The reason behind Monica being a chef!

  1. Right? What I love about Monica and Chandler's relationship is that its happenstance and they worked very hard for their relationship. These flashbacks alluding to the future of MonDler goes against it.

  2. Nah, she liked playing restaurant as a kid, wants people to love her by doing things for them, and got really into cooking when she was trying to lose weight.

  3. this is kind of a plot hole in my opinion. in the episode where monica and ross' parents were selling the house they grew up in and asked them to come pick up their belongings, Richard says that there are several easy bake ovens in the attic, which Monica replies with "i used to love to play restaurant!". now it doesn't necessarily means that she did decide to become a chef that early on, but it implies that now that she gets to "do" restaurant, but she used to love "playing" restaurant rather than it was an in moment thought that she never considered before talking to chandler.

  4. I just usually assume the flashbacks are how the characters tell the story, so jokes come in naturally like anytime you're telling friends something that happened.

  5. That's not really a plot hole. The fact that she, like many kids, loved to play restaurant doesn't mean that she wanted to be a chef, or that it was the sole inspiration for her to become a chef. As far as we know, the later interaction with Chandler is what led her down that path. That's certainly what the scene wants us to think, and it doesn't directl contradict anything else we know.

  6. How I see it is that she always loved cooking and food, Chandler just gave her an idea that she could do it for a living. It's very likely that she would've chosen the same career path completely by herself, but that might have been the moment she started seriously considering it.

  7. Because she was a dumbass teenager herself. You can be influenced easily by someone you are attracted to at that age.

  8. I still find it unrealistic Monica lost that amount of weight. Unless she has liposuction

  9. Yeah, it's quite unrealistic but all thanx to Chandler. She heard Chandler tell Ross he didn't want to be stuck in all night with his fat sister, prompting Monica to break down and refuse the food offered by her mother.

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