Ezra Miller Accused of More Harassment, Grooming: ‘I Was Misled by an Extremely Manipulative Actor’

  1. In response Warner bros has issued a statement saying “hey look over there out that window” and ran out the room

  2. ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, I have one final thing I want you to consider. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk. But Chewbacca lives on the planet Endor. Now think about it; that does not make sense!

  3. Well, they have been a business for 99 years.” Maybe they’re still trying to learn good business practices.

  4. To be clear also, this guy has been ditching the court system for his papers to be served to him for over a month now, lmao, and been on the run from police specifically since July 12

  5. They've already dumped the Supergirl movie(which is supposed to be based on Ezra's Flash). I get the feeling WB is doing full DCEU damage control at this stage, with maybe the mild exception of the second shazam film.

  6. Fr, I don’t get why they won’t drop this dude. He’s not a big name actor. He’s not powerful. He’s not useful to them. Why in the fuck are they hanging onto him??

  7. They won't. It's all about money, and the flash isn't a new character, he's already established in multiple previous movies.

  8. Wild that they won't spend 10 million for finishing effects and editing on Batgirl but will spend more than that on promotion for The Flash movie

  9. Their performance scared me so much in that movie. Now I know it’s probably just because they could easily get into character.

  10. I think of all the shit that they did to Britney and her “craziness” wasn’t near at this level. And this dude just keeps going, unchecked by anyone.

  11. There is an article on Insider today saying that WB and Ezra's mom tried to intervene with getting Ezra committed but backed off. People quoted in the article are very worried about Ezra... everyone who has worked with them are asking in the article how did someone who was truly kind, quirky, sweet and talented lose it? It's actually a sad and distressing article. I'm not an armchair quarterback but if you read between the lines of the article there is catastrophic mental illness at the root of all of this.

  12. Warner thinks that Ezra's behavior will blow over by the time they start heavy promotion for The Flash next year; can almost guarantee even more horrific behavior is going to come to light by that time. Originally it was just reports of him acting crazy at tourists in Hawaii, which definitely could have blown over. What's been revealed now is heading into R Kelly territory.

  13. Nah Zaslav will double down and have Ezra followed with a film crew for a new show on discovery called Miller time

  14. Dude doesn't seem to handling fame very well. He should probably be in an in-patient facility of some sort.

  15. I always knew this actor was nuts. Just go watch a lot of his promo interviews from JL when it first came out, damn was it cringey

  16. There’s a YT series by JoBlo about actors and movies that fell out of the limelight. The guy’s take on Ezra was spot on; there’s something visible just under the surface that just CANNOT be acted.

  17. Ngl seeing Ezra go nuts is saddening. They are in one of my favourite movie and it kinda ruins it. At least Logan Lerman and Emma Watson are good people. More importantly feel bad for the victims to all the bullshit they are being put through.

  18. I just watched all if not most of them, don’t really see anything off or cringey - got a link of anything specific?

  19. As a Flash fan, I have to appreciate the first accuser to speak up. I understand the difficulty but all it takes is one person to speak up to give the courage for others to follow.

  20. That’s really what’s mind blowing right now. All of this is complicated but the implication of DV blacklisted Depp. Miller has like three different assaults, kidnapping, and DV all out there…. In different states!! What the hell, WB

  21. Finally watched those films and his character was so whiny and off-putting in the 2nd and 3rd one. Didn't even know that was how he looked until I finished that trilogy.

  22. Who does he think he famous enough to do this crap? Before Justice League I never heard of this guy. Way to flush your career.

  23. Holy shit dude. The more info that comes to light, the weirder the whole situation sounds. It’s almost like some weird, drug addled storyline out of Riverdale, but worse, since it’s IRL. My main takeaways from this are:

  24. I saw a headline comparing Ezra to Charles Manson, and it seems apropos. If left to escalate, I think it’s quite possible that Ezra could get to that point.

  25. They’re not even a good actor and they’re getting away with all of this shit. Cancel the movie and arrest this maniac.

  26. He’s not a disgrace to anything, he’s a disgrace period. Who cares if he’s gay or straight or whatever else? He’s a fucking scumbag and that’s that, you don’t have to put labels on people all the time.

  27. Him being a disgrace to the LGBT+ community implies he represented them to begin with, which is a disgrace in and of itself.

  28. Every conversation I have where I defend LGBTQ+ and this resurrection of the old paedophiles trope, I think about Ezra Milker in the back of my head.

  29. I always felt they hitched to us queers for clout. Not saying they're straight, but I felt they quickly appropriated the fabulous parts of the community for the press

  30. This guy is STILL a running around having abducted Takota Iron Eyes, child of Chase Iron eyes, both indigenous activists of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. Ezra met Takota when he was 23 and Takota was 12, gave Takota LSD and marijuana, then carried them off into the night while the Iron Eyes’ family desperately tried to stop them.

  31. Can we arrest him please? I’m really getting sick of these druggy, weirdo, “I’m above the law” types. He’s a garbage tier actor and a piece of shit. I hope the flash movie gets canceled.

  32. Warner bros says it’s too much to recast and reshoot him in the Flash movie while at the same time just cancelled Batgirl and threw upwards of $70 Million in the trash. What the fuck is going on?

  33. My guess is they got worried about the bankability of a female super hero movie, even though it's been proven to work. Either that or it was utter trash (which has oddly never stopped WB from releasing anything before).

  34. Maybe for the Flash, than can reverse Cavill him and give the flash a mustache. “No, that’s not Ezra, Ezra doesn’t have a mustache.” Problem solved.

  35. 100% using it as a manipulative tactic..esp how he preys on kids struggling w identity too. There’s obviously a pattern there that seems calculated

  36. his new pronouns should be in/jail. Wheres all the feminist outrage wanting him gone like the other metoo people.

  37. I’ve met many people who use an image of being woke, a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and/or a feminist to get away with some nefarious acts. Predators are always going to find a way to manipulate.

  38. I always find it sad to see young talented people implode on themselves. I hope they get the help they need.

  39. Can Ezra not fuck up for 10 minutes? I would like to see at least one out of the originally three movies to feature Michael Keaton.

  40. It’s the classic hero to supervillain turn, which is really sad because I always thought he was a very talented actor and generally nice guy when he was getting smaller roles.

  41. I wonder if the Lgbtq community feels some kind of way when the most popular non binary people in the spotlight are problematic as can be and get labeled as just being mental (Demi Lovato talking to aliens and having her capacities affected by strokes and overdoses, and Ezra Miller just being bonkers) does it ever make anyone fear that celebrities will claim to be non binary and make everyone else look bad and perpetuate negative stereotypes?

  42. Hot Take: So Will Smith slapped someone and had his career ruined, but Ezra Miller can do a bunch of actual crimes and not be “cancelled”? What?

  43. Just the thumbnail of the picture was enough to make me instantly think: "Yep, that's what mental illness looks like." I hope Ezra can get better. . .

  44. I'm done giving him the benefit of the doubt. Stop hiring him and have him institutionalized before he does some real harm.

  45. Prediction: they are going to deep fake The Flash movie. They will probably do some reshoots with the new actor for cheaper scenes, but the expensive action scenes will be deep faked.

  46. …still cannot believe a studio, after all the Weinstein shit and MeToo and more, is going to release a superhero movie starring a guy that’s beaten up women and groomed children. They’re going to make fucking ACTION FIGURES of the guy. Gross.

  47. Ezra Miller is a genuine case of someone who should be cancelled in to a black hole, never to be heard from or seen again and I make that statement as someone who isn’t a big fan of cancel culture.

  48. Bargirl sounds like a pretty fun and exciting movie as well! Cameron Diaz can play the old “Bargirl” who trains the new one on drinking and music selection skills. Who ya got to play Bargirl?

  49. why is this dude not in jail and why do i keep hearing about this bird turned human against my will??? make him go away

  50. Idk what’s up with WB but what’s the purpose of keeping around these bad actors? Gotta remove and kill the infection before it spreads and ruins potential profits

  51. You cant tell me that reshooting the flash with a different actor isn’t cheaper than cancelling a 90 million dollar movie.

  52. As bad as the CW Flash has been…. I think we would rather have Grant instead of this swine.

  53. This freak running around the planet choking and slapping women, stealing shit and the cops ..good golly gee willikers... just can't seem to "find n arrest him"

  54. Ezra Miller is a HE, not a "they" or "them". Insisting everyone use the plural third person to refer to HIM is just narcissism.

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