Your thoughts on the commando.

  1. You aren't lying... All that armor down there... Might as well put it to use... Unless ofcourse... Social programming kicks in and the cannon that appears from the pelvis is too gender specific then we get a boycott on Halo.

  2. I think removing/toning down bloom would make it more viable in SWAT, or, in general. For me the recoil has been easy to manage, but when I need to hit those headshots I always struggle because of bloom (Obviously my aim plays part in it).

  3. A 25 round mag would be nice, but the recoil really isn’t that bad. Treat it like a semi-auto and just pull the trigger once per shot. The recoil is plenty manageable like this and I’ve fucked up a lot of people with the commando

  4. The recoil is alright, the issue is the bloom. The potential ttk is on par with the br and ar, but it blooms enough that even at it's intended range you don't land your shots. You should not need to tap fire a fully automatic weapon to use it within the range it was designed to be optimal in

  5. It has a skill ceiling, but I think it's sligtly underpowered. A great commando player will lose to a decent br player 9 times out of ten.

  6. If i'm on a good day? By far the best weapon I can pick up and shred with. If it's a bad day, I might as well scream at the enemies and I'll be more effective.

  7. because they love to change things that don't need changing, and refuse to change things that do need changing

  8. Overall, a very satisfying gun. Definitely needs a little buff, and I'll never use it in ranked because BR is much more consistent, but I'm happy to take it in BTB.

  9. A very bland assault rifle style weapon without a big enough mag or high enough damage to make it worth using over an AR nor enough headshit damage or low enough recoil to use over a BR which are both as common as it is. How's that for a run on sentence?!

  10. Thinking the commando is bugged. We noticed how super sensitive aiming is with this... when it shouldn't be much different from aiming the BR? It's really difficult to stay on target with this thing.

  11. Been using it more and more, really comfortable with it now and I can comfortably out shoot BR users in Onyx level ranked games with it. I used to hate it but I think I was just using it wrong the whole time by spraying and hoping for the best :) Unshielded bodyshot damage is maybe a bit weak tho

  12. It needs..... something. Less bloom, killing with one less shot, etc. The commando can still shred if you can control the bloom well enough, but it simply feels inconsistent compared to the battle rifle, even if it kills slightly faster. I do think that the upcoming change to have weapon rack spawns be symmetrical between teams will help there, since you won't be in that situation as often where your team only has commandos to work with against the longer ranged br.

  13. Honestly it just needs to be fully hit scan instead of projectile based and it would be fine even with bloom. Trying to lead shots with bloom makes me lose 90% of strafe battles with it when it should be the other way around against a BR. I usually only pick it up so I have a weapon if my br runs dry in a fight, but fully auto should always have the advantage in a strafe over burst fire.

  14. It is a terrible replacement for the DMR. It is also a bad gun in general. I can use it, but I don’t like using it. It feels like an inconvenience just picking it up. The idea of a fully automatic precision weapon is a bad concept to begin with, and the execution doesn’t help that in the slightest. Precision weapons should be semi automatic. A full auto precision weapon isn’t very, well, precise, and so it isn’t really a precision weapon anymore

  15. Damage is really high in my opinion. It's just ahrd to land shots. A few extra bullets in a Mag (say 26) might make it more viable.

  16. I think if its supposed to be interchangeable with the Battle Rifle then it should at least have the same level zoom. The scope being so low doesn't help accuracy in ranged gunfights especially against the Battle Rifle

  17. Ah the "git gud" mentality. Yeah that's just dumb, doesn't matter if it's a good player or bad player, both will pick up a BR, or even an assualt rifle depending on the map, instead because of inconsistency of the weapon. When it works it is highly satisfying, but that's "when it works". People who make posts like this are always insecure try hard trash players. The weapon needs a buff period, it simply doesn't have a place in the sandbox.

  18. The “gap” that there is between the player and minimum range for aim assist to take effect is an extremely odd design choice that makes the game feel worse as a whole IMO…

  19. It's weak. At its current damage level, it needs a much larger clip, at least 35. For as much recoil it as it has it actually packs very little punch. Considering how weak it is, the recoil should be reduced.

  20. Yes. The commando is difficult to get used to but once you do, it’s very lethal. I don’t know how to say it but people need to git gud with it. If they don’t it’s not a big deal because they have the BR.

  21. I can both aim and use it correctly and I'll still tell you it's not that good. It's been nerfed into the dirt, landing every single shot and it's ttk is still just way too slow.

  22. Redundant. We already have an assault rifle. It should be a DMR - but then, we had a DMR. Best way to use it is tap fire it, which then makes it behave like the Sidekick.

  23. There are already two weapons in Infinite which are basically "the CE Magnum but actually balanced": The Stalker Rifle and the Mangler. They both have the famous 2 body 1 head shot to kill. One is balanced to be more effective at long range and the other is better for close range.

  24. The upgraded variant has a scope with even less zoom than the default one, is extremely inaccurate, yet says its more effective at range.

  25. Not a DMR Alternative, That's the Stalker Rifle. A Good Support Weapon to the Battle Rifle and Assault Rifle especially in ranked. Just wish the recoil was reduced a bit to lower the skill floor a bit.

  26. Probs my fave weapon for the campaign its a very satisfying weapon, much worse for multiplayer though I usually use br instead

  27. My favorite thing about the commando is that the Ranked playlist in Infinite only has four maps and 343i thought this was acceptable for Xbox’s flagship series

  28. Pointless position in the sandbox and just has no purpose. Before Infinite, I thought it was just going to make the BR and AR pointless, but they actually make it pointless

  29. Once I learned how to use it I don’t mind it and can actually get kills with it now. It’s not something I get excited about getting on fiesta but I don’t groan anymore. I’ll take it over the plasma piston, plasma rifle, or ravager.

  30. It’s an unnecessary addition and we should have received the Battle Rifle from the Halo 2 E3 demo (3rd burst from the hip and single shot scoped).

  31. It needs slightly more/less lots of things, it just doesn't feel "good" at the moment, horrible trying to get that final headshot on PC at times.

  32. the Commando looks like it has a collapsable stock, in the collapsed position, I think if would look a lot better with the stock in the extended position.

  33. It was better in the pre-launch test. Recoil was less punishing, and it was about on-par with the BR in damage. It didn't get the Ravager treatment, thank Christ, but the changes made forced it down a few notches in selection choice.

  34. It has the anesthetics of the R-301 from Titanfall/Apex which is one if my favorite styles of rifle, with absolutely NONE of the smooth feel or reliability.

  35. i have no idea what purpose it serves, even after trying many strategies and styles of approach at diferent distances, i always feel "i could have done this better with AR" when upclose, or "i could have done this better with BR" at further away, both guns being as capable in-between ranges

  36. Less recoil and more ammo. Slow in speed than a BR but packing a bigger punch when shot. BR is great all arounder I just wish it stacked up.

  37. Love/hate it, sometimes it works really well, but sometimes the recoil betrays me. I think with the recoil it has, bullets should do more damage.

  38. I think it's nice for opponents with no shield, which makes it a good combo for plasma weapons. It does have too much recoil, not enough shield/body damage and a slightly small magazine

  39. I like it. It’s an interesting alternative to the DMR. It’s harder to use, but I find it more rewarding because of that.

  40. It's pretty good for what it is but I feel like a lot of better weapons from previous games could of been better

  41. Treat it like a semi auto gun and you’ll rack up kills. And since most people dont pick it up im always able to get one if a br is t available

  42. Honestly, I feel like it's totally overshadowed by the Sidekick in particular, and the BR with which it's supposed to compete, and as a result has trouble seeing play.

  43. Besides being better at range due to the zoom and the reticle, the pistol is way better. I think it actually does less damage per shot than the pistol.

  44. It tries to be both a DMR and LMG but kinda flops on both. It’s not an inherently bad weapon, especially if you can get headshots it’ll land like a truck, but that recoil and bloom make it hard to do so. C tier, if they can nerf the recoil and bloom, and make it either an LMG or DMR, not both, then it’d be solid

  45. It looks cool. But isn't powerful enough or accurate enough. It also looks quite impractical. The grip to stalk length is really short. Seems like it would be a real pain to fire accurately for anyone other than a Spartan. Not sure why they introduced this and didn't bring back the SMG, DMR or SAW.

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