Love waking up to this!

  1. This is part of the reason I love my 94, the CEL is much further down on the dash and not in my direct line of sight and it’s OBD 1 so I can just ignore it more easily

  2. To be fair, the gas gauge is all fucked and sometimes will read full (or more than full) even when empty. Not sure the issue.

  3. Remove the red and black cables to the battery. Then put them back on. The check engine light will go off

  4. Check engine light is on cause you overfilled your fuel tank! Check your blinker fluid levels while you are at it.

  5. Eh don't worry about it, I've had my check engine light on the past couple months. Made it to Texas from Wisconsin and from Texas to south carolina all within a week, so you should be good.

  6. As a 4runner owner I have to thank reddit for suggesting this thread, I needed a good laugh this morning. Comments here are too funny.

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