What is your favorite Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain?

  1. This is the one… even Dick said if there was a solid recording it would be considered the best. My first show so I might be biased.

  2. 5/21/77 (Dick’s Pick’s 29 btw) Scarlet-Fire’s are my favorite work from the dead, and this is my number one. It is completely earth shattering. Also has my favorite Sugaree!!

  3. 3/28/85, crunchy mid-80's goodness. Bobby really shines throughout. If this show doesn't get officially released within the next 5-10 years I'll be shocked/disappointed.

  4. Cornell. That drop into fire is just so incredible, when Mickey and Billy finally sync up with Phil…I get chills even thinking about it.

  5. 78 is the year for Scarlet>Fire. I quite like 4/16/78 ( while here listen to the whole show it’s a smoker) but they’re a bunch of other greats mentioned here.

  6. I just wanna save all these comments so i can come back to them when i get home, haha! I also really love the 12-31-78 version (which technically would be 01-01-79 since they began playing after midnight, right? ;) )

  7. 9-4-91 First show of fall tour, Bruce in the house, almost 30 minutes of pure joy. The whole show is release worthy but mostly overlooked due to both garden runs being hot. ⚡️✌🏻⚡️

  8. According to Spotify 5-8-77 was my most played song in 2022. Probably helped that it shows up on every random playlist

  9. Not sure I can choose (though definitely check out 10/19/81 if you want a super hot show), but I do agree that 12/31/78 is a great, very clean and tight version.

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