A mentаllу disаbled сhild is left аlоne fоr daуs while his father deсоmрoses

  1. And none too soon, looks like he’s extremely malnourished or has a condition where he can’t absorb nutrients, definitely needs some medical intervention and a double cheeseburger !

  2. Most likely the son knew something extremely wrong happened to his dad, but has no capacity for how to deal with the situation. I wouldn’t doubt he probably cuddled with his dad’s body :(

  3. This is incredibly sad, and I know a person irl who had to go through this situation after the passing of his father. Incredibly traumatic.

  4. Looks like an Asian hard bed. In some parts of Asia, people sleep on the floor, so much so they prefer it over a soft mattress and even have beds that have the material consistency of hard flooring.

  5. The boy looks malnourished and that's so... all of it is tragic. It looks like the father died, and of course soiled himself. Or, by natural decomposition, the gases built up and expelled everything in him, out.

  6. I have a younger cousin with cerebral palsy and he's this skinny regularly even though his mother is on top of his nutrition and health.

  7. "left alone for days" probably means that he didn't have any food. And just a couple of days can do alot to you. Trust me I've experienced it first hand.

  8. This is probably the most sad thing I have seen on here ... This horrible... So heart breaking.... Poor guy and kid... No way he wanted to just leave him to himself... 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  9. Anyone know the COD for the father or have context? He’s on a table. The kid has also clearly been cleaning the liquid on the floor because there are spots absent blood where it’s been scrubbed with other dried blood still around it. Poor kid.

  10. Probably police to document the scene before they mess with it. An extra 5 seconds is not changing much but it can be a huge deal for figurinh out what is going on. The dude is dead on a table. That is pretty odd.

  11. Gonna burn in hell for this but I’ll leave my theory here: something strength could be at play here I mean let’s not rule out the only witness to this whole situation.

  12. Don't even know what to say. All I can do is hope the kid isn't able to comprehend this event and is in some sort of foster home where he can thrive and be happy.

  13. Just got off work. Clicked the Reddit app. Read 1st story…. Yup sounds about right. Clicks off reddit to call mom to tell her I love her

  14. This is heartbreaking. I wish I was a millionaire or even a billionaire. I would give all I could to support children like this. Give them a home and full time care. The world is so sad sometimes

  15. Makes my heart hurt, I have a grandson who needs constant help. He only has myself and my wife to care for him. I hope to outlive him. I loose sleep worrying about what would happen to him if something happens to me and my wife.

  16. I don’t know what’s more disturbing. The fact that this kid probably didn’t understand what was going on, he just knew that Dad didn’t interact with him anymore. Or the fact that, upon finding this scene, someone’s first reaction was to snap a picture of it…..

  17. My brother has Down's Syndrome and lives with my parents, while I live abroad. This is honestly one of my worst nightmares. That one of my parents will pass and he'll be alone with the other and the other passes also. Thank God/Buddha/Allah/Thor that they have neighbours that come over regularly.

  18. This is honestly just saddening I don’t know what else to say but I pray that poor child is getting the proper help and care now and is doing far better now and in a loving family

  19. It looks like he's laying on a table. Who gets on a table, lays down and then dies? Maybe he was standing there to fix something and then something clearly went wrong from there

  20. The worst thing about having a disabled child is knowing one day he will be alone in the world with no one that loves him. I just hope this doesn't happen.

  21. these are the kind of posts that get me the most emotionally, besides animals and children. ive been on this subreddit for a long time and seen all kinds of gore and fucked up shit, but this is easily one of the worst posts i've ever seen on this sub. even though the child is mentally disabled, i can't imagine what's going through his head

  22. I HOPE he’s disabled to the point where he doesn’t understand any of what’s happening, not just to where he couldn’t go get help. This is so fucking sad bro :(

  23. omg what the fuck. that's horrific the poor kid. can't even imagine how much that's gonna fuck him up for the future

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