0~5% CPU usage, 99~100% GPU usage on FFXIV

  1. Seems abnormal that your GPU would get hammered that much, I play on a GTX 1060 6GB and it never goes above 60% usage at maximum quality. Can I ask what resolution you're playing at, and what FPS you're aiming for?

  2. 1440P max settings atm. I'm not trying to aim for particular fps, I just want to see if there's a way that my CPU will be utilized.

  3. Are you playing at 4k? It's more GPU bound at higher resolutions. FFXIV isn't massively optimised anyway so it can be tricky to achieve high fps even on too end pcs at 1080p, if you're hanging around limsa

  4. Not at 4K, but at QHD atm! I'm not really looking for high fps though; just seeing if cpu usage being this low is out of place or not

  5. To give an answer we kind of need to know what resolution and fps you are playing with. But having low CPU usage is normal in FF 14 on a fast CPU, because not a lot is going on CPU wise if you don't have lots of players close by.

  6. Some games are CPU bound, some are GPU bound. Normally you want to be GPU limited (and that's what happens most of the time) as this means you aren't leaving any GPU performance on the table. If your GPU is at 100% utilization that's good, if your CPU was at 100% utilization I'd be saying you need to upgrade your CPU.

  7. It's a great CPU, the game is 10 years old and also, by design, doesn't have a lot of stuff to process (thanks PS3 I guess) so it's very far from CPU bound. Like, really - miniature levels with all static loading so GAPI stuff isn't taking much, the netcode runs in 2 ticks or at least seems that way, the UI stuff is fairly well done and the gameplay is just a dot to circles intersection pretty much. They paid some genuine attention that it could run on toasters.

  8. Also, this is applicable to everything that needs to run on your PC in realtime (i e. games) -- making your game eat up too much GPU causes lower framerate and that's it, but having a CPU do more work that it can handle completely screws up the internal logic. Some geniuses sometimes put the GPU stuff right into the CPU game loop and lock the logic processing until the frame is finished drawing, this is why (I heard) you sprint slower on a really low framerate (single digits) in FF14, but that's not your case.

  9. Just found that it's not just FFXIV, apparently my other games(Divinity OS2 for one) also uses 99% GPU as well.

  10. What does eg. Windows mention for CPU usage? If you cross reference it with Nvidia just in case. Seems bizarre that it wouldn't use it at all is everything is normal

  11. I would double check your GPU is getting the full PCI power from your power supply, and do a completely clean driver installation using DDU

  12. Yes 5% Cpu Usage sounds perfectly normal with a modern CPU and a game as old as Ff14. If you have a high refreshrate Monitor (say 144Hz and up) GPU usage at 99% is also perfectly normal and in fact how it should be. If you didn't have your GPU maxed out on your old system and your fps didn't increase you should use DDU (Display driver uninstaller, just google it) and reinstall your graphics driver after. Ifnyour fps increased from upgrading your CPU you should be good tho.

  13. Unfortunately this game is terribly optimized, and designed on an ancient fossil of a game engine "crystal engine" there's going to be lots of issues with about every corner of the game depending on your set up. The game itself doesn't play wellbwith nvidia, and g-sync. And performs terribly on high end PCs.

  14. Do you have task manager separted by core or do you only have one overall graph? Because overall 5% from 10 cores means that one core is loaded up to 50%.

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