store leaving the dogs and cats trapped inside.

  88. I'm one of those who, in the other post, described why I chose a breeder. But as a kid all of our dogs were from the SPCA. Trixie was a supposed "lab border collie" which seems to be what they call any black dog who has some white; we will never know, but she did have some collie traits. She was smart as a whip and the absolute best girl. We had lost our previous rescue several months earlier, and occassionally popped into the shelter to see if any dogs "chose" us, and Trixie did. She was 3 months old, returned because "she can't be housebroken" (translation: her owners kept her loose in their condo while they were at work). My mom basically had her accident free in a week.

  89. We lucked out beyond belief, honestly. CAVEAT: we adopted a senior chihuahua mix and our only parameters were "adult + small" so it's not like we were looking for a specific breed, look, etc, which made our search easier.

  90. My GSD mix was scheduled to be put down due to too many dogs at the shelter. I never met her, seen a video of her or anything but something compelled me to pay over $2000 to have her saved and flown from Cali to the east coast.

  91. I worked at a pet resort and my coworkers told me that they saw a dog running along the highway near our job. Some of them tried to get her, but failed. A few hours later, I happened to be in my grandmother’s neighborhood and saw the dog. There’s a grocery store right next to my grandmother’s neighborhood, so I bought a bag of treats to give to the dog since it looked hungry. I also happened to have an extra lead leash in my car from work. Long story short, she let me come close enough to feed her out my hand, pet her, and put the leash on her. The shelter gave me some trouble, but I adopted her. She is the SWEETEST dog. I take her to my new job and everyone loves her. She’s so calm, yet playful, and is basically my “Velcro dog.” She loves people, other dogs, and other animals too. She’s definitely a blessing.

  92. I mean, I was nervous cause she has a lot of scars on her and she was rescued from a hoarding situation. Also got her at a weird age (7 months) where I just missed a critical window in learning for her.. was told she was hyper and had separation anxiety.

  93. my bf and I rescued a pit mix and he’s the sweetest thing ever. my entire family adores him and I can’t help but take pictures and videos of him all the time like he’s my baby or something 😂 we’re getting a DNA test done and I can’t wait to see what the mix is😭

  94. i definitely did! mine's a flat coated retreiver, i think mixed with either aussie or border collie, i havent gotten him DNA tested. He is SO cuddly and quiet and incredibly smart and eager to please. He had some reactivity issues for the first few months but that resolved very quickly with anxiety meds, training, and time. no health issues, friendly with my cats and actually learned the personalities and social styles of each of them and treats them different based on what they like which amazed me. i definitely got extremely lucky with him, his only issue now is that he's a bit protective of the house, which is understandable since he was thrown from his home at only 7 months old, then bounced to 2 different shelters before i adopted him. and even then it's manageable, he just has to meet guests outside before coming in and he's got no problem!

  95. My husband and I adopted a dog from the shelter a year and a half ago. Got her embarked, and she’s a GSD, ACD, Australian Shepherd, border collie, great pyr, chow and plott hound. No history of the dog from said shelter, and they only had her for 4 days before she was officially adoptable. This was the first dog him or I have ever gotten on our own.

  96. I've had dozens of rescue and shelter dogs over decades. This notion of getting a "bad dog" is just absolutely foreign to me. They are just dogs.

  97. When our older dog started slowing down, we decided to get him a friend. Back to the shelter we went.

  98. I was planning on getting a second smaller dog but fell in love with this 25 lb mystery dog that grew to be over 50 lbs. The bio said he was the best dog ever and he’s pretty much the sweetest most loving dog and gets along well with my very particular chihuahua mix rescue. Both of them are great dogs.

  99. I was planning on getting a second smaller dog but fell in love with this 25 lb mystery dog that grew to be over 50 lbs. The bio said he was the best dog ever and he’s pretty much the sweetest most loving dog and gets along well with my very particular chihuahua mix rescue. Both of them are great dogs.

  100. Oh my girl turned out to just be the best dog. She was the first shelter pup my husband wanted to see after we had to put our last boxer down, about 8 months prior. He (my husband) had always been iffy about new dogs but this little black "boxer mix" seemed promising. We agreed we didn't want a puppy, but she was estimated about a year old, 30 lbs., and had come into the shelter with a broken jaw that had been fixed, but the wire holding the bones together would have to be removed.

  101. I have many many times. More often than not. But I did adopt a dog from Chicago Animal Care & Control that in hindsight was definitely not in tip top shape, which could be why 1 of the volunteers tried to steer us to another dog. But considering I try to go into a shelter and get the dog that's been there the longest/the dog nobody else wants her protestations only steeled the resolve in our choice. He was a great dog, but I spent a few grand easily at the vet trying to figure out his digestive issues. In the end I truly believe most of the dogs, especially at big city shelters, know their in a spot that isn't optimal to put it mildly and are so happy with some true love from a family that they'll gladly go to the moon and back for you every day of the year

  102. I have adopted two rescue dogs and so far, it's been great! My 1st dog we have had for 10 yrs and she is 13 and my 2nd dog is about 2 yrs old and we have had her for 2 months.

  103. I've owned 2 AKC registered dogs and 5 rescues over the course of my life. My rescues have by far been the better dogs. Our latest is a Black and tan coonhound/Russell type terrier/lab mix and is the absolute sweetest, smartest dog I've had. We 100% lucked out with him. We were looking at a different dog at the rescue that had a waiting list of people wanting to adopt him. We looked at the site again and saw our Elvis. I feel like it was very fortunate that we saw him and were able to give him his forever home. He's spoiled rotten and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  104. I wanted to get a puppy from a breeder, my boyfriend wanted to adopt an adult dog. We compromise and adopted our demon Daisy, who was a 4.5 month old puppy when we got her!

  105. I adopted a deaf dog. She’s a challenge at times. Like easily the most frustrating animal ever. But I would never get rid of her.

  106. I ended up with three amazing rescue dogs and couldn't love them more! Do they have some "quirks"? Yes. But we've worked through a lot with them. I wouldn't trade any of them (or their perceived baggage) for anything. Just like people, each of my dogs brings a different personality into the mix! I consider myself extremely lucky to have them in my life. As someone who has spent a lot of time with shelter dogs, I wouldn't consider any other option but adopting from shelter/rescue.

  107. I decided suddenly one January day to find a dog friend. I located one in a shelter over 100 miles away. They were very casual and didn't need any references and Spatz (didn't know his name at the time) and I headed home. On the way, he cuddled close to me and eventually climbed my coat and nested in the hood perched behind on my head watching the headlights coming at us in the dark. I suppose it was because it was the only fur he could find that made him feel comfortable.He was actually too young to be adopted but I made a bed on the floor for myself so he could cuddle up since I was afraid my bed was too high. Eventually, I had to set up his crate with some clothes of mine and near a drum machine set for the soft rhythm (100 bpm) of female labs to remind him of his mother.He turned into a great dog. I miss him to this day, although I have a shelf with pictures of all my departed doggy friends that I miss. But . . . when my next rescues died I could not find another shelter dog so I got two of the best dogs I ever had from a breeder. They are with me today and I hope for many years to come. It doesn't matter where you meet your new best friend. People are overly concerned about breed and breeder (and the moral implications) but the one for me is always based on how it feels when we meet. Your dog will know you and you will know him or her from the first.

  108. My family had just had a traumatic experience with their last rescue. Long story short, our home was robbed and the dog was pepper-sprayed (and who knows what else). The dog developed PTSD and tried to attack my toddler sister. The dog had to be put down, which just about destroyed my mom 😭 My dad went to the shelter to get her a new dog. He asked for the sweetest dog they had, and they pointed out Angel. Angel was a beautiful, golden-colored, chocolate-eyed lab and boxer mix. She was about a year old and had unfortunately already had puppies (even tho still a puppy herself). She was obviously abused before; she was super scared of water, and was very protective of her food. However, she was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She was so motherly, was a gentle companion at all times, and loved her cuddles. She meant everything to me. She had a sassy side too; she refused to do anything she didn’t want to do. Stubborn as a mule; bath-time was especially hard lol. But she was truly an Angel.

  109. My family had just had a traumatic experience with their last rescue. Long story short, our home was robbed and the dog was pepper-sprayed (and who knows what else). The dog developed PTSD and tried to attack my toddler sister. The dog had to be put down, which just about destroyed my mom 😭 My dad went to the shelter to get her a new dog. He asked for the sweetest dog they had, and they pointed out Angel. Angel was a beautiful, golden-colored, chocolate-eyed lab and boxer mix. She was about a year old and had unfortunately already had puppies (even tho still a puppy herself). She was obviously abused before; she was super scared of water, and was very protective of her food. However, she was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. She was so motherly, was a gentle companion at all times, and loved her cuddles. She meant everything to me. She had a sassy side too; she refused to do anything she didn’t want to do. Stubborn as a mule; bath-time was especially hard lol. But she was truly an Angel.

  110. Well I just learned! Apparently it means you did well in the US and Canada and it means the opposite in Australia and Britain.

  111. If you want to rescue a dog and do this. You can claim that a found dog is your dog before the snip em. Just saying… unethical yes but you could.

  112. Adopting a puppy definitely gives you the chance to do good early age training and socialization that a lot of adult rescues lack

  113. My dog growing up was a rescued rat terrier. He had a lot of behavioral issues, but he was my buddy. We did home made agility courses and no end of tricks that he learned. He would nap with me and sit next to me while I did homework, he would stay even when I ran out of room and I would rest my textbooks and papers on him, but all he wanted was to be next to me. He was the best. I didn’t find out til years later that the only reason my parents kept him was that he bonded so much with me, he was certainly messed up and we are pretty sure he was abused before we got him when he was like 5. Man I miss him.

  114. We got a rescue Rottie and, although he is reactive and had terrible separation anxiety for the first year or so (chewing through things that should have killed him, jumping a chain link fence, etc), he’s come such a long way and is a joy to live with <3

  115. My cousin was following a rescue page on fb and would often share posts from their site. We weren’t quite ready for a puppy because I had 2 6yo’s and 2 7yo’s. However she posted this pup that was snuggled into her foster moms shoulder and I had to have her.

  116. My fam adopted a senior Morkie dog from a shelter. He was scared and aggressive. Wouldn’t let us pick him up, wouldn’t let us pet him unless on his terms, generally disliked men, and once he found my mom as his queen, he defended her fiercely from all passerbys by barking and biting but mostly just bluffing. Mind you this was our first ever dog. We tried our best to fix some of his behavior but he was so hard set, I assume due to an abusive previous home where the male of the household abused him and the woman was his queen. Eventually we let him be as he was getting old and worked around his quirks if you will. We joked that we were his retirement home.

  117. We have 3 young kids (2 of them being twins) and I will preface this by saying I did NOT want a dog at the time. My oldest who was 5 and my husband talked me into it, but I stipulated that I had final say, we wouldn’t be getting a puppy, and it needed to be mostly house trained. We looked at 4 different rescues over 2 weeks, making sure to take our kids to ensure they would be gentle and in turn the dog would be gentle with them. My son saw a 6 year old rat terrier/chihuahua mix (2 breeds I said I’d never own), and I begrudgingly agreed to go. It’s been over a year now and he’s amazing. He had been at 2 previous homes and was sitting in the shelter. He’s a snuggler at night, is so patient with our kids, and is just a friendly, loving, sweet family dog.

  118. We’re on our second phenomenal rescued dog and we’ll never be buying another dog again in our lives! This current little dude is an awesome very unique big little guy, couldn’t buy one like him for all the money in the world! Not just because he’s a great dog but because his mix and genetics are so unique I don’t think he could possibly be recreated! Except of course if any of his litermates survived the streets where he was found as a very young puppy 💔 Each and every mutt out there is basically a new breed in and of themselves and I find that to be the coolest aspect of all! After all, mixing breeds is how some “pure” breeds have historically been created, it’s literally the purposeful scientific process of how new breeds come to be.

  119. I absolutely lucked my way into getting my dream dog. That, or it was destiny. Years and years before I got her I was asked by a grooming coworker what my ideal dog would be. I decided it would probably be a silver or black standard poodle, and probably female. But I would want to adopt. Ideally a young dog no older than one or two. Lo and behold, a few years later and at a different grooming shop, another coworker says one day that she'd gotten a text from a groomer friend of hers who had a client rehoming their dog...a female, silver standard, not quite two years old. And the timing lined up perfectly. I was finally in a living situation that would allow for a dog and ready to start looking for one when she popped unexpectedly into my life. Taking her home was the best thing I've ever done. I've had her over three years now and she is the best dog I've ever known.

  120. Our 6 lb rescue furball is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. He has such a calm personality. Loves to be petted. A genuine companion dog.

  121. I adopted my dog almost 10 years ago, she was born on the street an rescued at 4 weeks old, she was 10 weeks old when i got her, until around 1.5 years ago the only vet visits were for vaccinations. Unfortunately she has cancer now, though other than the tumours in her mouth she doesn't show any signs of slowing down. I have had 2 tumours removed in these last 1.5 years, but they'll like be back in another year...

  122. I wanted a beagle as my first solo dog, my first dog growing up was a rescue beagle mix. I looked high and low at beagle mutts and such from rescues and shelters. I ended up with a purebred beagle who someone had dumped in the woods. 1-2 years old. He is literally the best boy. Never chewed on anything, never pees inside the house, is friendly to a fault, etc. When I leave town people argue over who gets to dogsit him. He's truly my best friend, so much so, I don't know if I can handle owning more dogs. It's such a strong bind with a finite ending.

  123. We did. He is a 3 yo pit mix but he doesn’t look like a pitbull, he looks exactly like a black mouth mountain cur. Anyway, he has fantastic recall, fantastic bite inhibition, plays very well with other dogs, rarely barks, never drools, and will eat anything. He’s happy to go for hikes with the family or laze around all day. He likes to receive pets but also isn’t a Velcro dog. No separation anxiety and we have a place where he is very happy to board overnight. He has a short hair coat that is easy to take care of.

  124. This Feb we to the shelter for a acd mix, ended up with a purebred coonhound. I’m hooked on coonhounds for life now, amazing amazing dogs.

  125. My husband and I basically found a dog the day we agreed to start being serious about looking, he was pretty intoxicated buy I was sober, he was like sure looks good and I pulled the trigger on a dog I only had pictures of and who was over 1000 miles away, 2 calls with the rescue later and he was booked on a transport van. He is 100% perfect for us. Soft and beautiful, loves to cuddle and follow us around, loves walks, doesn't lick or bark, not the smartest but he is perfectly house trained, even when he had diarrhea he would knock on the door and asks to be let out.

  126. Each of my rescue dogs (now 4!) have been so amazing and I've been extremely lucky. I even adopted an Akita, with no previous experience of the breed and she was an angel and got along with my other rescue dog (who was with me for 16 years)

  127. I went to the shelter 'just to look', as my previous service dog was getting on in years, and I knew it would take a while to find the right candidate. Well, on the very first trip, I met Max. He was the right age (1 1/2), right size (60lbs, although that was too skinny - he's 65 now and perfect), and right temperament. He focused on me from the start, kept nudging my hand for pets, and had little to no interest in the toys in the greeting area. All he wanted was love.

  128. I don’t know people who didn’t luck out. My beagle greyhound mix (yup, it looks hilarious. A beagle with long horse legs) was rescued from a backyard breeder and then was in a kill shelter in Texas before being rescued to Delaware (is a no kill state). He was here 4 months for health protocols before I rescued him from the shelter. He is my sweet baby who loves to travel with me and snuggles on the couch at home. The love they show to the people who give them a second chance at life is unbelievable

  129. My bf rescued a dog at work that didn’t have a microchip so it was taken to the shelter. We went there a few days later to see if we could adopt her but thankfully her owners were looking for her and had picked her up. While we were there we seen our little guy and fell in love with him immediately, apart from a little bit of destruction (he’s still a pup) he’s been an absolute perfect dog.

  130. My neighbor found my dog on the street. She’s a little mini poodle chihuahua mix and she has the best temperament ever. Loves kids, loves humans, quiet, sweet mannered. I lucked out. She was already trained too. My neighbor and I searched for a month for the original owner and no one can forward so I took her in as my first dog. It’s as smooth sailing as it could be. She is wonderful.

  131. We’ve had 4 rescue dogs and all are amazing, household angels. Good with kids, smart and love to learn, athletic, and extremely loving. 3 were littermates dumped at the pound as babies, 1 was found as a baby in Tijuana.

  132. My ex adopted a 6mo mutt with zero behavioral snaggles or health issues during the pandemic. He’s the most aggressively sweet, happy-go-lucky dog I’ve ever met, she’s extremely lucky, and I miss him very much.

  133. I’m so happy with my new baby boy!!! It’s been 8 weeks and he’s just getting better and better. I got him from a local rescue, he came crate trained, potty trained.

  134. We adopted our girl last year at the age of 7. She's my little angel! She came pre-trained, loves people, only barks when people knock on the door, gets along well with the cat, and mostly ignores other dogs. She has such a good temperament that I want to train her to be a therapy dog so we can volunteer together!

  135. I’ve never adopted a dog out of a shelter. But I did rescue a dog from a terrible life. My (now) ex’s sister and her bf had a dog and were living in a car. He asked if we could take the dog, I said yes, contingent that he was good with the cats. He was brought home and I fell in love. He was a 65 lb almost pure white pit mix(they swore he was full pit but I know better). His name was Dollar and we didn’t change it. He was literally the best dog. Smart but not willful, playful and sweet. I could tell he grew up living in a small space because this dog could curl up in the smallest ball. He routinely sought out laundry baskets to sleep in. Loved to swim. When my ex and I broke up, I insisted on keeping him because my ex was moving into his parents basement and they wouldn’t allow the dog upstairs. So that’s how I got my first dog. He passed away last august at age 12.

  136. My last 3 dogs have been rescues and they were/are all wonderful friends and companions. Two of them came from very difficult beginnings with a history of abuse and neglect and were excellent dogs. Adopting them enriched my life in ways I didn't expect and building a loving and trusting relationship with each of them has been extremely rewarding.

  137. I lucked out with a pure breed aussy Shepard with blue Meryl patterning and two coloured eyes. He gets compliments wherever we go. Some random dude even asked if we were interested in studing him.

  138. Our rescue we felt really lucky because he has just been a great dog. We went to an adoption event just to look. Nobody wanted to play with the long legged teenager puppy, everyone wanted to play with the much younger puppies. Immediately when we walked him around to get to know him, he attached himself to me and I couldn’t let him go. And even though we found out he’s half Doberman/Australian shepherd, he rarely never barks. He’s very smart and adapts quickly.

  139. I moved into my own place last year and was looking for a dog but hadn't really started searching yet. Checked with my rental office and there was no weight limit just some breed restrictions. All I asked when my coworker said "want a dog?" Was what's his breed. They said lab jack russell so I said yes then they showed me pictures. I guess her brother got him and his dog didnt like him and he spent 3 months of puppyhood in a home with another dog that I assume is the reason hes missing his bottom left k9 tooth. So hes about 50lbs and packed with energy. When I wake up his head is on the pillow with mine. He loves everyone with so much energy he cries if he cant meet you. If you talk to me you talk to him.

  140. My rescue is a great dog. She doesn't love other dogs, but is very friendly and well mannered with people. Likes to play and go for walks, but also likes chilling out. Very quiet, and unperturbed by apartment life. Eager to please, and easy to train. She was kind of a project dog because she was morbidly obese when I got her. Took a year and expensive prescription food to get her down to a healthy weight, but it was well worth it. We had a brief issue with her being terrified of vets, and had to switch because she snapped at one. But, she adores the new vet and is a staff favorite.

  141. Definitely had a few panic attacks of “am I the right person for this dog”. The rescue was very good at educating us on his resource guarding. As my first dog I was so nervous, but my wonderful partner helped me get over that 3 week hump. It took a few months and there was no perfect magic moment for us. But one day we were looking at each other as he lay on his 1 of 3 beds (spoiled handsome boy) and we both just knew. We were it for each other. He knows he’s home now and is a completely different dog from those first few months of uncertainty. Rescue was a beautiful, terrifying, life changing experience for us. Beyond worth it.

  142. First rescue was fantastic, German Shepard/Border Collie pup. She was the lazy one of the litter, her siblings sat on her head while she slept and that's when I knew she was perfect. She was chill her whole life and very independent, too smart as well. Lost her too song to cancer.

  143. My wife had a Corgi when we got married and that was a fantastic dog that we both loved. Sadly she passed from cancer and we both decided that we would not have another dog for a while. I however had a very hard time not having a dog around so my wife went to the pound one day and got me(us) Emma. Emma is the best dog I have ever had, she is so lovey and sometimes obedient. She is a true mutt, we can see Pit, Husky and German Shepard in her so she is beautiful. She gets along really well with our Corgi that we got soon after her so it makes our family very happy and harmonious, well except for the Vorgi trying to control and herd everything and everyone.

  144. my shelter dog fits into my life perfectly. they didn’t know anything about her, but she turned out to already be house and potty trained. she’s never chewed anything up, never peed in the house. she’s perfect with as much exercise i want to do or not do, stays home all day when i’m at work without issue, and just seamlessly blends into my life. after her, I can’t imagine not having shelter dogs. she’s my first dog too.

  145. We got a beagle mix - he looks like maybe mixed with German short haired pointer. Black and white and overall a good looking dog. We got him at 8 months old, he was totally housebroken. He knew basic commands - sit, stay, shake etc. And he’s so sweet - loves everyone people dogs cats etc. I honestly have no idea why anyone would give up a dog like this. But we are so glad we got him - we picked him up from a local shelter almost a year and a half ago now.

  146. My rescue pup turns 4 next week. He is so great and honestly, easy. I definitely feel terrible when I see/hear what some people go thru with adopting, but I hear the same thing from breeder dogs. My dog is a true mutt, with 15% being his highest breed makeup and that’s Mountain Curr. It just tapers down breeds from there with Rottweiler, GSD, Lab, Boxer. It almost offends me when people insist on getting an expensive breeder dog, even after meeting my perfect mutt. My husband has mentioned getting a dream breed of his from a breeder when our dog passes, but it feels like a slight to the legacy of our excellent rescue to get a dog from a breeder.

  147. All my dogs have been rescues or strays. All have been awesome. Some have been incredible. Tyga is the best dog ever & Pedro was like my dog soul mate (man, I miss him so much). Over my lifetime I have had the absolute honor to share my life with 14 dogs. Only one was a problem & that's because he got ahold of a chicken & was a high prey drive dog- so that's not really a problem, that's a dog being a dog IMO. One of my current shelter dogs took a really long time to get comfortable with us-literally years before he stopped peeing on the floor if you moved too quickly, but if you didn't know Elvis the first 2-3 years we had him, you'd never think he was anything but well adjusted & obedient (unless you are 3 feet tall with a hot dog, then he can be naughty). Go with the shelter dog. You will both benefit.

  148. We did! Just saw him on the shelter website, went to look at him, brought him home and the worst thing we've ever dealt with is his refusal to have anything to do with a crate and getting in to the trash when I forget to to close the door tight.

  149. We currently have 3 rescues and couldn’t ask for a better group. Instead of baby fever, I get dog fever and they are all a result of “oh I’m just gonna take a look at the puppies”.

  150. I got my current dog about 2 years ago now. I was a senior in college, classes are remote because of covid, so I wasn't paying attention being a senior....so I had a lot of free time. My roommates and I speculated about getting a dog, so I drove down to the shelter and asked for a "regular, family dog". Ended up paying $175 and was gifted my amazing rescue pittie. Very friendly with humans and other dogs. Didn't do anything thinking, just pure impulse decision.

  151. 1st rescue, sweet black lab mix. We had her for 13 years and she was just the sweetest most well behaved dog you could imagine. 2nd dog we found dumped on the side of the road. She's 7 now and although she was a difficult puppy (lots of anxiety and very destructive) she grew into a wonderful and polite adult that I completely trust. Our 3rd rescue was supposed to be a beagle puppy, but grew into an American foxhound. Much bigger and much more active/stubborn. But he is the most affectionate and cuddly dog I've ever owned. He's to smart for his own good, but overall he was a pretty easy puppy.

  152. We walked into a shelter 12 years ago looking for a big dog, but walked out an hour later with a shi tsu/poodle/random mix that is the love of my life. He’s an incomparable badass of a fluff ball. Then two years ago we walked into a shelter looking for a small dog and walked out an hour later with a lab mix who turned out to be mostly Dalmatian and Pitt. She is so smart, goofy, and loving, and the best running buddy ever. We love her to infinity. Both were adults when we adopted them, both had been strays.

  153. While I was preparing to get a puppy, I was dead set on getting on a waiting list for a whippet. Right after drafting an email for a whippet breeder, I stumbled upon Lilla’s listing from a pitbull rescue who helped me reunite a found pibble on the side of the road a few months back (the pibble, named Luna, had been missing from her owner for 3 months after the car she was in got stolen, and the rescue also noted that there wasn’t a dry eye in the house upon their reunion). I decided to try adopting her after falling in love with her photo and bio, not really expecting anything because I live in an apartment and imagine there are so many better candidates, but sure enough the rescue was so willing. She’s 8mo now; a bully, bulldog, frenchie mix, tiny yet meaty

  154. yes i feel so lucky with my girl. she does have her slight problems but nothing major. she’s so easygoing and i can take her everywhere with me. she’s my best friend.

  155. I was having a lot of issues with PTSD a few years ago. I went to the local animal control with a relative who wanted a dog for her kids. I thought about it and was looking at everyone and decided I’d bring my youngest who was almost 3 to see the ones I’d thought might be good for us. To my surprise she stops at a kennel with a dog that wouldn’t get up and come out to see me previously. And she starts talking about this dog and he notices she’s talking about him. Gets off his bed and comes out. He’s the oldest, ugliest, sickliest looking chihuahua I’ve ever seen in my life. She’s confident this is the dog. I realized he looked like he felt what I felt. So we brought him home. Turns out he was an owner surrender after his owner died. He’s the absolute chillest dude. It took me 6 months to hear his bark and he was sleeping when he did it. He’s doggy door trained. He basically just wants to sit around with you or follow you around the house. He’s PERFECT! He will go on walks but because of arthritis he only makes it so far before I’m carrying him or he’s in the stroller. He wears matching pajamas with my youngest every winter. Because he’s freezing and it’s hilarious. He’s here simply because my youngest sensed that he was the one. And she was 100% right. He is the one. I feel like I’ve waited my entire life to find him and I’m so so grateful that I did. He also does not care about our lizard or our birds. So he is honestly the best! He’s been with us 4 years and aged in reverse it seems.

  156. When I decided it was finally the right time to get a dog, I knew I'd go to a shelter. I had previously owned cats and got the first two from shelters, the other two were from friends who knew people trying to re-home the cat. Since we have a very small yard, I knew the dog had to be small, but every shelter only seemed to have large dogs. I loved every one of them but I knew that between the size of our yard and the size of our house that the dog would never get the chance to really run. Finally on the local shelter's website they had this little chihuahua/maltese mix. (although I question the maltese) I went to meet him and he was so excited and so cute and let me rub his belly immediately that we adopted him. He's been part terrorizing toddler and part amazing dog. I got lucky that he was already crate trained and house broken. At night he stares at me with this longing look until I ask him, "is it sleepy time?" and he gets all excited, jumps up and runs into his crate. If I move too slowly he comes back into the room like, "Hey lady, WTF?" There were only a couple of accidents early on until we learned each other's signals. He does have some resource guarding issues, but we're working on that. If he's bored he will grab things he knows he's not supposed to have prance in front of me to make sure I see he's got it, then hide in his crate to chew on it. (bye bye husband's earbuds.) Once we learned to dog proof the house and keep him entertained things have been fine. He's our Puppy and he's got the craziest quirks, and he's such a character. He sits in the old cat tree watching the neighborhood. Sure, just like people, he has his awful toddler days, but that's part of owning a dog. They're permanent toddlers until old age. Unlike cats who are permanent moody teenagers.

  157. The whole breeder versus rescue debate is just stupid. A good dog, like a good child, is a result of good upbringing. Dogs do have a significant nature influence - especially pure-breeds. A lot of breeds were bred specifically for behavioural characteristics. Mixed breeds tend to dilute that to a degree.

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