John Cena Sets Guinness World Record For The Most Wishes Granted Through The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  1. My nephew met him at some wrestling event many years ago and said he was awesome. It was after the thing was over and they were walking away and seen Cena visiting with a few other wrestlers. My nephew said "you can't see me" and Cena laughed then came over and took a few pictures and visited for a few minutes and gave him his hat, and his sweatbands. My nephew still has them.

  2. Cena is known to be a very genuine person. The only hate he ever got was for his on-screen presence in WWE with wrestling fans. He had his "5 moves of doom" and spent years burying other wrestlers and basically being the Hulk Hogan of the Ruthless Aggression and PG eras of WWE.

  3. I wonder if the people at make-a-wish subtly encourage kids to choose Cena because they know he’ll likely make their wish come true. I’m glad he is making such good use of his fame, wasn’t a fan until I watched the Peacemaker series.

  4. As someone who used to work with MAW, most famous people will do it if it’s logistically possible for the timeframe and their schedule. Not all of them, there are some assholes, but most celebs will try to make it happen.

  5. People in the US and West shit on Cena for the cringy and seemingly kowtow-ish apology he made to mainland Chinese over Taiwan. They have the right to clown him for it, but the man truly seems to love China.

  6. To be honest, this news changed my opinion about him. I really hate him for supporting the CCP with his China apologies. I will do my best to see him beyond that episode, since, this news really warms my heart. It is something awesome to be able to help kids and make an impact on them. Wish him the best!

  7. As stated on another thread like this, he’s number one with like 600 and second place is in the 200 range.

  8. I've worked a bunch of WWE events, and Cena is o e of the most hard working, chill guys out there. He puts in serious work in and out of the ring

  9. He really seems like a great guy. Almost cried when I watched the recent video story about him meeting a special needs young man who had to flee Ukraine that was a big Cena fan. He was really great with all the kids they showed him with. Kind of like the fun uncle!

  10. I met him in 2008 at FOB Rustamiyah in South East Baghdad. Most entertainers would go as far as Kuwait but not into the war zone. Our group was lucky we were between missions and had the opportunity to be there. John Cena, Vince McMahon, Mysterio, and several ring girls put on a show for us in our boxing ring, and then did an hours long meet and greet. Shaking everyone’s hand and autographing photos they provided. I still remember shaking John Cena’s hand made my hand look like an infant’s holding their fathers hand.

  11. What an absolutely stellar person. I've been watching Cena for a while (Sadly, unable to see him though) and many years ago, he was doing good. I didn't think he could do better as a person, as I didn't think the bar could be set higher.

  12. I was an 80's WWE kid. Loved Hogan and Macho Man. Never actually watched WWE when John Cena was the champ. However, dude has nothing but positive mentions in media. Great guy. Great actor.

  13. Only bad thing he's had in the media is the Taiwan thing. People really acting like a wrestler can choke slam China with something he says.

  14. I'm not a wrestling fan, but John Cena is one of the greatest humans walking this planet. His generosity and selflessness is through the damn roof. A modern day super hero that we all should try to mirror ourselves after. If we all did 1/10th of what he does this world would be a much better place. I respect the hell out of this man and wish nothing but the best for him in the future.

  15. Was this in China? Didn’t care for his acting but after bending the knee to China he can suck it!

  16. he wont. he is on chinas payroll. willing to ignore the genocide for cash. imo it negates all good he has ever done.

  17. Geez, thanks for sending me down a Taiwanese rabbithole. The apology was so strange, but the Last Week Tonight segment on it was hilarious.

  18. He's got a clean image, but it doesn't sit right with me when he's cool with China and their human rights abuses. Then in 2021 he goes and apologises to the CCP for calling Taiwan a country. Dude is a phoney.

  19. Hell yeah! Now if only he didn’t sympathise for the Chinese communist government he’d almost be a good person.

  20. It probably isn't that simple. I doubt he supports China in reality, but he was probably put in a situation where he was told to show support to China, or x, y, and z would happen. But it's a lot easier to hate people than to realize that the truth is rarely so cut and dried.

  21. Nothing but praise for this guy, a genuinely good human being. You don’t do that many Make A Wish visits unless you truly want to make sick kids feel just a little bit better. I’ll support Cena for the rest of his career, whatever he’s in I’m gonna watch it.

  22. John if you see this my make a wish is for you to not be a China shill and not call Taiwan a made up place like Zootopia.

  23. Too bad he’s a puppet for chairman Whinne the Pooh. And I have zero respect for him at all. I refuse to watch any film or media with him in it for bending over for China.

  24. He’s such a wildly wholesome guy. I really respect him. He doesn’t have to do any of this yet over 600 wishes granted.

  25. I’m sure the sick kids really get hung up on his feelings about China. Probably really sours those wishes as soon as Taiwan comes up.

  26. He was pressured to do that because there were millions of dollars on the line. Why are people so hung up on it?

  27. He's a good person. I've seen him around a few times when he was in town filming. He was always polite to me whenever he'd come in and order food

  28. john cena is also a chinese govt shill and do not deserve any praise as long as he works with a genocidal state

  29. I was a make a wish kid. This warms my heart. Hope this inspires others to donate to just a noble organization.

  30. Who ever thought the guy running around shouting 'U can't see me' and attempting to rap would become one of the most influential people in the world. I'm not huge on Dwaynes movies but I thank the Rock for opening the gate for this man to get roles

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