What were the most popular songs or musicians to have horror themes in their music?

  1. Black Sabbath basically created heavy metal by trying to bring a darker tone to their music and trying to incorporate horror. I believe Geezer (bassist) told Iommi (Guitarist) when they were watching many horror films together something along the lines of "I want to have that feeling (horror) in music"

  2. Yeah I was about to say… OP might just want to listen to metal lol. At least death metal and black metal. Probably aren’t gonna hear any Cannibal Corpse in the Piggly Wiggly anytime soon though.

  3. Really depends on what you're looking for. Alice Cooper specifically is known for being a big proponent of horror in his music, but there's a few newer artists as well if you're looking for more.

  4. Roky Erickson had a bunch of songs that were directly inspired by classic B-horror movies such Bloody Hammer, Two-Headed Dog, Creature With The Atom Brain, etc.

  5. Daveed Digg’s (Hamilton) experimental hip-hop/noise rap group clipping. is horror themed. Albums are titled There Existed an Addiction to Blood and Visions of Bodies Being Burned. Song titles include “‘96 Neve Campbell, Make Them Dead, and Blood for the Fang among others.

  6. Going out on a limb here...but Michael Jackson's Thriller featured Vincent Price. That's pretty much an all time winner.

  7. For pop music that's about as horror as it's gonna get. Personally I love it. The song, the video, the dance. It's all sooo good.

  8. Iron Maiden makes songs based on classic and contemporary literature, sometimes on more macabre works of fiction. But, their most popular song is about running into the Devil and being terrified, so I feel they’ve earned their horror credentials.

  9. I think blue oyster cult have it in some. radio head (also Thom Yorke) Akira Yamaoka I think some songs from tool are really creep Mike Oldfield

  10. Red Velvet are a popular kpop group that have a lot of horror elements in many of their music videos. Even their brighter ones have an eerie or uncanny vibe a lot of the time.

  11. This song is why i can't be mad at Will Smith for that slap thing. Anybody who contributed to Freddymania gets a lifelong pass to me

  12. the Weeknd sucks and I would go with groovie ghoulies and even though I hate the band I would I always like then name Frankenstein Drag Queens from planet 13

  13. I like the groovie ghoulies too, but the question was more about horror music that's broken into the mainstream popular music world

  14. Turn Off The Light, album by Kim Petras. She normally does bubblegum pop but this is a horror/Halloween album. There Will Be Blood is a great song from it! Plus a couple others

  15. It is crazy to me that Ice Nine Kills isn't owning this entire thread. There latest albums are literally only about 90's to modern horror movies. Excellent vocals and lyrics, and fantastic instrumentals. Stay cultured kings.

  16. If you like The Weeknd, there are lots of artists out there doing synthwave that doesn’t have legit accusations of plagiarism against them.

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