Germany players cover mouths in team photo as they abandoned pro-LGBTQ armband. FIFA threatened yellow cards for any player still wearing it

  1. I'm sure he does feel gay, in the ancient meaning of joyful, when he thinks about how much money he got out of this shit.

  2. Don't bring Westside Story into this man. Anyone who can look past the approximated 10,000 workers alleged to have died building this monument to greed is a fanatic. I cant say that number is true but its been known for years how abysmal human rights are ignored in regards to this event. Athletes are the worst form of entertainment.

  3. I would have loved to see them using the armband just for the scandal that would have followed. Would have been the best entertainment ever.

  4. Just keep putting on - They will end sending home the full team - and this is it. It is time to end FIFA and build something new - I have not read the memo about FIFA allways has to be a thing?

  5. I found that gesture ridiculous. Not enough. Wear those wristbands, watch other countries follow step and watch fucking FIFA explode!

  6. Why didn't a country just make part of their kit LGBTQ+ rainbow, like a sleeve, or a sponsor change their sponsor design to incorporate it.

  7. That's exactly why this is just an empty gesture. This is the equivalent of greenwashing. These hypocrites participate in the World Cup in fucking Qatar then have the stomach to "protest" to show their disagreement.

  8. It's a little...I dunno. LGBT people face getting murdered by the state there, and rich sports players can't handle a yellow card.

  9. I hope the two teams that make it to the final get together and all put on rainbow armbands after they are on the field right before the game.

  10. I can understand that some third world countries don't give a shit about human rights, LGBTQ+, labour right etc. But I still can't understand the Western European countries, why they are still part of this shit show in Qatar?

  11. Because maybe Western European countries aren’t the beacon of morality we like to think we are we actually don’t care as much as we like to think we do

  12. The World Cup is a rare event in a players career. Many, or most actually, are very lucky to be able to play a single one. Any kind of boycott to Qatar should have come from the football associations or from the government.

  13. I also expected more from those nations football associations but I wouldn't go as far as claiming that national teams taking part in the world cup means that their countries don't give a shit about human rights, LGBTQ+, labour right etc.

  14. World cup comes around only every 4 years. You might get only one shot to go there as a player, I mean most players get 0 times to world cup. It’s a very hard bargain for someone who lives from football and loves the sport.

  15. They should be holding cash in front of their mouths. They're not silenced by intimidation or force, but by money. They were bought (despite already being rich) and somehow they present themselves as victims. They straight up betrayed the real victims.

  16. Disgusting hypocrytes at FIFA. Just like mega-corporations during pride month. Arab money is worth to them more than LGBT and women's rights.

  17. I hate it when these mega-corporations pander to LGBTQ+ community, meanwhile when the time comes around when they should actually be doing it they threaten and silence people over money.

  18. Just like the EU in the world. Taking symbolic stances while acting very little. And same for my country, should've used the fucking bracelet and endured the issues.

  19. Yeah, you don't like to play there, but you're still playing there and you're helping earn money for Qatar. So...

  20. I can feel for the players. They've worked for years to get here, it should be the shining moment of their playing careers. It's probably their only chance to play in a world cup. And it's ruined by Qatar and FIFA.

  21. Warms my heart that Rudiger and Gundogan are both practising muslims but also pro LGBTQ. Maybe there is hope after all.

  22. Not to bring US problems to Europe or to open a whataboutism can of worms but that guy in the US when he kneeled, he didn't care about consequences, he believed in a cause and was aware he will suffer the consequences.

  23. Yeah and it cost Kapernick his whole fucking career. I’m a huge fan of the guy as a result but he definitely ain’t gonna be playing in the nfl ever again. They’ll use the excuse that he’s not good enough now even tho the 49ers signed him, so that’s clearly some bullshit.

  24. Exactly, the problem here is that by saying they care while still removing the flags, they are essentially saying that “while they care about the issue it isn’t significant enough to merit getting a yellow card over”. I wish they had a PR person talk with them to better understand what they are doing, it would be better for them to just say nothing frankly (I mean that would be shitty as well, you should stand up for your community, but the world is complicated and I get it). The fact that they are trying to pretend to make a stand while still avoiding any consequences here says they want to be seen as valuing equality but aren’t willing to do anything meaningful about it if it will have any negative effect on them.

  25. Who gives a shit about a stupid armband. If they were really concerned about the political issues they make so much noise about, they would have boycotted this world cup, and so should have done everyone else who is complaining about Qatar's violation of human rights. But of course, that would require integrity, which none of these people have.

  26. The real protest would be to not go to the World Cup. But they still went and still play and still make money and profit so this is mostly for show. They are hypocrites for even going.

  27. Shouldn't have gone to the tournament in a country that uses slaves at every turn in the first place. Qatar is despicable. I don't blame this team, it's FIFA's fault entirely.

  28. If they really gave a shit about human rights violations, they would have jumped on a plane back to Germany. But money talks, right?

  29. Muhammad Ali was stripped of his titles and imprisoned for his stance on the Vietnam War, during his prime years. He knew that, and still did it. Just a couple days ago the Iranian players refused to sing the anthem, and spoke out in favour of the protestors in press conferences.

  30. Yeah, i totally get that they don't want to risk getting in such trouble as having a yellow card. Defending lgbt rights is cool (especially if public) but their life is not worth such radical punishment. /s

  31. A weak gesture considering they were too afraid of a yellow card to wear the one love bind while others do way more and having to expect much harsher punishment, honestly.

  32. Bettet statement would be if they all would were the armband and the game would end after 10 minutes when they all got kicket out.

  33. Anyone who protests and still plays is making a clear statement that money is more important than whatever they are protesting. This makes them little different than those they protest. If you play in the stadium built by the dead slaves you protest about, it clearly isn’t that important to you in the first place.

  34. So weak. Acting like they give a shit, with their pathetic little armbands. . . . They are still there, in Qatar, playing football.... Yeah. That's how much they care.

  35. Can someone enlighten me, why the players don't simply refuse to play at all, if they are oh so against Qatar in this respect? Wouldn't that be a stronger signal? This, to me anyway, looks like a bunch of children at a birthday party going 'You so stupid!' to the host, but requesting to still get some of the cake anyway.

  36. Do nothing. Play like no one ever before. Destroy all teams without mercy. Reach the final. Then just don't play. Just stay on the field for 45 minutes or until you are removed while one billion people watch your action in live tv.

  37. This is better than nothing. It's a nice message and while they could have done a lot more I'm glad they're at least doing something.

  38. Or they could, oh I dunno, perhaps avoid promoting political issues in football and just play? Perhaps if they focused on the game instead of being annoyed they didn’t get to push their little agenda they might have played better and not have lost to Japan

  39. I cannot wait for the gayest WC of all time when it comes to North America in 4 years. Sure we're still not fully accepting as a society, but by gods if folks won't make a f*cking good showing of it.

  40. Err, it is not a pro-LGBTQ armband. It is an anti-discrimination armband. That includes racism, discrimination against women, discrimination against homosexuals, discrimination at the foreign workers in Qatar, etc. etc.

  41. Mesut Ozil's comments were labelled as "unimportant" and "false" by members present in this very same team (Muller and Neuer) when he claimed to be racially discriminated against by the German FA. So yeah stop with this hypocrisy already!

  42. This is nonsense. They all agreed to play there. All these stupid gestures don’t change that fact. People think posting a whitty tweet or wearing an armband is activism. Activism would have been boycotting the World Cup.

  43. is this the best that they can do? they seem to legitimize the treatment using subtlety. grow some balls and shoot the finger at the lying pigs

  44. well, they didn't wear their one love symbol in fear of "sanctions". The only balls today were of our minister nancy faeser wearing it anyways.

  45. Ah yes, I forgot about the football rule that states, and I quote, "[...] any player caught with a rainbow armband shall be given a yellow card"...FIFA making up rules, what could go wrong.

  46. We should make our own national football associations either not send a team or say our jersey includes LGBT messaging and let FIFA/Qatar ban us or w/e they want. That's how we would send the message loud and clear and make a stand. Right now we the citizens are the biggest chickens especially when we blame players supposedly not being ballsy enough about this.

  47. Germany on the way to get the Germans to Boykott the games. Just loose and fly home after game 3 in group stage. Man I hope my bullshit is real and we get the Southpark baseball episode live in Katar. All want to loose and it's about getting the opponent to win.

  48. why is this such a big deal.. why does every country have to support lgbt.. what about the workers that died building the stadiums you are in? I really don't care who your fucking in bed just leave us out of it.

  49. I know it will not happen, but the thought occurred to me that an effective protest would be for the two finalists at the end of the final, to do a lap of honour to acknowledge their fans, but refuse to collect their medals or the trophy. That would humiliate the Swiss lawyer and show the World that football is indeed the people's game, it belongs to ALL of the people, regardless of gender, colour, of faith or no faith, or sexual preference.

  50. I honestly think the way bigger eff you move was the German minister of the interior and sports wearing the 1 Love armband today - while sitting directly next to Infantino. Power move...

  51. These people are pussies. Accept the yellow card. Call their bluff. Make them suspend the entire team for 1 game after receiving 2 yellows in 2 games. Call their bluff.

  52. The most courageous showing has been the Iranian national team refusing to sing their national anthem. IMO everyone else is just virtue signaling.

  53. If they don’t have the guts to take a yellow card they should probably stop posturing because it’s transparent now this is all just an empty branding exercise

  54. If these athletes actually cared about lgbtq rights they would boycott the actual World Cup. Virtue signaling at it’s finest.

  55. Every player shoulda worn them every match. What are they gonna do? Cancel the tournament because every player has been carded out?

  56. But when ozil spoke up about the racism he experienced and his stance on the treatment of Muslims in China he was punished for it. Now they want to talk about freedom of speech

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