Season 1 which is based on Reach, doesn't have any Reach maps?

  1. Definitely not gonna happen. If they want this game to last ten years they're gonna have to end up making some remakes. Unless they just use forge maps that are remakes which is pretty much the same thing. kinda

  2. So they said this will be the definitive halo for the next 10 years but don’t want to include any historical maps? And this is the same timeline where we got super smash bros ultimate with literally every character and then some? I don’t want to compare apples to oranges but damn 343 really don’t want to give gamers what they want

  3. I'd rather have remakes than brand-new maps. 343 has shown us in Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: Infinite that they are terrible at designing maps. Halo 5: Guardians has the most forgettable Arena maps in the franchise. All Halo: Infinite really has is Behemoth.

  4. In their view that btb map with the Valhalla man cannon bases is a remake where it nods to the original map but offers a unique experience. I disagree with the idea and think that 1-1 ports or ports with slight updates to accommodate new movement would be amazing.

  5. If the forge tools are as powerful as were being led to believe a whole lot of classic maps will be made in forge. It makes sense to focus on original

  6. For context, their reasoning was that in their playtests direct ports of maps from previous games did not play well in Infinite. (their words, not mine)

  7. Why not? Some maps are just good, sure it may seem lazy to people but they're still being made from scratch

  8. They could at least add some from familiar locations on Reach in that case. I’d love to see a rooftop map like we saw with the big open style helicopter (Hornet?) map in Reach. Something like that could take advantage of the grapple hook and other equipment.

  9. I'm honestly for that. They might've looked at bo4 and saw how much recycled shit was in that game and how the community was against it. It would also explain the dev time (among other issues internally)

  10. They have several games filled with good maps and their pride or moralsnor whatever kicked im there to NOT include any of those maps? They thought it was a better option to release with NOTHING?? Its called Halo INFINITEL

  11. But why, how about blood gulch with traditional vehicle spawns, but sized up to account for the faster speeds? Please? PLEASE?

  12. Because they'd rather come up with some new ideas for maps instead of circlejerk the old ones over and over, especially considering the different weapon balance and equipment would make the old maps not play very well.

  13. $20 no longer seems that bad for getting 6 new maps in the first six months instead of 2, even if they are free.

  14. As it turns out, players are cool with having cosmetics more in line with older games, but would rather not have the same go for the gameplay.

  15. Nothing but the cosmetics are Reach themed. We only want the best for our whales. Stay tuned for more cosmetics in the next decade 👊👊

  16. Its ok theres only 2 new maps (1 arena 1 btb) announced so far for season 2, Im hoping for more but the lack of coop and forge has seemingly cut into map design and other areas and with that now being delayed getting more maps seems like a pipe dream

  17. As someone else pointed out, they don’t want to do remakes. But why? Why the fuck wouldnt you give us things we’ve liked before? Why do they insist on all these meaningless changes?

  18. Yeah a single Reach map would have been nice and made complete sense and not have been too difficult to implement, wouldn’t it?

  19. I think we some right tweaks a lot of the Reach maps could fit the sandbox. While some Reach maps were annoying with jet pack spam or what not, I think many of them would shine with the better balanced equipment in Infinite. Plus Reach's maps are aesthetically gorgeous and I would love to see something like Spire, Highlands, Boneyard, Tempest or Anchor 9 come back.

  20. I’d love to see their take on Anchor 9 or Powerhouse. Those maps and Spire are probably the most tenable for Infinite, in my opinion.

  21. With how pathetic this launch has been, adding originals/remakes would be such a good idea. They can always remove them after they give us new ones

  22. The game doesn’t even need maps from Halo: Reach but the game literally lacks any maps from the planet Reach. They even had concept art of some Reach based Infinite content and seemingly didn’t use it for launch.

  23. Let’s be honest, most of the classic maps would play like Behemoth and everyone would hate it.

  24. I mean it barely has anything to do with Reach aside from the selection of armors in the battle pass. The events haven't had anything to do with Reach, theres no "Reach" game modes, armor effects, maps, AI's, weapons, etc.

  25. Sword Base is maybe my favorite map of all time. Or at least top 3. One of those maps where the spawn locations are well laid out, it's easy to get around but also easy to post up and hold your own against other teams, etc. My squad beat many a superior team who had to get through our coordinated defenses.

  26. No, cause 80% of Reach's original (not counting remakes) maps are terrible, the other 10% are just ok maps, and the other 10% wouldn't play well without Reach's sandbox.

  27. For real. Worst 4v4 map pool of any Halo game. Maybe Boneyard or Spire would be worth adding (especially for 12v12), but fuck no to 4v4 maps.

  28. I feel like those maps are still better than the last decade of maps for the most part. Better than quite a few that came before, too.

  29. Everyone keeps saying add old maps to the new game, and while I understand that and miss some maps as well, don't. Frankly with the new weapons and new abilities it wouldn't work

  30. well they took inspiration from countdown for one of the maps, and it turned out to be the most dogshit map in infinite

  31. Meh. The only Reach map worth bringing back imo is Spire, and that map was only ever at its best in Invasion (which we obviously don’t have anymore).

  32. Season 1, which is based on reach, doesn’t even have all of the reach armor in the game. You have to pay more in the store for certain sets and some only exist for AI to use.

  33. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if they just copy and pasted old maps in. Content is content, as long as they don’t make what they have worse I’m happy

  34. I'll just quickly talk about the misconception about this season being about Reach. This season is about Noble Team, which makes it weird about the ODST armour, but that's what the seasons for. Plus 343i stated they don't want to add map remakes

  35. I’d take any maps at this point, but remakes are usually an easy slam dunk. I find it weird that they didn’t bolster the map roster with some tried and true classics

  36. Because 343 is set on thinking that they can be original and successful. Many easy things can be done to to appease fans in this game, but 343 is unable/unwilling, depending what story they give that week.

  37. If you’d like to play something really neat in the vein of old maps redone and have mcc pc.. one extremely talented young modder ported the entirety of halo 1 multiplayer into the halo 3 engine. Clearly made with a lot of love and effort.

  38. I rarely see a game seriously link a season theme to in-game gameplay. It may reference lore, or previous games, but doesn't do much to pull those experiences into the new game other than with cosmetics.

  39. Mostly because it’s hasn’t even been a year and no forge mode is finished for the public. So yeah I didn’t even expect new map packs to come this soon, but goddamn we need it

  40. Because Reach multiplayer sucked and was responsible for the downfall of competitive. Reach was a good campaign, multiplayer armors were good, and the forge was cool but actual online multiplayer was awful.

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