Bruce Springsteen defends high ticket prices for upcoming tour: "If there’s any complaints on the way out, you can have your money back."

  1. My bff and I bought tickets for this tour for CHEAP (under $200) day they went on sale. Seats near us are now over $1k. That's fuckin' insanity.

  2. If you just auctioned off the tickets, you'd reach their actual market value while cutting out the scalpers. I'd imagine the actual market value is much higher than the original price when the tickets go on sale, but lower than what the scalpers try to sell for.

  3. Maybe he can do a 30 min rant about all the greedy capitalist that made it too expensive for the blue collar workers like himself to attend his show

  4. I have been to many Springsteen concerts and believe me - they are worth the price! No gimmicks, no fireworks, no dancers, no flying in on wires. Just him and the band going all out. You leave exhausted and happy. That said - as a school teacher I can't pay $1,000 to see anyone!

  5. Because either he ran out of money, or he's just greedy. I dont think he cares about anyone other than himself like every other rich person / celebrity .

  6. I've never been a huge fan by any stretch but he is an undeniably incredible lyricist. I mean I don't think there is anyone that could deny how sublime the lyrics to Atlantic City are. The Band's version is miles better than the original though.

  7. Yeah Bruce....recording an album of soul cover songs ... f'in eyeroll after that snooze fest he released last time around.

  8. Bruce Springsteen defends ticket prices; yeah this makes sense, thanks Boss. Besides, it’s not his fault, it’s ticketmaster.

  9. “A man does something, it's strategic, a woman does the same, it's calculated. A man is allowed to react, a woman can only over-react. A man does something? Confident. A woman does it & she's smug. A man stands up for himself, a woman throws a temper tantrum.”

  10. Every person involved in those shows deserves a living wage, from the bar staff to the lampy, to the e street band. Touring bands are already struggling to even break even. I hope this is why bruce is doing this.

  11. The crew and all the people behind the scenes don’t make extra when Ticketmaster jacks up their prices. Only the big guys. The artist, the manager, and of course Ticketmaster. I doubt even the people in his band get paid differently. They all probably get a flat rate no matter what happens. BTW, Bruce Springsteen is overrated.

  12. The rules of supply and demand kind of go out the window when you have a monopoly like Ticketmaster/live nation. Your correct in obviously when there’s a finite amount of tickets they can get expensive but when Ticketmaster has contracts with the venues and the artists don’t have much options on shopping around for venues that aren’t apart of that. Then TM pockets huge chunks of ticket sales. They obviously don’t care of the “rules”, because the control the market which is wrong.

  13. I didn’t understand fully from the article. He dumps on Ticketmaster and says his guys should get that money. But are they selling a different way or just charging more so that they get more money ?

  14. Ticketmaster uses a system called Dynamic Pricing, which will automatically up the price of tickets if there's a large push to buy tickets all at once.

  15. This reminds me of the nathan for you episode where the restaurant owner promised he had the best burger in LA and if you disagreed, he’d pay you $100

  16. No one in the current generation of doing something big gives a fuck about him. Anybody worth while isnt complaining or isn’t going. So stop talking like the average person give af still. Stop asking for money for the same old boring shit; do something to make it worth it.

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