Tenant below us is a dick. Any ideas?

  1. Put yourself in their position. We're all in this together. We're all at home. Last thing you would want continuous noise while you're trying to work or sleep. Take your dog outside to play. It's not about being a dick, it's about being at peace while at home.

  2. As the person living below someone who has a dog that romps around, the best thing you can do is put a nice rug down. It will muffle a lot of the sounds of them dropping toys, jumping around, etc. Second, take your dog outside several times a day to play and run around. It's not like there isn't the time

  3. Have you had a talk with your neighbors about the dog? Maybe if they knew the source of the noise, they would be less annoyed knowing that it was a dog, and not just you stomping around. Maybe you can compromise a little bit. Putting the dog’s you up at a certain time, or looking into some throw rugs to muffle the sounds a little bit. At the end of the day, your downstairs neighbors are going to have to get over themselves. When there is someone above you, yes, you are going to hear sounds. Don’t like it, go move to an upper unit then.

  4. i tried to knock on their door after the bang on my floors. they just lock themselves inside and no avail.

  5. I would continue to let my dog be a dog. As long as the dog isn’t barking all night or all day in a kennel, and this noise isn’t at night late, they have to deal with it

  6. You should let your dog play and don’t reprimand it for playing and being a dog. If the tenant has a problem they could request to get better sound insulation. In the mean time don’t worry too much about it, if the person downstairs bring it up to you tell them to request better sound insulation to the management.

  7. Just enjoy the friendship of your dog. Play with them and when they pound the ceiling just let him know he's a good boy and throw again.

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