Clothes functional for gym yet still appropriate for class?

  1. Athleta might be up your alley! They have a lot of clothing that is business/casual oriented and yet is still made of workout material.

  2. Colorful button downs are in now so I wear that over my workout clothes. You can tie it in the front as well. A cropped corduroy cardigan or shacket also works All black workout clothes with a colorful blazer Changing the shoes to knee high boots works well in the not summer All black with a large brown belt at the waist You can wear bike shorts and a sports bra and then a dress on top if you have something like that

  3. In this weather? What...hemisphere is layering an option right now? I wish I could layer button ups rn!

  4. A lot of the Halara dresses I keep getting advertised look like they would work. Or wear workout leggings and a sports bra underneath a dress, then just peel off the dress to actually exercise.

  5. Does your gym have a locker room? I used to go to classes all day and then finish at the gym before heading home and I invested in some sports bras, gym shorts, and lightweight sneakers that folded up to nothing in my backpack. I even bought a Lululemon bag that had a separate "sweaty/waterproof" pocket to stash gym things in afterwards.

  6. Invest some money in sports bras that look more like traditional bras - I have one by berlei and chantelle is another of my favorite bra brands. Makes it easier to wear something cute and still do a workout later.

  7. Uniqlo leggings or biker shorts and a good sports bra in black/grey would look great. You can just throw a light parka over and you got covered.

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