Horizon Zero Dawn Series in Development at Netflix

  1. This has potential to be absolutely horrible. Obviously I hope that isn't the case but... its Netflix, so, you know...

  2. Netflix did a great job with Castlevania. Although I’m unsure how much they had to do with that. Video game adaptations suck pretty bad most of the time so as long as it’s not some cringe fest it should be at least okay

  3. I dunno, that's just so similar to every other scifi show. The setting is what makes Horizon unique and it's far removed from the backstory.

  4. It's gonna be hard to adapt the main story in an entertaining way. The main story of horizon is well suited for a game, not so much for a TV show. Horizon is structured as the protagonist spelunking through ruins by herself, while uncovering texts, holograms and audio clips of ancient times. Slowly piecing together what happened in the past to understand how to deal with a current threat related to the distant past.

  5. YES! That's what I've been trying to say! The joy of Horizon is the discovery (at least in the first game). This would turn a show into a documentary.

  6. Witcher season 2 was almost as bad an adaptation as Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. I'm not sure to what extent that's on Netflix, though. The main production company was Sean Daniel Company (now known as Hivemind), who produced both the good and bad Mummy movies. Sony produces movies as well, so they'll probably have a big hand in this.

  7. I would love to see it but also wouldn’t have a problem if it were developed by HBO or Prime. Anything but Netflix.

  8. They would have Horizon turn into a Greys Anatomy level of romance. Sex all the time for no reason. And action all the time for no reason, like a Marvel movie. Otherwise, how people would enjoy the show, right?

  9. I just don't understand the point - the games are basically as close as you can get to an interactive story, what could a show possibly bring to the table?? (I realize I'm biased since I'm already a fan of the games) -- this is just my opinion, if it's not Ashly Burch's voice it's not Aloy, period

  10. If it wasn’t live action it could actually be really cool because there’s no way they could make horizon live action and make it look good

  11. Arcane was also largely funded and oversaw by Riot Games who have a very high bar for what to expect in terms of cinematics and the like. Anything less than absolute top quality would have hurt their reputation and been met with nothing but hate and harassment from the community.

  12. That be really interesting especially if we get to dive in about the 12 outlanders and what they was “excavating.”

  13. I think we have enough data to accept that gamers don't deal with adaptations as well as book readers. Showrunners don't want to make a carbon copy and gamers attachment to source is much stronger than other media. I would put that cash towards original IP myself.

  14. Hope this doesn't go the way of the Halo show. Haven't even watched it but everything j read about it screams they didn't even try

  15. Yeah, I’m definitely not watching this. Games and fantasy books are two things that are rarely ever adapted well (with quality) in movies and TV shows. Hope I’m proven wrong but I won’t be watching either way.

  16. I can see a series about the origin of HZD. It would be interesting to see the Faro Plague spread and the planet die off and the development of ZD .

  17. No no no no no no no no no! This is gonna be worse than Halo. I already know it. Horizon is perfect for shitty writer's to shove in they're own shitty writing!

  18. I'm mostly worried about the lore and worldbuilding. A lot of the history of Horizon's world is explored through environmental storytelling (datapoints), and I am pretty confident that Netflix screenwriters are not gonna bother reading all those.

  19. There's literally no draw back to this happening, what are you all complaining about? If it's bad are you going to stop liking the game? Based on all of the responses here, definitely not. At least a show has a chance of getting more people interested in the game, what does your gatekeeping even do? Are you saving the story that's been already written, published, and mass produced?? Shit, y'all probably think Ted Faro was right too smh

  20. If it’s about how it all started, then i’m in. I think you just need to have some good actors and maybe won’t be necessary to spend too much budget on the special effects (after all, it’ll take place in the “present” which is something like 2030-2070). Now, it’s been a while since i’ve last played this game so idk how technologically advanced the world of HZD was in those years (thinking about budget/CGI, cuz if it was super futuristic, then they’re gonna need more budget for it).

  21. This is kinda out there, but I could see Hayao Miyazaki doing a pretty rad anime version of this. There are definitely some similarities between Aloy and Princess Mononoke.

  22. I'm looking forward to a single conversation taking up half the episode then Alloy just mashing X to climb up a wall before then jumping, for no explicable reason at all, to her death.

  23. Makes sense. Its some good writing and set up. I have very little hope it will actually be good though. The original presentation was pretty much perfect. Come to think of it, it really is a story that works best as a video game because so much of it is just finding audio logs and talking to the voice in your ear while interspersed with fighting giant robots.

  24. This could be amazing and if it's bad, we can ignore it. But this is one of the best stories I've every played, and it deserves a public exposition. Feel the same about the last of us. But if done right, I think it could be an epic undertaking with many seasons that could recapitulate or even build upon the story in the game. My only concern would be how they do it visually. Would be a ton of hardcore CGI to get right.

  25. Nope. Unless it is animated it has no chance to keep up visually (they also do not have enough money ). And storywise - we are talking about Netflix. I am afraid they would get too much political problems of our world, oversexualized everyone and etc.

  26. I like how people are making their minds up about this before it’s even on. Don’t ever change interwebz, don’t ever change!

  27. Horizon would work better as a movie in my opinion. TV shows still look cheap despite their higher budgets and often have a lot of filler episodes and meandering storylines.

  28. I have friends and family that aren’t in to video games that I think would really enjoy the HZD story so this could give them a chance to see it. But I’m seriously worried they will try and one for one adapt the game to the show which will go horribly. I think they should go the Castlevania route and draw a lot of high level inspiration from the game but write a new story that’s meant for television. A lot of dedicated fans might not like that approach but I think it’s the only one that will work.

  29. Hopefully it isn't a adaption of the games, but either operation victory series or a series about another character maybe in another continent

  30. Well, they will do it thinking they'll get another Witcher, it will be terrible and they won't and it'll get scrapped, and then we can go back to our happy place leaving it to the game makers...

  31. i can already see Aloy having a love interest (most probably a lesbian) and being a super hardcore feminist. Also All the noras and sun kingdom people will be Black exept the black sun followers, those will be white

  32. Well.... There goes my favorite IP. It was fun while it lasted. Goodbye Horizon 3. Good bye cruel world.

  33. Alrighty guys, get ready for them to make Aloy a transgendered Polynesian or some other absurd change. Netflix can't do shit without fucking stuff up.

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