Tavares last 600 games comparison between NYI/TOR

  1. The advantage of that is you look old at the start, but you look young when you're supposed to be old. not sure if that makes any sense, it sounded smarter in my head lol

  2. Alright so I am one of those guys. Looked 42 at 22. Could flirt with moms and college girls at 20. But the weird thing is the baby pictures, my head/face structure has never changed. Evan Bouchard of the Oilers has the same shit going on.

  3. Its funny when islander fans say hes old and glad we didnt sign him blah blah blah. I had an argument with a fellow fan who claimed brock nelson was better.

  4. I mean. The quality of roster and linemates in toronto is significantly better. Long island never had anyone close to marner the entire time tavares was there

  5. One could argue that because he’s been on a better team, his numbers should be better. But that’s all hypothetical, can’t really make that assertion.

  6. I would say lived up to his reputation at best. One of those 11M guys need to take over a series for it to make sense, as being ppg or slightly above isn’t good enough.

  7. I will say tho the expectation should be that his stats are way better with TOR due to having such higher talented linemates around him.

  8. Sort of, but aside from the teammate aspect like others mentioned scoring is up massively the past few years compared to his islander days, so putting up the same totals is less impressive

  9. Ya ovechkin isn’t impressive because he could score 50 10+ years ago. He’s impressive because he can still do it now. He’s beat Father Time better than any player in history.

  10. Shooters don't age as poorly as grinders. He can play physically, but his strength has always been his shot, and that's easier to hold onto.

  11. Goes to work at 9 punches out at 5. Get his work done, says good morning and good bye, with a comment amount traffic and the weather in between. Hasn't updated his social media profile picture in 5 years, but it's ok because he hasn't changed his haircut or clothing style since then.

  12. On the other side of the coin, they should compare ice time too because Tavares isn't a first line player in Toronto like he was in NY.

  13. Not to mention he’s now seeing a team’s second d pairing with Matthews occupying the top pairing. As an Isle, every team only focused on him.

  14. Also this may not be a good point but I feel like toronto is a significantly more offensive team than the islanders. Its a lot easier to rack up 20 more points on that powerplay alone but also getting better matchups because top d pairings will always play matthews line

  15. The question is is the increase in scoring just because it’s easier to score or is it because there’s more elite talent? If it’s because there is more elite talent this shows Tavares level of play has stayed constant just other more talented players passed him. If you look at the top 20 scorers from last year and look at where they were in 2014-15 I think it shows that it’s the latter.

  16. JT was my favorite when he was an Islander. Obviously have mixed feelings on him now but he's always been a very solid and consistent producer. He has good hockey IQ and just knows where to be near the net and is a good playmaker.

  17. He has a way better offensive supporting cast in Toronto than he ever did in NYI, exception would be Barzal's rookie season. Don't think it makes him worth $11m.

  18. If he keeps up his current pace for a few more years he will be. Looks like he will exceed 500 goals and 1100 points so I’d have to say he gets in.

  19. Is it me or is this a tiny bit negative because those Islanders teams were largely trash, while the Leads he’s been on have had some of the best offensive players in the game + a higher scoring era?

  20. Jeez, comments like this are sad. He’s a scum bag for not wanting to be traded and signed with a different team? Ultimately, that’s on the GM. You guys immediately went to 2 straight conference finals, and are having another good season this year. I think it’s time to dry the tears and move on.

  21. He did nothing wrong. I have yet to find any source that shows he actually asked not to be traded. The fault is entirely on Snow for not trading him when he could have IMO

  22. Whether or not they should have added Tavares seems to be a subject of debate (could that cap space have been used on other players? Did signing Tavares lead to higher salaries for Marner and Matthews? Should Matthews be captain? Etc.).

  23. Either the graphics or the labels are flipped around right? I'm not living in a weird alternate dimension where he was drafted by the Leafs and went to the Isles in free agency?

  24. Last season I was on the fence with regards to Tavares and his play, but this season, he’s really coming into his owner again, and as Matthews continues to find his groove, Tavares has filled the void nicely!

  25. Never 100 points in a season. Never 50 goals in a season. Not a career point per game player. Hasn't won a single individual award. Yep! Definitely pay that man over 10.0m AAV!

  26. It's how money is spent on this team. And how will the next few years ago? 3 players making over 10, Willy over 7. As a Leaf fan, hell no. It never works and won't.

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