Who among the Seven are likely to drive cars?

  1. Akane would drive well, Mirai would crash cars. Yako would more be likely not know how to drive. Shinigami-san would have drivers so it's less likely he drives even if he knows how. Hanako and Mei would be good in driving but Hanako would drive messily in order to mess with his passengers. About Mitsuba idk I can't imagine it as I usually think he uses skateboard and stuff

  2. Akane because Hanako is thirteen and I think we all know what middle schoolers would do if they could drive(especially Hanako) it would be mayhem (but also comical) Yako would want someone else to chaperone her and drive for her because she's just like that, and Shijima well, I could see since she's driven one (sorta) but she seems like the person to not need to drive much, and Mitsuba I can't see being interested in driving a car, and he would probably suck at it tbh and uh, I bet Hakubo couldn't fit in the car, no but I think he'd hate driving, especially the highway, why not walk right?? lmao

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