Two Gatekeeps for the price of one

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  2. fun fact: i work at starfucks and we are far from understaffed. we have SO many people. but, the company is cutting the number of labor hours our managers can schedule us for, so we FEEL understaffed. there’s never enough of us working at the same time, despite there being so many of us. and none of us can get enough hours — we all want anywhere from 5-15 more than we’re getting scheduled. our managers are doing their best, but they literally cannot give us the help we need because the company will not let them... all because our dear sweet Howard Schultz hates unions, and decided to union bust every fuckin starfucks in the country because he can’t legally only do it to certain ones

  3. Honestly the idea of one counter for common items one counter for custom items isn't a terrible idea, the problem is just the entitled self-centered way the people in the above post are asking for it.

  4. A half way decent high volume bar already has this sort of thing. You have bartenders, barbacks and then service well bartenders. You aren't just waiting on some crazy cocktails you're also waiting on all the other people that just wanted a bottle ahead of you and guests always, always underestimate just how high the volume of a bar actually is.

  5. When I was a barback I just bussed tables, ran out glasses, restocked bottles, ice, and changed kegs. In 2 years I never handed anyone a single drink unless it was for staff after hours.

  6. A majority of people who go to restaurants without having ever worked in the food industry have a complete disconnect. It’s actually sickening, how some people can become such entitled insufferable assholes because they have to pay for food they didn’t make and have to interact with other humans.

  7. Honestly at the bar I used to work at on real busy nights we had 3 bar tenders and a bar back. 2 just taking care of the bar and one taking care of the servers orders. We were not that big.

  8. Making fun of the fancy drinks is wrong. But yeah, I'd love two lines for fancy and not fancy. I drink black coffee and neat Scotch, I'm not a difficult customer and I hate waiting in line.

  9. I really fucking hate this, I don't know what to call it, stigma that the internet has against speciality coffee shops? Has anyone actually seen what they put in those coffees? A lot of them have so much espresso in them that they're actually way stronger than regular coffee.

  10. I love a cocktail (specifically a watermelon margarita, a goombay smash, a Moscow mule, a rosemary gimlet, and my absolute favourite, a Last Word) and a London Fog and I'd be thrilled with fancy/not fancy lines.

  11. Bars could definitely use a fancy/not fancy line. I feel like coffee shops usually already have this separated. The long wait is usually just to order. And you have at least 3 employees with one on the register, one on the espresso machine, and one slinging drip coffee and cold brews. So once you’ve ordered, easy drinks definitely do come out faster.

  12. It would only work if you had an entirely separate bar/counter with a limited stock. Otherwise some "clever" customer would immediately jump in the simple line and request their very complicated drink.

  13. The lines are literally made from customers like you, if anyone should have to wait in line it’s you.

  14. This gets frustrating at my work cafeteria. But it’s a staffing problem. There is always a line of people waiting for the already-prepared-but-under-the-heat-lamp food, but the person who’s supposed to serve it is off at the grill making a special order omelette or sandwich for one person

  15. I wonder if it would end up backfiring if there's a line for simple drinks that is perceived as faster more people might choose simple drinks instead, ultimately making the simple drinks line slower than if it were just two unspecific lines.

  16. until you think about it for five seconds and realize that if the business is going to pay for twice the manpower, they may as well have both tenders be able to complete both kind of orders.

  17. At my old job at a coffee place we made the coffee In the morning before opening and put them in these things at the front of the counter so it stayed hot and the customer just poured it themselves then we’d make more coffee once it was out

  18. as a barista in america, i would LOVE if all i made was coffee instead of pretentious milkshakes all day, but that's not what people order. i joined starbucks because i like making coffee, not fucking frappuccinos

  19. Not really. Most Standard espresso based drinks are 2 shots, which should technically be a "single shot" at this point. For context a standard single shot is somewhere around 7-8g of espresso dosage, and a double shot is roughly around 14-18g of espresso. And roughly double the amount of espresso out as beans in (so a double shot is roughly 32ish-36ish grams of actual espresso drink). Every single shop you go to will do a double shot at minimum for their drinks, and even for straight espresso.

  20. Hey man I just want a few beers, the plane is taking off in 20 minutes, and if I'm not on board by then who is going to fly it?

  21. Not really a gatekeeping, they’re just saying it’s frustrating to have to wait 5 minutes for a drink that takes 5 seconds to pour. A second line would be extremely convenient.

  22. I think the gatekeeping is in the way they expressed their distaste or cocktails and frappes, not in the general idea that is being proposed.

  23. When I was a bartender I usually had a barback that would handle beer and wine while I did everything else for this reason. It would move through the whole line faster. Simple triage.

  24. Kinda crappy to get high and mighty about your preferred drink, but it does make sense to try and limit the wait behind complex drinks.

  25. How is this gatekeeping? I also worked at tons of places that had this split since it's often impossible to please the guests when a ton of people want beer/wine and others want cocktails/longdrinks. Lmfao, y'all have never lived the server or barkeeper life

  26. Do… do people realize that most large coffee shops DO have a person for each type of drink? Iirc the frozen milkshakey drink area is called the “cold bar” or something. But yeah, there’s literally one person at each station

  27. i’m a starfucks barista. we have hot bar and cold bar, typically. what’s also funny is... we typically DO have a “fast track” for people who want black coffee. if you come inside and order a plain black coffee, the barista who is on register will typically just grab it for you so the hot bar barista doesn’t have to deal with it and can continue making complicated espresso drinks. someone who orders a pike place in cafe is typically going to get their drink before someone who ordered a shaken espresso before them

  28. No siding with the entitlement of the way the post was phrased, but I think the idea would be more to make it 'the standard''

  29. Maybe not in the strictest sense („that's not a real drink“) but I would say the absolute entitlement and implication that you're lesser for not drinking what they drink means it fits

  30. Yeah, it's just more efficient. There's one product that takes more time with less volume, and another with higher volume that takes less time. Split those up and you've got one worker basically just passing stuff out and another crafting a good product without building up a line.

  31. I mean, they have a good idea. There should be some separation for incredibly complicated orders, and ones that are quick and simple.

  32. Long time bar worker here… the comments in this post are so entitled and ignorant to the bar industry I hope none of you ever come in my bar. You should all stay home and make your own fucking drinks. My god.

  33. Can we also do this at gas stations for lotto tickets for the retired ass holes that have all day to do it but decide to do it at 7 am when everyone is trying to get to work?

  34. Ya I dunno, I gotta agree with them here. Starbucks kinda solves this with their app, but a tablet with the beers on tap and bottled to order to a table or numbered seating for just beer seems like a pretty decent solution in bars.

  35. This literally exists at most bars and cafes. High volume bars do exactly this. Most cafes have the cashier pour your coffee for you. Baristas make espresso drinks and aren't pouring drip/iced coffees.

  36. Aside from the “that’s not a real drink” vibes, they’ve got a point. Same idea as self checkout or express lines for people who have like 3 items so they don’t get stuck behind the mother who pushed out a litter and is dropping 4 figures on a week’s worth of groceries

  37. Tell me you've never worked in the service industry, without telling me you've never worked in the service industry. Both of these ideas would save so much time.

  38. I can't get over how people think they're special for drinking spoiled wheat soup like it's better than actually good tasting alcoholic beverages, and like drinking coffee as bitter as your soul is the only real coffee. Like, life is already bleak, why do I gotta bring that to my drinks when I could have a delicious coffee milkshake or a slushy that gets me drunk?

  39. In fairness, most cafés nowadays do have a system where if you're buying a mixed coffee drink, they make it behind the counter, but otherwise they just give you a cup and direct you to the coffee pitchers off to the side.

  40. We actually do need this though, I was waiting to order a pint that would take at most 30 seconds but the people in front ordered cocktails that took over 5 minutes to waste. Although cocktails are way more expensive, they must lose bars money in some place because in the same amount of time they could’ve served at least 20 beers (in a really busy bar such as at events and concerts etc.)

  41. This is a rare miss for this sub. Making fun of fancy drinks is a bit obnoxious but I absolutely agree that there should be a bartender for basic drinks on tap and someone else for the more elaborate cocktails

  42. Phrasing is bad but I genuinely love this idea especially bc it helps people in an overworked field bartending is hard and I can only imagine what its like to be a barista

  43. It's not like they haven't thought of it already and don't already do it. What the gatekeeper is describing is just a busy business. Making suggestions about speeding things up from the side of standing in queue are often just impractical to realistically implement.

  44. Not really gatekeeping because they don’t say that the fancy drinks aren’t good choices they just say that they take too long to make

  45. But aren't they just asking for more staff at bars ? Where's the gatekeeping part. They didn't say not to drink beer if you like cocktails, or that black coffee is only for real men. All they said is that waiting 30 mins to order a beer cuz someone made a very time consuming order is annoying

  46. The first one isn't really gatekeeping. That really happens, it takes 5 seconds to pour a beer and you end up standing there watching the bartender making a round of 8 layered shots for a bachelorette party. If he said there should be a bartender for manly cocktails like a right side up negroni then that would be gatekeeping.

  47. This is totally a thing at both bars and coffee shops. I’ve been in tons of bars that have beer carts, or beer only bars. So many coffee shops including Starbucks will just pull your coffee at the register.

  48. Honestly as a bartender I kind of support this, it is a pain in the ass when I’m whipping up like 3 daiquiris and I can see the poor guy behind them who I know only orders draft Miller lite, like I see you homie, I’m coming I promise

  49. There's a point about the beer most places the waiters will pour your points if the bartender is busy. But seriously are we still going on about other people's coffee

  50. Can we have separate posts for alcohol gatekeeping and coffee gatekeeping? Sometimes I just want to see people whining about alcohol stuff, and I shouldn't have to scroll through these coffee drinkers to see it

  51. Many bars have a “bottle bar” where you can buy beer and other “quick” drinks. It works well

  52. So I order both “regular coffee” and fancier drinks and every time I get the former they just pour it and hand it to me before making another drink.

  53. Assuming the coffee person is talking about Starbucks because of the milkshake comment. I worked at a Starbucks for several years and have been inside to get coffee since I quit.

  54. I know this might sound crazy. But if all you want is a normal beer wouldn’t a six pack be more confident and less expensive ($6 vs $0.30) or a cup of coffee you made yourself ($4 vs $.05)?

  55. The thing with coffee is that pulling a good shot takes time & effort, regardless of what kind. Steaming & pouring milk is done in a few seconds.

  56. Been a bartender and a barista and I love these people, they’d get all the way through the first line because people don’t read signs, then get super mad at me when I tell them they actually need to be in that line over there with 10+ more people in it

  57. I was at a bar once that had a wall of taps(at least40). You prepaid a special card that would turn on the tap. Fast, easy, no waiting-Genius idea! I forget the name of the place but it was in a Chicago suburb.

  58. I mean, I was a cocktail waiter and am not against this. I worked in a pub that had an entirely separate bar for cocktails. Worked a treat!

  59. Many coffee shops I've been to already just pour your coffee and give it to you or give you a cup and let you pour your own if you're just getting black coffee, rather than completing orders in the exact order they were received. Also let's be honest, many beers especially if the keg is new or almost empty take as long if not longer to baby than mixing a drink.

  60. This is some gatekeeping I can get behind, the first 'beer' related bit and only because I like fast service for simple things and no other reason.

  61. i agree with first guy. Depending on where you are. It just takes to fucking long for me to get something to drink. Lots of people ordering it already. if someone tries something fancy that takes a little longer it'll make everyone else wait

  62. I mean most coffee shops just hand you your drip coffee at the register if you order one and make you wait at the espresso bar for those drinks so it’s kind of already a thing at least

  63. My father is like this, he doesn't seem to grasp that the complex drinks are where coffee shops make their actual money. Businesses don't want to make it harder for it to buy the expensive stuff than it is for the cheap stuff.

  64. The funny thing is big coffee shops in downtown areas pretty much have this already. Requires having enough business to have a larger staff so not realistic everywhere but does exist. Went into a coffee shop on market street in SF once with a line 50 long and was out in <5 minutes

  65. we HAVE coffee bars for you assholes that dont like when we make drinks. then you bother US (while we are making shakes/smoothies/holding hot steaming milk, mind you!) for the most simple, intuitive questions, making MORE people wait for drinks

  66. I feel like drunk people in bars are not great at taking directions. I'm sure no one will get mad when they get to the front of the beer line and order a gin and tonic

  67. “Hey can we have two separate kitchens? I’m tired of waiting so long for my well done 54 oz steak because some guy wants a fancy schmancy entree”

  68. By their logic for The coffee one should be just Americano or espresso. Then a side table if you want to add milk or sugar yourself.

  69. I mean, you don't have to word it like an elitist jackass, but on paper this isn't an awful idea. Iced drinks always take a fucking long time to make, so it kinda sucks for the person who just wants a latte that's stuck behind the guy who just ordered five frappes.

  70. The second comment almost had a good point but said some goofy stuff at the end but I actually had a similar idea for local coffee shops.

  71. My local coffee shop served this. They have a self serve urn for just coffee with creamer and sugar out there, and the person at the register doesn't make the drinks so you're only waiting as long as it takes the people in front of you to order, then they hand you a cup and you get your coffee yourself

  72. Nah this is a real thing, a bar I worked at specifically had little “beer gardens” so the easy orders didn’t have to wait. It’s smart capitalism man!

  73. Right? Like can I get just a green light in traffic and others get the red light please? I’m not waiting around all day when I need to go somewhere.

  74. A fast lane where you just get the basic house beer at a bar or a single shot of black coffee at a cafe as a way to skip the line of complicated orders.

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