You know what’s the scariest thought about having the fear of flying? That there was someone with a fear of flying on a doomed flight. I literally can’t get this out of my mind.

  1. I can’t imagine what that would feel like. What pills did you take? I’m looking into it. And the fear of flying can be classed under anxiety? I remember my last turbulent experience, I kept repeating in my head “turbulence is scary but it’s not harmful”. I managed to stay calm. But the real panic comes if I’m taking off on a night flight and I can’t see outside. I start acting out and crying.

  2. Omg, wait, I think I saw that on flight radar app!!! Was it September 7th? I usually track flights to Tahiti or nz because 1. I love both of those in idea and I'd love to go someday and 2. I noticed that there's always a little glitch or route deviation around Hawaii. But I saw one recently SF to Tahiti that has a huge ass route deviation around the Hawaii adjacent mark and I almost posed screenshots to the flightradar24 subreddit to ask what happened but I never did. I can't believe I stumbled upon your comment. I wondered if it was an app glitch or what because if I was half way through the Pacific on a long haul flight in the dark I'd be really freaked out

  3. And the vast majority of the 117 billion people who ever lived on Earth lived at a time when commercial aviation didn't even exist! I don't have the time or energy right now to figure out how many people lived on Earth since commercial aviation started (remember the Wright brothers first flew in 1903, 119 years ago in December!), but it's a small fraction of all those humans who have EVER lived on Earth!

  4. I remember the six members of a family (mom, dad, two daughters, grandparents) who perished in the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crash.

  5. sigh I know what you mean A flight I was on that had the worst turbulence I've ever experienced, I initially started off by feeling pure panic but then it switched to acceptance that this is it, I'm going to die and that it's okay, I'm sure I won't feel anything, it'll be done in a second. It was a weird calming feeling. That flight was with my family. And I think that calmed me down, that my family were there with me. When I travel alone, I feel worse because I am fixated on how I'm going to leave my family behind and I'm so worried about how they'll feel and what they'll do. I don't know how to explain it. All I know is eventhough landing is something that scares a lot of people, it's the part I look forward to the most, because I just can't wait to touch ground and hopefully arrive safely and for this flight to be done with.

  6. I'm 100% with you! Its the feeling of leaving loved ones so tragically and thinking about their grief that makes me panic. I'm the same about landing, its almost an adrenaline rush knowing I am back on the ground.

  7. This is the thing. People would’ve been reassuring those people about how safe flying is, just like people now try to reassure us.

  8. EXACTLY my point!! Exactly that!! Saying how rare it is and how you’re most likely to die on the way to airport etc etc. Imagine the feeling of being afraid to fly, taking the risk, and LITERALLY being the one in a million chance to experience what is so rare! Like at any given moment, you can be the exception. Doesn’t matter how rare it is, if it can happen-it can happen. So our fears are somewhat valid.

  9. For me, while I don't have a fear of flying (in fact, I love flying!), the thought that people went through like the procedures we did is kinda scary to me. Like checking in and going through security, what we all do, and not knowing you're going to die in hours' time. I have no clue why I'm like that, I just thought I'd bring it up

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