How we feeling about this?

  1. I’d prefer 8 teams. If you can lose 3 times and still get in, that’s really devaluing the regular season games. 3 times is a lot.

  2. As somebody else said, 8 teams eliminates the option of first round byes. I think the 4 byes are what keeps the regular season interesting which is needed for CFP. I like how this is gonna play out, i just wish the first 2 rounds were on campus instead of just the first round. Because now if we win the SEC we won’t have any CFP games at sanford

  3. Ideally losing 1 game shouldn’t ruin your season, college football is so cutthroat it’s scary. You should be able to make a mistake or 2.

  4. It’s just going to cause more national frustration with the SEC. They think the expansion is going to give other conferences more of a chance…..I just see more SEC teams getting opportunities

  5. This is what I’ve been saying. I get everyone is tired of seeing Bama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, etc. every year but this format essentially guarantees they’ll be in it every year. Even on years they have multiple losses.

  6. 8 or 6 if you really want byes. 8 gives you p5 Champs + best g5 + 2 at large. Show me the year someone else deserved to be in even a little that this formation wouldn't have covered. 12 is a joke.

  7. That is the single best speech I’ve heard anyone make ever. Reagan’s Challenger speech is a distant second. Belushi’s Animal House one is third.

  8. I think it’s a massive mistake. I think it will slowly erode the meaning of the regular season and is nothing more than a money grab.

  9. It sucks the regular season doesn’t mean as much. But I’ll still watch the Dawgs every week rooting for them to handle their opponents giving me more confidence for them in the playoffs. Still won’t be the same high as watching a game like the Tennessee one though.

  10. I would've been down for 6 or 8. 12 is too many. And I feel like it takes a lot of drama away from the regular season. Games like Georgia vs. Tennessee and Ohio State vs. Michigan weren't just big because they were rivalries but because every one knew it was a possible elimination game. With 12 teams getting in, that angle doesn't exist anymore. They're just going to be games for seeding.

  11. I'm a proponent for expansion but I thought 8 was sufficient. 12 could be fun though, so I can live with it. It should create match-ups against teams we rarely or never play. I suspect we will still see the same perennial Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State suspects but I'm confident Georgia will stay in the hunt, and it will give some outlier teams a path to the playoffs also. It might mean more games against quality opponents. I see the benefits but what concerns me is 4 playoff games added onto 12 regular season games could create injury issues. Attrition will absolutely come into play even more so than it already does. Will we see coaches sitting key players early in the regular season in an attempt to save them for the playoffs?

  12. Terrible, the regular season is now incredibly devalued. The value of making the playoffs mean less and the big games of old would now just be for seedimg

  13. As someone who doesn't follow the NFL/pro sports, it's depressing. Turning college football into something I'm afraid I won't enjoy. Hope I'm wrong.

  14. I fucking hate it. It's just extra games for a team that actually deserves to be there to have somebody important go down to some 3 loss team that doesn't deserve to be there.

  15. On the one hand, we'll almost never be missing the playoffs. Richt would have made the playoffs 8/15 years. Basically in with a chance at a Natty 14/23 years since 2000.

  16. Without looking up actual numbers, I believe Clemson would be in the playoffs every year over basically the last decade. And saban would have had bama there every year since his first probably. Ohio state every year except for those lean years during the sanctions.

  17. Every other division of football has been doing this and more for decades. There's rarely a dark horse. You just get an extra game that the NCAA can make money on before getting steamrolled by a top four seed now.

  18. I was happy with just 2 teams. I like college football being different than pro. However that ship sailed long ago.

  19. I’d prefer 6 or 8 teams. I think all 1-loss teams should get a shot. 12 seems like too many because you will be letting in 3 or 4 loss teams that don’t deserve to be there and will get crushed, but will still hurt players on the good teams in the process. I’m most worried about additional injuries from the extra round with scrub teams.

  20. This takes advantage of the labor from student football athletes that offer us for our benefit, entertainment; so that more money can be made fro their labor.

  21. I mean hell, people are going to bitch until CFB is participation trophies, pretty much already have that with all the bowls. Anyhow i wish the pussification would at least slow down.

  22. Will it be adding games, necessarily? Seems like it will just be in place of certain bowl games. And independent teams do not get a fair shake in this at all.

  23. I love having more CFB games. I don't really believe that it's gonna devalue the regular season as much as people expect it to, as teams will still likely be in the running for a championship game appearance even after a CFP appearance is likely secured. The first round bye that comes with a championship game win will be really important even for the top programs, as that extra week provides extra time to prepare players and gameplan for an opponent. I understand people wanting 8 teams over 12, but I think it is important for the playoff to have both the 6 autobids for the top 6 conference championship winners and the first round byes for the top 4 teams. I think that the expanded CFP gives every team in the FBS a clear path to the playoff, especially P5 teams, which is a significant improvement over having an arbitrary selection committee, and encourages teams to schedule harder opponents since they don't have to have a near-perfect record to make the playoffs.

  24. I agree that 12 is probably too many, but I have to admit that I like 12. It's enough to ensure that you get the best team in every conference, regardless of early season losses (see UGA in 2002 and 2007 I think) and you get to see more head-to-head match-ups that simply never happen. For instance, seeing Alabama play OSU would be interesting this year, in my opinion.

  25. I don’t see this as anything other than a net positive for our Dawgs. Not only are we going to get more of a chance to be in it, even on down years, but we have a real shot to win it the last THREE years of “legitimacy” of the old model.

  26. Guys, I don’t why everyone is so worked up about it. How else will the CFP make money on Ohio State and Alabama if they lose? If Alabama lost 6 games in a season, there would talk of expanding the playoff to include 6 loss teams. Like most everything else in the world, college sports are about money, and politics to get more money.

  27. Probably worse for us but better for the game in total. Makes every conference championship matter. It’ll be more fun in the end.

  28. Overall feels like a pretty big loss for the sport. Josh Pate has discussed it at length on Late Kick (btw if you're not subscribed to that channel on YouTube, you're missing out big time). On the bright side, it's hard to imagine the Dawgs ever being outside the top 12, so I guess we're getting a title shot every year from now on.

  29. We need to collect those titles now before the time comes when December Madness arrives, that's how I'm feeling lol.

  30. We’ve been left on the outside looking in before when it seemed we could take all comers. Hawaii suffered for it.

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