Tips on recovering from PIED/ED

  1. I’m 26 and I definitely have PIED myself. Almost Every single sexual encounter (even last nightttt) has come up short due to my ED and performance anxiety. However there definitely was a time, where I was in a training camp so I wasn’t watching porn. After my competition and like 3 1/2 weeks of not masturbating or watching any porn, I was having sex 1 to 2 times a day easy. I was in great shape and was sleeping and eating good, but the biggest thing is I was turned on. I honestly feel like the not watching porn part led me to be more stimulated and horny and completely caught up in the fun of it instead of the “work” or “performance” side. I’d say STOP watching porn (as of literally today I am too) if you wanna jerk off, try and use your imagination and take ur time. I think this will increase your sex drive but that’s my opinion. After my weak experience last night I’m committed to. U got this man

  2. D) Yes, losing weight through diet (you're close to being obese) and improving your cardiovascular system through cardio is almost 100% guaranteed to improve your erections. Porn is not the problem because porn doesn't cause ED. But still, masturbating three times a day may be a bit excessive but idk.

  3. Don’t listen to this dude. Porn is a major factor . Don’t let him deceive . U are young and have a better chance of recovering fast . Just give yourself a couple of months without porn. Porn has nothing better to offer. Go out there and get yourself a woman. It’s better to than to watch other people doing the f..king . Exercise more and just abstain from porn and jerking off . It’s hard but just take it one day at a time

  4. Avoid masturbation for at least a month - no I would say it isnt ok to do it occasionally as that will set back your repair. Its unlikely to be your weight or lack of cardio as that usually happens with older people and extremely obese people. Id avoid excessive exercise to preserve your energy to fix your penis.

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