My coworker decided to prank us, so we exacted our revenge

  1. Too much to tackle in one go - I think I would rip the foil on the front of the monitor and the top of the keyboard and just get on with my day.

  2. Thats what a guy did when I wrapped his office for Christmas. He only unwrapped his office as he needed what was wrapped up.

  3. Did this to an old boss. That is exactly what she did. She moved jobs and kept a pen holder with pens individually wrapped in foil from 2005 to 2019 including a company move and 6 or 7 office moves along the way. They were left and I inherited them when I later took over her responsibilities.

  4. We got one of our younger coworkers years ago. He went on a 3 week holiday and while he was away we rebuilt his cube to child-sized dimensions, we even had the facilities crew help us out.

  5. There are wires under the desk and on the left wall. Get back in there and do a complete job

  6. “Sorry, boss. Can’t get to these tickets for 2hours as I’m cleaning up this super funny prank in my office…”

  7. To add to the cost of mining, transportation, production, shipping, stocking, all that gas and diesel for all vehicles included plus maintenance on those machines, the amount of power it takes to run the factories where most energy is coming from some sort of fossil fuel burning...all to wrap objects in a office and then to be recycled AND all the energy it takes to pick up the recycling and the actual recycling process...Yeah it's a waste. I am surprised Reddit doesn't hate such wastefulness but alas is still funny!

  8. I had something similar done to my desk once when it was noticed that I wasn't putting any money into the milk fund for our tea and coffee (despite me never having any) so I just said "Fine. I'll just refuse to work until this is taken down" Didn't take long for my desk to be put right

  9. I would walk in. Sit on my tinfoil throne. Rip the tinfoil off my monitor, mouse and keyboard and embrace my new role as the Lord of Chrome.

  10. Meh, you would get zero reaction from me, I'd leave most of it wrapped up and just tear things away as I need to get to them

  11. Ha ha funny, let's waste resources for no reason... Transport, manufacturing, resource acquisition, and energy/heat.

  12. If he/she brought a sack lunch you could have wrapped it and made it look like an old school TV Dinner while they were busy sorting out their office.

  13. In my first IT job, one of our directors went on vacation. When he got back we had filled his entire office to the ceiling with wadded up pieces of green bar printer paper each about basketball size. When he opened the door to go in, about 20 pieces rolled out. He had to clear a path to his desk and then clear off his desk. It took him a couple of days to get it all out of there.

  14. Once at work we had a co-worker leave when a hurricane was approaching- long before it was necessary. We used stretch clear plastic wrap over everything. When she returned she cried- showed what she was really made of!!

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