Today's my lucky day, found a Specialita at the thrift store for $27

  1. What kind of thrift stores you people keep finding. All mine have are old socks and maybe an overpriced juicer or mixer that's barely any cheaper than a new one.

  2. My local one has mismatched tea cups from 1982, tracksuit tops that smell like old men and vinyl records of unknown orchestras.

  3. Thrift stores are always hit or miss. I work at one, and sometimes we get some gems that get overlooked by the graders, and other times they price a shitty 720p tv at basically MSRP. To find these deals you kinda just gotta frequent thrift stores often and someday you may get lucky

  4. We don't even have thrift stores where I live. I'm so bummed every time something like this comes up...can't even imagine what would bring any person with a single brain cell to just 'dump' a €500 machine instead of selling it at a decent price.

  5. Thanks! I honestly don't know how that ended up there. Maybe it was originally from someone who died? Or abandoned in storage perhaps?

  6. Yeah that's about the best I've seen, also a Krups grinder that looked a hundred years old for 40€ when that model is 55€ brand new with warranty.

  7. Definitely not, but I thought I was getting April Fooled. I half expected it to weigh nothing when I picked it up lol

  8. yup! I managed to find a random outlet at the thrift store to test it out. not sure if it's legal to test appliances there but it powered on and ground what I assume to be some leftover coffee that never got purged

  9. The ones by me are greedy and Google stuff I miss the days when they guessed for fun which is what happened here

  10. Damn that sucks, I feel like that defeats the purpose of thrift stores tho, they're more like resellers in that case

  11. Wow, thrift stores in Australia are called Op Shops (short for opportunity). In general they're not even allowed to have electronic goods for safety reasons :-(

  12. the only time i can see a specialita sold at 30 bucks is if i go to a thrift store and sell my specialita at 30bucks

  13. I had an opportunity to buy a dirty Silvia for about $200 on a kocal craigslist ad.... didn't need it as the one I have is fine, but kick myself to this day for not snapping it up.

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