I am never taking this new coating off

  1. You can find all the instructions for getting the skin on the OPI website. It'll be available in multiple regions outside of the US at different dates.

  2. I feel so old now, thanks. Needling people as an elite in invasion as a middle schooler was pretty rad. But now I really do feel ancient and this needs to come back. I have doubled in age since we could play elites, and now I want a purple one.

  3. Logged in and got my coating after the update. Glad this one made it in. The WCT coating for the warthog from the energy sward has yet to drop, and per support may not ever. So I was skeptical.

  4. Damn I want that skin. I'm reading a lot of negative reviews that Amazon sometimes breaks up the order meaning you'd get two invoices. And they won't accept two invoices totaling $20.

  5. Do you have any pics in-game? My girlfriend is really interested but wants to see as much of it as possible before committing

  6. If people want it cheap, ebay is doing a promotion, $10 off for using the app. Theres a few sellers there doing it for $12. Dont need $20 of nail polish if you dont want it, just $2 plus fees/tax.

  7. Really wish they'd just put this in the store, or at least offered some way for players outside the US to get it. I really wanted it but there was no way I was going to the trouble of buying $20 of nail polish from the other side of the planet only to find out I can't get a code or it won't work for my account because I'm not US, or whatever.

  8. Ebay may not be the answer you're looking for, but i found it for $12 there and ebay is doing a $10 dollars off deal for using the app. If you can find it for cheaper but still over the $10 minimum its a steal

  9. As long as you send proof of the online receipt from amazon you'll get the code in an email. It's the company themselves that confirm it, it shouldn't make a difference based on where you buy it (besides shipping)

  10. Progression isn’t a difficult word to understand, yet you’ve proven that there are people who still don’t understand what it means. Look at you standing out!

  11. I think the contrast in this image is kind of bad actually. It looked really good in the game intro scene. Kind of like a glitter midnight purple. I said wtf is that shiny armour when I saw it in game

  12. I want it, but im not buying fucking nail polish. They’re totally tonedeaf to do a nail polish promotion when the majority of the playerbase is male

  13. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the promo started before Valentines Day. Not to mention people have moms, sisters, aunts, etc. in their lives.

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