Trading for Elite QBs

  1. This guy in my league has sent the exact same offer for hurts multiple times now. Somehow he really thinks I should take Burrow and Nyheim Hines for him

  2. Just to give a data point, I was offered Hurts and Mattison for my Sutton and ETN last week. I pulled the trigger since I had Trey Lance (so would have to rely on a waiver wire QB), Dalvin Cook, depth, and was 0-2.

  3. I traded my Hurts and Mixon and Pittman for Jonathan Taylor and Amon-Ra. Have Lawrence as my QB now

  4. I’ve had the same guy offer me at least one trade a day for Hurts and Ekeler. Not a chance in hell I’m getting rid of Hurts. I would consider Ekeler if the trade was worth it but he just doesn’t have anyone I want that bad. It’s fun sending him absurd counter trades though.

  5. Yeah honestly Lamar has been the reason I'm winning. So I would need to be offered someone who would be the reason I win. I would look at their weakest position, of them your qb plus a difference maker at that position. If it is someone you have benched in the first three weeks it won't do it.

  6. Guy has Herbert and Tua with a week WR corps. I offered C Samuel for Tua. Got laughed at. Every trade chart has Samuel 2x or 3x Tua’s value.

  7. I offered Miles Sanders to someone for Lawrence (he has Mahomes) and he said I needed to add another RB. His RB's are Swift, Montgomery and Mitchell. I don't get it. I'm offering a starting RB averaging 15 carries for his backup QB who he would never start over Mahomes.

  8. I offered some guy Juju Smith Schuster for Jared Goff out of QB desperation and I got scoffed at like I was insulting him. Truly remarkable

  9. One of my least favorite things is a league that won't trade - even when you offer a deal that is clearly advantageous to them (just so you can watch them decline it to confirm your suspicion that they will never trade)

  10. Yeah. I punted on QB and have been putting trade feelers out. Cant even get the guy with Kyler, Russ, and Dak on IR to bite. He's 0-3 as well. Feelers out for Rogers, Cousins, TLaw, Mariota, Goff, all shutdown with no counters. Nobody wants to move a QB.

  11. You would have to give me a low qb1 and a rb1 or wr1 to get me to trade Lamar right now. Since he’s basically a qb1 and low end rb1 himself

  12. It’s after the draft. You’re talking about replacement value now. If I trade Lamar/Hurts, what does their replacement produce? Would it be a waiver wire guy? Winston? Baker Mayfield? Cooper Rush? Trubisky? That’s such a downgrade that it takes a massive upgrade from another position to even consider it. Is the difference in QB production made up in the upgrade?

  13. If I trade away Lamar, I'm going to need the other teams starting QB as part of the package and its going to have to be Burrows or better.

  14. This is exactly how I see it, and I think that’s what the OP is getting at. The expert community seems to undervalue QBs even though their value above replacement can be so high.

  15. As someone in QB purgatory in one of my leagues, I don't think there's a realistic trade you could send me to get rid of Hurts in my other league.

  16. I know this sounds crazy but was having this discussion with some league mates yesterday. For you to actually part ways with a Allen or Lamar, who else would get it done? A RB/WR 2/3 isn’t going to do, so I see your thought process.

  17. Yeah. Used less draft capital on Allen, and it's easier to get a replacement QB who will get you like 70-80% what Allen does.

  18. Its really crazy how much trade charts undervalue an elite QB. A lot of them will have the top QB's with value equal to a WR2.

  19. The problem is QBs are absolutely going off right now. The trade charts historically undervalue QBs but we haven’t seen a +15 ppg positional advantage from qb 1 to qb 10 before I’d imagine

  20. Pretty sure the weekly trade chart in here had Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson's value is equal to Devin Singletary....which is definitely not equal.

  21. Getting Lamar from me would cost an elite WR, honestly. Like diggs or chase. Even then I would be hard pressed to give him up at this point.

  22. I offered Kamara for Lamar to an owner who has both him and Patrick Mahomes and he declined. Also was declined for Mahomes. This is a 1 QB league and Trey Lance died so I’m starting Kirk Cousins

  23. I wouldn't. I know next year I'll be looking from the 2nd round on for an elite QB. I've always waited until at least the 5th to consider a QB. Dak and Jameis have broken me.

  24. I don't think anyone would offer you either of those players straight up for Lamar. Lamar has been unreal, but he also is very risky with how much he runs

  25. If you sent me that, I would physically drive to your house, ring on your door bell, and let you watch me decline it in real time.

  26. As a Lamar owner, I would ignore that offer and let you feel SO silly for sending it that you’ll go and cancel the trade.

  27. I have Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts in superflex... think fo me as Don Fanucci in Godfather II... if I lift up my hat and its not Cooper Kupp Im going to be very offended

  28. I have lamar/allen in superflex and I don't think any WR would do it for me. Not even sure if there's a RB that would do it.

  29. Allen and Hurts for me. I would have to get back a good QB like Burrow or Rodgers and then a massive upgrade at another position in order to move either of them. But I wouldn't trade them straight up for anyone that isn't Lamar Jackson.

  30. I have Allen and in our league we can trade picks, I’m asking for at least a second round pick for next year. Some guy was offering me Jalen Hurts plus a 2nd round pick which I agreed to and after seeing that I had 8 picks in the first 5 rounds for next year , he decided to go back on the trade. He just traded him today for Chris Godwin and Tyler Higbee smh

  31. My gestalt is that people are going to overvalue their good qbs. Especially Lamar and Hurts. You're gonna have a hard time getting value

  32. I have Hurts and honestly probably wouldn't listen to any offers unless it's a first round talent.

  33. It's hard to make a deal that works for a Tier 1 QB. First, there are probably only a few teams truly in desperate need of a QB. And then, to get commensurate value, you'd need a WR1 or RB1 and probably a WR2. So the team acquiring the QB is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

  34. It’s weird because Allen didnt even usually go till round 4, but he’s a league winner. I think we as a whole underrate the top-end QBs and their potential

  35. I got him at the end of the third round in a 6 PaTD league with 3RR, after JT and Chubb, and I Iaughed all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, other teams are rostering/starting Russ, Rodgers, Stafford and Brady due to name and hope. The advantage at the QB position is so big, I'm not sure I could trade him.

  36. In a 10 team, .5 ppr league, What would be be the value to try to trade for burrow? The person has him on the bench cause he has Josh allen 🙃 and I’m over here stuck with mariota 🙃

  37. Get Kirk cousins if he's available. He's not flashy. But he's a solid 20 pt a night and might fuck around and kill the packers so a year for 25

  38. Don't ever trade for an "elite QB". Waste of resources, the QB owners always ask for too much (I mean just casually glance through this thread to see what I mean).

  39. Completely agree I picked qb last in my draft and ended up with Aaron rodgers and an absolutely stacked lineup. Everyone who has Mahomes Lamar or Allen is bleeding from either the rb or wr spot somewhere. I'd rather have a floor qb and solid everywhere else than vice versa.

  40. Idk if that's true... I'm in a home league where I easily felt like I got the most value out of my picks throughout the draft and built up really strong RB and WR depth but then lost Trey Lance to injury. I'm trying to stream the position but with most people in my 10 team league rostering 2 QBs, it's been tough sledding riding with Carson Wentz/Mariota. My team is 0-3

  41. I have offered tons of combos for good QBs and everyone has just rejected the trade or think QBs like Mariota are worth some combo of CMC, Swift, and CeeDee. One guy has Allen, Jackson, and Herbert and refuses to trade them away for anything.

  42. I traded Josh Allen and Aaron Jones for Burrow, Kupp and Christian Kirk. I was on the fence with it at first but really needed guaranteed points from WR position. I feel decent about it now. Would feel much better if Burrow goes off tonight.

  43. I’d say that’s a good trade. Kupp is the best fantasy player in the game right now and Kirk has a decent probability to be a WR. Basically you need either Kirk to keep up his production or Burrow to step it up a little bit for it to be worth it and if they both play well then you definitely won

  44. Some dude in my work league is hoarding Hurts, Mahomes and Tua and is insta rejecting all my trade offers. He’s starting Irv Smith or Engram at TE. Bum.

  45. I have Hurts and just traded Kyler, Jeff Wilson & Khalil Herbert to a Monty owner for Mahomes and Dameon Pierce. Working on turning Mahomes for another RB or WR now.

  46. Would you be more incentivized if you were 0-3? Playing against a Hurts owner with D Mont and CMC headlining a team mostly of Qs. Was thinking of testing the waters.

  47. Got the Hurts/AJB stack. Because of that alone it would cost a ton to get hurts. Not to mention what that package would cost. Kelce, Andrew's, or lower end rb1s would make me think about it.

  48. People in general value QBs much higher than they should because they see the massive point output and don’t consider positional relativity. I have Lamar in one league and don’t have the best RBs and would give him up for a guy like Javonte or Sanders + another startable QB

  49. This isn't like the old days where the top 16 QB were within a couple of points of each other. The top tier QBs now are getting to as high as double digit points over the midrange QBs.

  50. lol kind of a weird comment because it's literally like that in every league which is why these guys are ranked as highly as they are..

  51. The thing that most people don't consider with this is that 90% of people in home leagues have their starter and hold a backup the entire year just for their starters bye week. You will absolutely fail to trade for any top QB if you don't have another option that is close to the top to send back.

  52. I traded Jalen Hurts for Courtland Sutton. Granted, I have Lamar Jackson as well (auction draft and no one bid on those guys…). I probably could have gotten more, but it is what it is. I hope it works out.

  53. Generally I much prefer to stream QB and will not trade for them if hurting at that position. That said, Stafford has been unbearable and I couldn’t bring myself to attempt starting Mariota or Fields (14 team league)..

  54. In home leagues. You can throw those trade charts out. People will value the top dogs wayyyy more than most of the top position players. Maybe deservingly so. Especially in a year where top RBs drafted have been pretty trash and some of the early WRs have been lacking some.

  55. I traded Kamara for Lamar after Dak got injured after week 1. Now... I would certainly not trade Lamar back and I think the only person I would consider is Kupp or Diggs. And I already have Kupp so I'm good.

  56. A guy asked for a solid flex piece for Josh Allen, I offered Tua, Everett (his TE is Logan Thomas) and Gibson. He countered for Henry

  57. How are we looking at these guys in super flex? I have both Lamar and Allen in a league (first two picks) and have been contemplating trading one for an elite talent at another position since my team is hurting with the ETN and DJ Moore whiffs

  58. Lamar is borderline untradeable, would need a replacement QB1 (like Burrow) + A top 12 WR or RB. Still might not take it but that's all I would consider

  59. It's really funny I have some people who have like Herbert and Hurts on their roster. IMO this is the time to trade one of them to get some great value. You can only start one QB and bye week isn't that serious.

  60. I am in talks with someone to offload Hurts at the moment. I kept Hurts, and was gifted Josh Allen in the 3rd. At the moment the leading talk is Mark Andrews, but I really want to get more so I trying to offer Hurts and Waller for Andrews and A. Jones.

  61. I think it would be hard to trade for the elite QBs right now just because they’ve put up such crazy numbers and there’s a drop off after them atleast in terms of performance thus far this season. Lamar obviously isn’t going to average 40 points a game but seems most owners are valuing it as such.

  62. In my league I’m the only one who ever tries to trade for QBs and has been successful cover the years. I never target the elite QBs though. Several times I’ve pulled Brees who was sitting on a bench because they also had Mahomes or Brady etc. I have always also used the QB as a kicker in the offer going for a package or something like that.

  63. I have Hurts, I’d need a clear upgrade in 2 positions to consider trading him. Something like Hurts + JuJu + Etienne for Stafford + Kirk + Mixon

  64. It is a tough one to pull Lamar from me, the Lamar/Andrews stack has been excellent. I would need a top 10 WR and a 5-10 QB, I would also have to enjoy watching the players

  65. I trade devonte adams + James Connor + Stafford for Josh Allen + Kareem hunt + Gabe Davis last night. Still not sure what to think about it

  66. Cant give an exact player but when I use trade charts I take the average of what they list a 1 qb and 2 qb value, for when im in a 1 qb league. So if it's like 25 and 55, I make it 40.

  67. Got hurts and zeke for Connor and kirk. Standard scoring. This was after week 1 when Dak went down. Have the wr and rb depth

  68. If I was trying to acquire a top tier QB, I’d be prepared to give my QB (Kyler) plus one of my best skill players (Kupp, Chase, Henry).

  69. I offered Waddle and AJ Dillon for Hurts. The other team is 0-3 and has lost Mitchell and keenan allen to injuries. I thought the trade would help his team and also mine but he said no.

  70. Those trade charts say Zeke is fair value for Hurts. Never considering trading with you ever again if you send me that

  71. League mate is going to trade Lamar and Aaron Jones for Justin Herbert, Saquon, and Courtland Sutton. Half PPR. Guy getting lamar is huge ravens fan so that might play into it.

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