Maybe the Dead live forever?

  1. Indeed! I wish I could find the clip where Bobby discusses his vision of watching an old Mayer and the younger generation continuing to play. It was in the early days of Dead and Co.

  2. Man I have seen cubensis so many times and they are awesome. 14 below and the marlin and Winston’s in OB, one Halloween was I believe Derek and the dominos set if memory serves me correctly.

  3. Yup I told my friend this exact thing. Mozart and Bach live forever and so do the Dead. It’s dumb to call them cover bands or tribute bands.

  4. As long as people are willing to pay to see them, these cover/tribute bands will keep on playing long after Weir, Lesh, Kreutzmann, and Hart have called it quits.

  5. So do you envision John leading the band and finding new members when the others have retired or move on from this world?

  6. He’s a very talented musician, but I hope it’s not Mayer carrying the torch. I view him as an opportunistic poser who rides the Dead’s coattails. But that’s just me.

  7. I recently read an article where where the author said that with so many different cover bands and interpretations of the Grateful Dead, they have evolved into more of a musical genre than just a band at this point… which is a great way to look at it in my opinion. Genres last forever

  8. There's a clip somewhere of Mayer at a guitar expo saying a similar thing. Basically that they Dead created their own songbook of American music. It was kinda early in the D&C thing.

  9. I have this amusing picture in my head of like….hundreds or thousands of years from now of a news story following a galactic caravan of spaceships hopping from system to system following some future incarnation of D&C/DSO.

  10. As much as I love JRAD more than any other tribute, I think DSO is a much more “truer” interpretation of the Grateful Dead by a long shot. DSO sticks to recreating Grateful Dead shows, whereas JRAD takes their repertoire and pushes it to its absolute musical limits.

  11. This is definitely what will happen with this music. It’s too ingrained in the world’s musical fabric and cannot be denied. It will live forever. Think Mozart/Gershwin/Coltrane.

  12. People will always carry the torch. Tom Petty is gone but people will forever play his music. Same with Bowie, and countless others.

  13. I agree with you. We’re blessed to have Dead & Co. I guess Phil too but I honestly don’t listen to him. If Bobby’s no longer playing it will be different for me. I cherish all his shows with D&C and Wolf Bros. Hope others keep playing but for me I’ll go see Bobby anywhere

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