Critics of “Don’t Look Up” Are Missing the Entire Point

  1. I think it shows that people in revered positions can still be petty, power hungry, and greedy. He doesn’t need it, and it’s not material but he’s hoarding without regard to others. It’s like our oligarchs, Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos, they’re incrementally pushing their staff and the bounds of decency to make an extra buck off of people despite not needing anything more.

  2. His grift (confidence game) was a great way to address graft. At much larger scales (billionaires) graft can have a devastating, um, “impact.”

  3. It shows how people in power get a kick out fucking with you knowingly, and that you cant do shit about it.

  4. I took it as an expression of power for the sake of power. I have known any number of people through years of working in D.C. and the corporate world that do things like this; they simply like to express their power in ways that hold no consequences for them, like bullying administrative staff and junior agents in ways that can't easily be confronted, like long-winded harangues for minor mistakes.

  5. “That molly I took earlier is kickin in right now. I timed that shit perfect” right as the rocket is about to launch fucking lol

  6. He was the perfect cast for that. On the other hand, while I love Meryl I didn’t really think she was right for that role. Too… Good?

  7. Wasn't Rylance the guy that played the creator of the Oasis in Ready Player One? It was hilarious it was almost the same character but this one was a dick and the other one... Was a little less of a dick?

  8. Mark Rylance was totally channeling Marshall Applewhite of Heaven's Gate in appearance and mannerisms, with a dash of choose your tech bro.

  9. Blanchett’s character was the smartest. She had three degrees and spoke four languages but played the bimbo because it was the easiest way to get what she wanted.

  10. I loved how the archetypes were based on real people. Tech billionaire was a mix of Elon, Bezos, Tim Cook/Steve Jobs; Madame President was Hillary if she were Trump etc.

  11. Didn’t she say she spoke four languages, had two masters degrees and a whole slew of other things?

  12. Ok but Timothee Chalamet’s part though! The way he said “I fucking love fingerlings” had me dead! Dudes great in everything!

  13. And here I am wondering: if we redirect it onto a stable new orbit around the sun that is a non threat, we can always mine it later. Ram it with impactors to send smaller asteroids that would burn up on collision with earth, and harvest them; at worst we create a new meteor shower for humanity, at best we just made a quantum leap in standard of living and technology from having abundant rare earth metals to mine (a key bottleneck for high end electronics, including components for some renewable power systems or grid improvements).

  14. 25 minutes in, I was feeling very anxious and on the verge of a panic attack. I loved this movie, now. Had I watched it 3 years ago? Go fuck yourselves.

  15. It made me very depressed. It’s not like I didn’t know, I just thought the movie was going to have an upside, I couldn’t laugh by the end of it.

  16. The part that is hilarious is the ending. Not only did they use some of the time to build a ship. That could easily direct to a livable habitat. But it was sold to conglomerates. And they were all a bunch of old fuckers lmao.

  17. It regular bombed too though. It wasn’t until a couple years later that it became a cult classic, largely due to word of mouth.

  18. Idiocracy was allowed to be full on silly. The problem with the satire here is it’s just so close to reality at some point someone is going to make a Trump movie and it will include Rudy Guliani sweating hair dye and giving press conferences in a garden supply parking lot and Trump drawing on hurricane trajectory map in Sharpie among many other ridiculous “how can that have actually happened” events.

  19. Idiocracy was absolutely brilliant. It was cringy and tough to watch. I thought Wall-e portrayed the future of the human race really well also.

  20. the humor in Idiocracy and in this movie, is actually based on the hitchhiker's guide through the galaxy. it depicts the same absurd, self destructive stupidity. I'm talking about the book, the movie captures this idea much less.

  21. Interestingly the point this article makes is that the film is actually pretty charitable to individual humans. It’s humanity as a whole, and the institutions that we rely on, that are fucking stupid.

  22. A lot of my ecology/academia Twitter mutuals were talking about how despite it being good, they either couldn’t finish it or didn’t enjoy themselves because it was so stressful to watch. I personally felt like I was watching the news for 2 and a half hours straight. Again, great movie just way too real with a demoralizing ending with essentially no moral or proposed solution.

  23. Feels like a modern day idiocracy. The sad part was as I was watching it, everything seemed so possible. Looking for the barrel of certain death only to have a talk show host crack a joke about his ex wife’s house and then move on to the next segment. I’m this age of white noise information this all just seems way to possible.

  24. My mother in law had this on while I was at their house today and kept inferring that the movie was making fun of the Biden administration. I didn’t have the gall to tell her that it’s definitely most likely making fun of trump and conservatives or that the guy who made it is a staunch Bernie supporter.

  25. I feel like the only conservatives that hated that didn’t serve. Most of the jokes were at the expense of making fun of pork barreling and politicians wanting to be involved in decisions that they simply didn’t have the IQ to understand.

  26. Pretty sure this movie criticized everyone; including science communicators; the shortcomings of the peer review process; how people rioted and looted stores. The obvious criticism of the political circus was so blunt it hurt to watch at points followed by the Buddhist billionaire who was willing to let the word burn to turn a profit. There was a lot of other subtle criticisms which is where I thought the movie shined.

  27. I felt that it also made fun of democrats / liberals though, they are constantly warned yet dont do anything except focus on pop news media distractions and going to a concert to show support or some bullshit like that.

  28. Just watched it. Was hilarious — feels like it was meant as a comic exaggeration of our information-rich, knowledge-poor, social media-addled era, but all that shit could actually happen! (Tho hopefully minus the comet 😂)

  29. Uh it essentially has already happened for most part it had a lot of parallels to the covid pandemic and trumps administration of lies and deceit. Not to mention pure ineptitude.

  30. Watched with my french in-laws (dubbed in French, so I should check for the orignal VO, and they really enjoyed it. French can be uptight about American humour...)

  31. I don’t even think it’s far-fetched. Like, if there was a comet it would be immediately politicized. One side would favor destroying it, another side would say that there isn’t enough evidence, fringe conspiracies would pop up on both sides with all manner of theories. Most likely any course of action would be hijacked and used as a cash grab by major corporations. I wouldn’t be surprised if we totally failed to act and the comment hit us (even if we had the means to stop it.)

  32. Very true! Very much in the same vein as the film Network from the 1970's. It was a brillant satire that actually predicted a ton about the future.

  33. This on the nose vibe was what I thought was great about it. Because what about society and humanity is subtle right now, you know? Every take is delivered with a sledgehammer.

  34. That was actually the part I enjoyed the least. It felt way too on the nose to me. Every moment was painfully predictable. It was well acted, and funny, and I mostly enjoyed it. But I think it could’ve benefitted from deviating just slightly from our collective lived experience. We are all absolutely gonna fucking die, after all.

  35. I honestly needed a refreshing movie like this one after a train wreck of green screen action packed vomit projectiles on NF for the past year+

  36. Movie was written precisely about our response to Climate Change. This cult of ignorance actually happening as scientists keep warning us of the dangers ahead

  37. This film is about climate change, yes, but also precisely shows the response happening RIGHT NOW with COVID, and I can’t believe how many people can’t see it because the movie is so on the nose and blatantly criticizing the response:

  38. Most of the critics are because it didn’t fit their narrative or hit too close to home. The movie reinforced the notion that we as humanity won’t be able to fix climate change with corrupt leaders and companies leading the effort.

  39. Wish there was an alternate ending cut where the non-idiots just snap and kill the idiots and they actually fix the issue.

  40. The reason it was good, was because it was real. Real as in a really not that over the top representation of what our current political climate is exactly like. The general charging for those snacks was such a huge moment. It was literally like, you are all beneath me and Incan do what I want. That is the mindset these people have , that was an intention Foreshadow as to how the whole rest of the shit storm was about to go down. An omen if you will. It was hilarious because it was honest. It was also terrifying because it was honest which is why it is so good and also why I am going to sleep for the next month. Goodnight

  41. I felt it was pretty realistic lol. When the "top donor" comes in all quite and then calls the president out of the room and the world saving missions just..... turns around? I was dying! "Open the door" "no politics. We're pro-comet in this house" Then near the end when China and Russia and Japan [or whatever] The UN decides to launch a mission BECAUSE THE USA CUT THEM OUT OF THE PROFITS IT WOULD BRING. Then that fails I was like oh crap they can't let this movie end with these fools harvesting the meteor and saving the planet I'll be so pissed. I felt like it was a great ending to a weirdly terrifying movie. "What IS THAT thing?!" "I believe it's called a breneroc"

  42. I liked how in the end the people to survive were weak and elderly and not fit for a primitive life. Funny that instead of choosing people who would have a chance at survival their selfish still continued after the destruction of earth

  43. Jesus Christ, the amount of smug assholes in this comment section is it’s own climate disaster. People can dislike the film, while completely agreeing with the themes.

  44. A lot of people think that something being satirical automatically makes it good and completely free from criticism, and anyone who doesn’t like it is “too dumb to get it”.

  45. I thought it was a brilliant warning to what could happen if a doomsday type event was going to occur 100% in the near future (not really long term like climate change as it only gave 6 months heads up).

  46. That’s because the movie was also criticizing scientist’s inability to talk to regular people. The characters had to learn how to speak, it’s the arc they take throughout this movie.

  47. I really don’t think anyone missed the point of the film. The ideas it represented were so in-your-face that it would be impossible to do so. I agree with just about all of the ideas that it puts out, but it was not tactfully done and I felt pandered to. If you’re not a good storyteller, you can simply write a journal piece. If you’re going to make a film instead, you can’t expect it to be critically well-received based solely on your good intentions.

  48. I watched it, but because of how Idiocracy and The Onion headlines are supposed to be satire but have become waaaaaay to similar to reality, it made me very, very bummed out. And the thing is, even if we didn’t have Musk/Bezos/Zuck/Gates trying to mine the astroid, I doubt our government would tell us about it out of fear of a full on societal collapse.

  49. This comment section makes me wish a meteor was actually headed for earth. “If people have issues with the film, they are obviously against us.”I love how everyone seems to flip-flop on how the media is a secret cabal of misinformation and corporate puppets when they disagree, but when they agree you should listen to them and this story is 100% true and nothing is omitted. I really despise the human race.

  50. Really shocking that an in your face satire which drops a scathing attack on media and pop culture isn’t popular with people who review movies for a living.

  51. Yeah, when I read the quotes in the article, most of them could actually read like they were continuing the satire in the movie. The quotes could have been on leopard ate my face or aware as wolves. I’m sure that wasn’t the reviews intent, just felt they solidified one of the main points in the film.

  52. I think it was a wonderful metaphorical film. They made fun of everybody from all sides trying to teach us how fucked up society’s become and how we just make it worse with social media while still not directly pointing to covid. Point being? We have a lot to fix because next time may be the last time we make these mistakes.

  53. In 2016 I was telling all my friends they need to watch Idiocracy. In 2031 I'd bet I'll be telling all my friends they need to watch Dont Look Up. Fuck...

  54. Any film discussing environmental responsibility is going to be subject to paid online brigading attempting to dissuade your interest as it may impact profit margins. Read comments mindfully.

  55. I thought it was kinda sad with funny parts of course. 10 years ago this movie would have been a completely ridiculous representation, but now I can see the possibility of life imitating art sometime in the not so far future.

  56. A film ahead of its time. Not many people will understand the subtleties in this and the irony is that those are the type of people this film is poking fun at.

  57. I got the point and I still hated it. How is it possible to NOT get the point after the movie beats you over the head with it, scene after repetitive scene?

  58. The main problem is that the movie is far too US Centric. It does a terrible job of understanding how the international community would respond to an immediate threat to the entire planet (there’s no amount of money in the world that would mean more to countries like Russia and China than having multiple back up plans and attempts to save the world and shame the U.S. they never would have gone along with the “exploit the comet for resources” plan for any Duration of time (and the idea that no other country spotted the comet independently is suspect as well)). All of that’s fine if you just want a satire that skewers the U.S., but it doesn’t really work as a satire for a truly global problem like climate change. And, yes, changing the problem from a decades long crisis like climate change, that humanity will survive but with Mass suffering unless we make changes, to an immediate 6 mos threat like a comet doesn’t make it a great climate change analogy anyway—the tragedy of climate change is how slow moving it is in the grand scheme of things; people keep thinking that they can leave the crisis to the next generation. That doesn’t apply to a short term planet killer. The movie doesn’t really grasp the international affairs or governmental workings enough to really be a good satire of the people in power from an insider’s perspectives. I’m not sure why the film didn’t just have the characters in the outsider’s role for the whole film because the movie’s best satire was with regard to pop culture and media anyway.

  59. Not the best movie but definitely beautiful when it comes to nailing the media/political ordeal with climate change/covid/trump being treated like nonsense in exchange for celebrity bullshittery being top shelf need to know. The movie is a satire beyond southpark. Well done down to each aspect all the issues. I’m exhausted and just typing now but still the movie depicts exactly what would happen in real life and that’s why it’s getting shit on imho. I liked it and won’t watch it again because it was a shit movie but good content.

  60. Missing the point? I’m pretty sure most film critics believe in climate change and they “get the point.” That doesn’t mean they are gonna give the film good marks just because they agree with its message.

  61. I found it tragically hilarious and perfectly, stressfully on the nose. A horrifically delightful blend of commentaries on COVID, Trumpism, social media, climate change, and a smattering of other depressing tributaries of the river rushing us to eventual doom.

  62. I thought it was a little bit too on the nose. In Idiocracy there is a certain level of absurdity behind them irrigating their crops with Gatorade, that makes for a funny and compelling satire about corporate influence on government and so on. I like for satire to be over the top. Don't Look Up is too close to reality for me.

  63. What a good movie. It’s funny, my wife and I have been on a “minimalist” track since a trip to Hawaii. This movie left us…slightly depressed.

  64. Journalists do not take their jobs seriously anymore. There were so many grammatical mistakes and errors in this article, I was cringing. My dream was to be an editor. And reading this one with the attention-to-detail eye that I have, made me squint my eyes in pain. I may not type well in a comment section. But I can write professionally better than these humans. It was irritating. I liked the movie and I picked up on a lot more than this article even mentioned. The writing though.. where the heck are the editors? Lol

  65. How can you not get the point of this movie? You’d have to be pretty stupid to not get it. Maybe it’s Americans that don’t get it.

  66. I love this movie. I’ve gotten three fully invested watches out of it in less than a week which is about the best advertisement I could make for it. 11/10 would recommend.

  67. I did like the ending sequence when the rich old people came to earth, or whatever planet it was only to be instantly fucking annihilated. Hope that happens to bezos or whoever the fuck ditches everyone.

  68. I think this movie is brilliant. This particular joke was one of so many references to the right wing kooks. Streep as POTUS was a dead ringer for a Margery Taylor Green candidate. But also a reference to Trump’s massive blonde hair, I think. Total incompetence and obsession with self. The autistic ceo was an amalgamation of Bezos and Musk and others of their soulless ilk. Too many social references and criticisms to count and sadly that’s the way the world feels right now.

  69. This is an awesome movie - a perfect commentary/mockumentry of our times. Not at all surprised that some don’t get it or are offended by it. No doubt “Death to 2021” will enrage the same group of people who are drinking bleach and demanding horse de-wormer.

  70. I loved loved loved it. It is a very exact and through zeitgeist of this Moment in time in our society and devolution today. Has funny as I found it…. Like all good comedy it has a painful point and those come in the beautiful film cuts of other species going about the business of living while humans are moving into a complete oblivion dragging the planet and all living things with them. I don’t know what the critics problem with this movie was…… probably everything the author of the o.p. Said. Plus it doesn’t fit in with the propaganda that the rich, the politicians, and the big corporations are pushing onto the public psychic that everything will work out in the end. The good guys will win and everyone will be happy and well.

  71. the ending of this movie was amazing from the “we really had it all line” to the pres getting attacked in the end. Best film ive seen in along time!! as for social media and the world guess will just for ever be drowning in our own stupidity.

  72. My cynical maybe not so hot take: Our corporate overlords do not want this movie to be well received let alone understood by the mainstream public.

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