Who would win?

  1. King of the monsters vs king of the jews. That's gonna be one hell of a non-fictional fight right there!! Am I right!?

  2. Godzilla takes it, Jesus can only resurrect once and the moron would just turn the other cheek to the same attack.

  3. Assuming they both have all their powers…. I don’t think Jesus could technically die, but none of his powers really sync up with stopping giant monsters. He could probably annoy Godzilla, part the sea while he’s swimming, leave him there laying in the mud, lol. But Godzilla could wreak havoc and the best Jesus could do is maybe comfort the injured, maybe a couple resurrections, but he would have to watch all the suffering Godzilla is causing with out much to do, I’d call that an over all loss. And before anyone says god could step in, that wasn’t the question, it’s 1 on 1, lmao

  4. Lol what? Assuming they weren't fictional, Godzilla has atomic breath whereas Jesus had the dumbest superpowers ever and got killed by some guys with nails and a 2x4.

  5. Well even with a respawn, Jesus died twice to regular people, so I think godzilla will be able to take him out just fine...unless Jesus turns the ocean to wine, then Drunk godzilla will win

  6. Godzilla wins easily. It's easier to kill Jesus than it is to kill Godzilla. Jesus only took three nails and two pieces of wood.

  7. My understanding of Christian lore is murky at best but isn't Jesus suppose to be on the same level as his dad after his resurrection? So Jesus wins soundly without any effort whatsoever.

  8. Jesus could turn the ocean into wine. Then, when Godzilla emerges, he would be drunk off his ass and it would be no contest.

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