Which old video game series need to make a immediate comeback?

  1. Command and conquer, but not all the new garbage they tacked onto it, I’m talking like remaster generals zero hour or one of the red alerts :)

  2. Bro I was so happy to see this GIF. I mention this EVERYTIME I see one of these types of threads. Legacy of Kain and the games related are SO good and hit me with instant nostalgia.

  3. I'd pay £100 for a remaster of soul reaver 1 and 2, blood omen 1 and 2 AND defiance! Loved all the lore, characters and just the overall vibe of those games. Kain was both a dick and a don. Raziel was a realm shifting beastmanvampboi that made you empathise with a fallen from grace vampire.... the puzzles were next level... man I miss those games.

  4. Dark cloud would be so good on modern hardware with the village building! I wish there was another game like it but I've never found one.

  5. Dark Cloud 2 was amazing. I loved the Spheda, golf mini game, once you cleared a level. The city building was so engaging. If a 3 was ever announced I'd be so happy.

  6. I had the opportunity to go back and play that again a couple of years ago. That control scheme just about gave me a stroke. Loved it then, but it needs options now.

  7. Microsoft now owns activision and activision owns Beenox and Toys for Bob so I wouldn't mind if they did a remaster series in the same vein as spyro reignited/crash n.sane trilogy as I liked those remasters, and it gave someone like me, who didnt play the originals, a chance to exprience them. They could even call it "Banjo Re-dooie".

  8. That would be amazing. For an N64 game, it’s really good. If it had more modern game design elements, it could be a better platformer than Mario Odyssey.

  9. as much as I love the souls games, Its basically all From soft has been doing for the last ten years. It's time for them to get back into the Mech business and put out another Armored core.

  10. Man I was pretty good at unreal tournament 2004. Loved that game, it was so much fun! It was the last fps that I was legit really good at too!

  11. I would be over the moon about a Legend of Dragoon remake. But how do we get a game studio to do it?

  12. SSX 3 is one of my all time favourite games. I miss it dearly. I wish there was a new one, but knowing the publisher...

  13. I wish Camelot would just break off a part of their development team and make another Golden Sun. That series had absolutely insane potential and just fizzled out for no reason.

  14. Golden Sun was my absolute favorite game growing up - so much content packed into one of those little cartridges. Unbelievably well done game series

  15. Which red faction do you want though? A sequel to the original fps or the third person guerilla?

  16. I would love this. Maybe with a new protagonists and something like a 100 year or more time skip so now the journeys of Prince are all but legends. Either way I want more Dahaka running me down.

  17. To young to know if it really was a good game but xbox 360 had one of those games on their free games with gold and man I had a good time with it, plus mask customization was way cooler than any other customization of ever experienced back then

  18. Prototype would be a good choice for remaster. Just a few QoL tweaks, and a graphical spitshine, and it would be pretty sweet.

  19. The only way this would work in our modern society is to have Duke be a washed up has-been that everyone makes fun of for his cheesy one-liners and otherwise 80s machismo, until the aliens come back and start wrecking shit, causing Duke to come outta retirement and (reluctantly) save the planet

  20. Man I'll never forget playing Jak 2 for the first time. The change in tone threw me for a loop but I loved it. Definitely one of those games that has stuck with me to this day. At least we still have Ratchet I guess.

  21. Thief (while paying attention to Thief 2)! And whoever makes it needs to realize that it's not just a game about sneaking / stealing - it's the variety of missions, enemies, and solutions that made those such great games.

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